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Most Popular Women’s Socks Trends in 2022


Socks are an item women can wear every day, so they need a variety of socks in their wardrobe. As a result, the women’s socks market is a growing industry with a lot of opportunities for business-owners. Here are several different trends to be aware of this year.

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What is the women’s socks market like in 2022?
Most popular women’s socks trends in 2022
Staying on top of opportunities in women’s socks

What is the women’s socks market like in 2022?

The women’s socks market is frequently divided into the following major segments:

  • Casual 
  • Formal 
  • Athletic 
  • Specialty 
  • Others

Revenue in the global women’s socks market amounts to USD $22.7 billion in 2022, with an expected CAGR of 3.3% between 2022-2026. 

The leading segment in the industry is casual socks, but an increasing interest in health and fitness will drive demand for athletic socks. Interest in natural fibers, such as cotton, and maintaining healthy feet will also influence many of the trends in women’s socks.

Feet wearing white ribbed socks

Most popular women’s socks trends in 2022

White crew socks

Feet wearing white sport socks
Woman's legs wearing white crew socks with black stripes

White crew socks belong to the recent Y2K fashion trend driven by Generation Z, celebrities, and social media influencers. Crew length socks hit anywhere between the ankle and mid-calf. They are often made from 100% cotton or cotton-polyester blends. A rib stitch pattern along the shaft is an important feature that gives these socks both their comfort and signature style.

Style-conscious women will be looking for plain white socks or crew socks in sporty designs, such as those with colored stripes along the top. Another fashionable feature is socks with a brand name or monogram logo on the outer side. Although white is the trendiest color, other neutral shades like gray or black will be popular alternatives.

Athletic ankle socks

Woman’s legs wearing light blue and white low cut socks
Feet wearing black ankle socks

Ankle socks have remained a staple in the market for many years, but in 2022, shoppers will want both functionality and looks. As more women become interested in health and fitness, athletic ankle socks will be a popular item to wear with workout clothes.

An ankle sock is high enough to cover the ankle bone but only minimally visible when worn with shoes. These low cut socks are a favorite among athletes because they are comfortable for running, cycling, or working out. Cotton running socks with breathable mesh panels are an important feature of this trend.

Women will be looking for ankle socks with details such as a thick cushioned sole to protect the foot when running, or tab ankle socks to prevent shoes from rubbing against the back of the heel.

Everyday no show socks

Feet wearing colorful striped no show socks

Everyday no show socks are an essential in many women’s closets, and because of their functionality, they appear to remain in demand for 2022.

These low cut socks, also known as invisible socks, are designed so they are not visible when worn with shoes. They act as a liner between the foot and the shoe to prevent sweat and chaffing. Cotton or nylon are the most standard materials, but lace is useful for women who like the look of lace peeking out over their shoes.

While colorful no show socks are common, women will mainly want sensible shades such as white, nude, or black. To enhance product offering, businesses should include features like non-slip silicone gel lining or ultra low cuts that can be worn with summer shoes or heels.

Colorful tube socks

Women wearing green and orange socks with white strappy heels
Woman wearing light blue tube socks

Bright and vivid colors are one of the top fashion trends in 2022, and the sock industry is expected to follow suit. Colorful tube socks will be a hot item this year as young women look for simple ways to express their personality.

Tube socks are socks that are shaped like a tube, and unlike crew socks, tube socks do not have a place for the heel and can be worn on either foot. They are generally made from a combination of cotton, polyester, and spandex. The most popular length will be between the ankle and mid-calf.

Neon will be a trendy shade but cater to all personal tastes by offering a selection of rainbow or pastel colors. Colorful tube socks are a craze specific to 2022, so it is best to take advantage of it before the trend passes.

Stylish compression socks

Woman pulling on gray knee high socks with pink stripes
Tennis player wearing white knee socks

Compression socks have long been used by those with medical needs. Nowadays, stylish compression socks are commonly purchased over the counter for daily wear. This trend is due to the rise of athletics and the many healthcare workers who are on their feet for long hours.

Compression stockings are designed to gently squeeze legs to stimulate blood circulation. They are made from elastic fibers, such as nylon, polyester, or spandex. These socks come in various lengths, with the most popular being knee high. Compression socks also come with measurements that indicate their level of compression. The standard over-the-counter stockings are 15-20 mmHg, while medical grades fall into general classifications of 20-30 mmHg, 30-40 mmHg, and 40-50 mmHg.

Women who experience tired legs after standing or running long distances will be looking for compression socks for daily use. They will want durable, quality socks that offer health benefits while remaining stylish. Instead of socks that are nude and look very clinical, businesses should offer stylish compression stockings in different colors and patterns suitable for casual wear. 

Staying on top of opportunities in women’s socks

As customers develop a growing interest in sports and fitness, athletics will be a major driver in the women’s socks market in 2022. This influence is seen in the trend of white crew socks and athletic ankle socks. There will also be greater attention to products that are practical and offer health benefits, such as no show socks or compression socks. Lastly, colorful tube socks are expected to be a hot product in the short-term specific to 2022.

Socks continue to have a large market share in the apparel industry and are a good beginner product for new business-owners. With many segments within the industry, socks are also easy to market to specific niches. Staying up to date on trends will ensure business-owners are able to capture all the growing opportunities in the industry.

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