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Choosing Makeup Setting Sprays in 2024

Woman applying a makeup setting spray

After spending hours getting the perfect look, “Your makeup is falling off!” is the last thing ladies want to hear. Although many makeup products are “waterproof” now, other factors can still frustrate the cosmetic efforts of female consumers.

Luckily, makeup setting sprays debuted in 2007 to solve this problem. Ever since, they’ve become a beauty essential for ladies hoping to rock their makeup look without worries.

Ready to add this essential product to online and offline shelves? Keep reading to learn the necessary details about stocking them in 2024.

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What are makeup setting sprays?
What’s the market for setting sprays like in 2024?
5 tips to consider when adding makeup setting sprays to your inventory
Final words

What are makeup setting sprays?

Lady closing her eyes while applying setting spray

When Allen Goldman saw a woman whose makeup was melting off in the heat in 2007, he created the genius idea of makeup setting sprays. These products create a fine mist that women can apply over their makeup to lock everything in place.

Setting sprays are the final touches to any makeup look. In addition to providing an extra sense of security, they also add amazing skin finishes. Here are some benefits that make these products so popular:

  • Setting sprays helps prevent disappearing color, smudging, and makeup melting.
  • They can provide a natural matte or glowy finish.
  • They set everything in place, including foundation bases, blushes, highlighters, contours, and eyeshadows.

What’s the market for setting sprays like in 2024?

In 2023, experts valued the setting spray market at US $966.4 million. However, they say the market will expand from US $1.04 billion in 2024 to US $1.73 billion by 2030, growing at a 7.6% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

The market is experiencing increased demand due to the rising desire for long-lasting, smudge-proof makeup. Consumers are also looking for ways to keep their makeup fresh and flawless, regardless of environmental factors, which research predicts will boost market demand.

Here are other vital stats:

  • While the professional-use segment dominates the market (with a 67% share), experts forecast personal use will grow at a speedy 8.4% CAGR over the forecast period.
  • Matte-setting sprays were also dominant in 2023, accounting for 26.4% of the market share. Dewy/radiant setting sprays will boost at a 10.0% CAGR.
  • Europe was the dominant region in 2023, capturing 31.0% of the market. Asia-Pacific will also register the highest CAGR (9.5%) over the forecast period.

5 tips to consider when adding makeup setting sprays to your inventory

1. Face mists are not setting sprays

Lady using a black bottle of setting sprays

Some suppliers may market face mists as setting sprays. Don’t fall for it. A typical face mist contains ingredients like water, green tea, chamomile, vitamins, and minerals—no ingredients listed will help lock makeup.

While such products are great as hydrating mists for dry skin and refreshment, they offer nothing to keep foundations mattified or extend makeup wear time. In the same vein, illuminating and glow mists won’t increase makeup wear time but will decrease it with moisturizing agents.

Actual makeup sprays should contain various film-forming agents, like polymers or silicone derivatives. These are responsible for creating the film that locks makeup in place. If this ingredient is not present, the product is likely a dud.

2. Prioritize setting sprays containing alcohol

Female makeup artist applying makeup setting spray for client

As previously implied, not all makeup sprays will do what consumers expect. The easiest way to tell a pretender from the real one is by checking the ingredient list for alcohol. It should be present first or second if it’s the main ingredient.

Alcohol-containing setting sprays create an effect similar to hair sprays, adding quick-dry properties that feel tight on the skin. In other words, alcohol helps make the makeup last longer.

However, businesses can explore alcohol-free alternatives only if their target consumers have sensitive skin. In theory, alcohol-free variants, like mineral setting spray, will work as well as their alcohol-containing counterparts.

3. Understand the different skin type requirements

Bottles of makeup setting sprays

Beauty products now consider different skin requirements, and makeup-setting sprays are no exception. The target consumer’s skin type will determine the setting spray they need for the best experience.

Consumers with oily skin will search for setting spray formulas with matte finishes and oil-controlling ingredients, while those with dry skin will shift towards variants with hydrating benefits. Lastly, sensitive-skinned consumers will avoid any spray with irritants like fragrances and alcohol.

4. Know the consumer’s preferred finish

Woman using setting spray on her face

Setting spray also has some variety in finishes. These products offer up to four different finishes, each compatible with varying skin types. Here’s a closer look at each of them:

Setting spray finishDescription
Matte setting spraysMattifying setting sprays are the safest bet for controlling excess oil, making them the perfect finish for oily skin. They are also great for consumers who simply love a super matte look.
Dewy setting spraysThese setting spray finishes appeal to consumers with naturally dry skin or in arid environments. Their formulas help restore moisture and add a natural sheen to the user’s complexion.
Radiant setting spraysIf consumers want to rock dazzling makeup, the radiant setting sprays are for them. These sprays feature luminescent pigments that create a glowy finish.
Although anyone can use these setting sprays for a luxe finish, they are more suited for consumers with normal skin.

5. Find out how long consumers want it to last

Two bottles of makeup setting sprays

Manufacturers always add estimated hours of wear to their products so consumers know how long the sprays will hold their makeup. If target consumers care more about longevity, sellers must prioritize products that emphasize staying power.

If consumers don’t care about longevity, they may want to save some money on setting sprays that don’t boast 24 hours of wear. Waterproofing is another aspect contributing to a makeup setting spray’s longevity.

Waterproof setting sprays can resist heat, sweat, and water, helping makeup to withstand the elements (no matter how harsh). They are great for sweat-intensive activities (like gyming) or beach/ or pool days. Since not all setting sprays are waterproof, sellers must search for them if their consumers want extra security.

Final words

Ladies spend a lot of time crafting the perfect makeup look. So, watching it melt away before they want to remove it could ruin their day. That’s why makeup setting sprays are an important part of any beauty kit.

Setting sprays have also gotten a boost in attention this year. Search interest increased by 100%, from 90,500 in 2023 to 201,000 in January 2024. So, now’s the perfect time to jump on this product trend.

But, before that, sellers must leverage the tips discussed in this article to choose effective makeup sprays and keep consumers returning for more in 2024.

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