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Fast-track Children’s Clothing Trends To Boost Your Sales


Businesses operating in the children’s clothing market must keep up with the latest trends to please their ever-changing young audience. Fast-track clothing items can help businesses react to in-season sell-out trends or obvious trends in the market.

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Fast track clothes: the next big thing in the children’s fashion industry
5 top fast track clothing trends for children
Fast track clothing needs to appeal to parents

Fast track clothes: the next big thing in the children’s fashion industry

The escalating number of newborn babies around the world is propelling the need for fast-track clothes and is thus fostering parents to increase the consumption. In addition, the global fast track fashion market size is projected to reach US$ 55.58 billion by 2027. Combine this with the escalating market development of children’s apparel, and you will get a gold-mine business opportunity. 

But what exactly constitutes a fashionable fast-track outfit for children, and what colors and styles are trending? In today’s blog, we will discover five different fast-track styles for children’s clothing and the characteristics of each of them.

5 top fast track clothing trends for children


Children are naturally inquisitive. They love to dress up, and they love to explore. One way that parents can get them to appreciate nature is by letting them wear cabincore-themed clothes. The cabincore style uses neutral colors typically because it is easier to get stains out of these colors, and it allows the kids to blend into their surroundings when they are outside.

Cabincore is a style of clothing that is more suited to the outdoors than an urban environment. It has relaxed colors, patterns, and designs that fit in with the natural landscape. Cabincore clothing will typically include cargo shorts and flannel shirts, and often other items such as hoodies and tracksuits.

Cargo shorts are popular among boys of all ages as they are comfortable and easy to wear. They can be worn as part of a casual outfit with T-shirts or sweatshirts and white sneakers or dressed up with button-up shirts and leather shoes for more formal occasions.

Pink kids pajama with cabincore cartoon prints
Sports children short with cabincore prints

Eco shore

Echo shore is a clothing style for children that takes a nautical approach to design. The popularity rise of this children’s clothing style can be attributed to the growing demand for sustainable fashion. Parents are more interested in clothes that make their kids comfortable and allow them to express their environmental concerns.

For example, kids love animals. They are often curious about the world around them and want to learn more. T-shirts that feature endangered species like the sea turtle and panda bear are a great way to teach children about the beauty of these creatures and inspire them to protect animals in need.

The echo shore style also caters to children fascinated by nautical themes and nature-inspired designs. The color scheme of this particular style is mainly in shades of blue, from light baby blue to the darker navy. Some of the products offered in this style include the nautical one-piece swimsuits, which have a nautical theme with anchors and stripes. And last but not least, the nautical anchor swim shorts are perfect for boys who like to show off their beach bods!

Eco shore sleeve T-shirt and short
Beach short for kids with eco shore pattern

Joyful jungle

Colorful characters are making a splash in the world of kidswear, as animals and artworks are being refreshed in exciting depictions of vibrant jungles. From rainforest and woodland scenes to all kinds of animals, this trend is a joyful way for kids to learn about the world around them. It’s also ideal for outdoor play as the bold colors and designs stand out against the greenery.

Printed animal motifs remain popular with the imaginative use of scale-creating pieces that stand out from the crowd. The joyful jungle style includes jungle print hats, hooded beach gowns, dresses with floral foliage, and blotched blooms.

Long sleeve sweatshirt with a joyful jungle theme

Serene sunshine

The sunshine trend will be a family-focused direction for the summer of 2022 as Gen Alpha parents continue to prioritize the health and wellness of their children through summer camps. This new wave combines traditional summer camp festivities with life skills training, yoga, meditation, and mindful activities. The demand for sunshine summer-inspired designs shifts towards palettes like botanical prints and nostalgic motifs such as little hippie styling.

A variety of loose and drapey silhouettes will be central to the sunshine style for children’s apparel. These styles will emphasize hand-drawn illustrations of summer suns and wellness icons, with a soothing palette of naturally derived and undyed natural materials. This palette will see bohemian paisleys replaced with retro florals and sunflower patterns on flared trousers, creating a fun and flirtatious look. Those trousers and tops will also feature a variety of slogans, as well as cheerful blooms on summer garments. In addition, we will see more baby sets such as sleeveless rompers with meditation animal graphics that celebrate shared love for peace and harmony.

Bottom pant for girls with sunflower prints
Baby summer bodysuit with sunshine animal graphic

Summer stripes

There is an emphasis on retro-inspired, vibrant patterns in kids’ spring/summer 2022 clothing collections. In this context, the summer stripes pattern has evolved from a traditional nautical look to a playful, childlike aesthetic. This trend is taking inspiration from sun-lounger and beach-towel looks, with bold, colorful stripes being used across dresses and swimwear.

This trend is characterized by warm colors, including yellows and oranges, sky blues, and other pastels. Stripes will add playful elements to ranges of basics, especially when combined with complementary pops of color or primary brights.

The best part about summer stripes is that they can be done in almost any color or design, thus offering plenty of options when selecting fabrics and styles. The most popular way of combining summer stripers with other styles is with white tops paired with brightly colored bottoms. But another option could also involve black-and-white striped tees worn over colorful patterned shorts like polka dots or florals.

Stripe summer shirt for boys
White and red striped dress for little girls

Fast track clothing needs to appeal to parents

Cabincore, echo shore, joyful jungle, serene sunshine, and summer stripes are the five most popular styles of children’s fast-track clothes. Cabincore style features sea-inspired patterns and designs. The serene sunshine style focuses on calm, warm colors, such as blue and yellow. Joyful jungle style makes clothes like a tropical scene or a jungle filled with plants, animals, and flowers. The eco shore style is inspired by nautical elements like anchors and boats. And finally, the joyful jungle style is all about clothing based around animals and nature.

Brands and businesses need to know their target demographic and what they’re looking for in fast-track clothing. Children’s clothes are typically marketed towards parents, so it’s essential to keep that in mind when choosing how to merchandise clothing products.

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