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MASE Set To Support a Minimum 1.04 GW Solar Capacity on Agricultural Land With €1.7 Billion Funding

solar energy in sugar farm
  • MASE has published a decree to confirm its plans to support a minimum of 1.04 GW agrivoltaic capacity 
  • It will use €1.7 billion funds from the RRF, approved by the European Commission in 2023 
  • The entire capacity is expected to generate 1,300 GWh clean energy annually 

The Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security (MASE) in Italy has firmed up plans to deploy a minimum of 1,040 MW agrivoltaic capacity in the country with funds from the country’s Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF), by publishing an official decree. 

The European Commission (EU) approved €1.7 billion in November 2023 for the country to support agrivoltaic projects that come online before June 30, 2026 (see European Commission Encouraging Agrivoltaics In Italy). 

In force from February 14, 2024, the decree makes way for double incentives for agrivoltaic projects. It aims to support such projects to a maximum of 40% of eligible investment costs combined with an incentive tariff based on the energy fed into the grid. 

Of the 1.04 GW capacity, 300 MW is reserved for power plants with up to 1 MW capacity proposed by farmers. Remaining 740 MW will be distributed for projects of any size, proposed by farmers or temporary business associations that include at least 1 agricultural entrepreneur. 

On completion, this entire capacity is expected to generate a minimum of 1,300 GWh clean energy/year. 

“The double incentive track that we have prepared, in constructive contact with the Commission can be a good opportunity to decarbonize, improving the profitability of the soil: a way, in short, to bring together the affirmation of Italian agricultural quality, unique in the world, with the drive towards climate objectives,” said the country’s Energy Minister Gilberto Pichetto. 

The competition solicitation process is planned to be launched by the state energy service system operator Gestore dei Servizi Energetici (GSE). 

Recently, GSE released the results of the country’s 13th renewable energy auction. It awarded over 1 GW capacity to solar, wind and hydro power projects. A total of 63 solar projects with a combined capacity of 327.7 MW were declared winners. 

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