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US Solar Sites Linked To Higher Levels of Insects

Scientists conducting a five-year research project in southern Minnesota have observed a tripling of insect numbers near two solar facilities built on rehabilitated agricultural land. They say the findings show how habitat-friendly solar could help protect insect populations and improve pollination in nearby agricultural fields.


The Hydrogen Stream: Europe Prioritizes PEM Electrolysis

Several companies have announced new hydrogen deals in Europe, as Germany moves forward on hydrogen collaboration with Australia and the United Arab Emirates. pv magazine also spoke with Thomas Hillig, managing director of THEnergy, about Europe’s electrolysis capacity.


Solar Canopies as a Central Pillar of IRA-Driven Energy Transition

With so much of the space in United States cities allocated for parking, the dual pronged approach of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) – production tax credits to drive investment in domestic manufacturing and investment tax credits to attract consumer-side investment – means solar canopies can make a huge contribution to the net zero drive.

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