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Commercial Ice Maker Buying Guide [Constant Ice Supply]

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When it comes to drinks, ice is an absolute necessity.

Whether you manage a bustling nightclub, run any kind of food or beverage business, or frequently host lively parties, running out of ice would be your worst nightmare.

So, to keep your customers satisfied and guests pleased, you have to ensure that you always have a consistent supply of clean and fresh ice.

The solution is simple: get a commercial ice maker.

When looking for a commercial ice maker or any other commercial equipment, always go to reliable brands. And when looking for reliability without breaking the bank, go to VEVOR—it offers a range of tough tools at half the price. You can get a decent commercial ice maker for your needs from their collection, even if you are on a tight budget.  

In this comprehensive commercial ice maker buying guide, you will learn everything about ice makers—from different types to the top 5 in the league. We will also discuss what to consider when making the purchase and some maintenance tips.

Table of Contents
Types of commercial ice makers
Top 5 best commercial ice makers of 2024
What to look for when choosing a best commercial ice maker
Maintaining and caring for your commercial ice maker
FAQs about the best commercial ice maker

Types of commercial ice makers

Based on their cooling system and the shape of the produced ice, there are various types of ice makers.

Here is a brief overview of ice makers based on their cooling systems:

  1. Air-cooled ice machines—Highly energy-efficient and easy to install, these commercial ice makers are very popular. They do not require an independent water source for cooling; they have internal fans for that.
  2. Water-cooled ice makers—These ice machines do not have any fans. Instead, they use water to cool down their condenser. They make a great option when ventilation is limited.
  3. Combination ice and water dispensers—These are highly versatile machines that not only produce ice but also dispense chilled water.

Now, here are the most popular types of ice makers based on the shape of the ice they make:

  • Ice cube makers
  • Crescent ice makers
  • Flake ice makers
  • Nugget ice makers

Top 5 best commercial ice makers of 2024

To help you pick the best ice maker available on the market, we have reviewed the top 5.

1. VEVOR commercial ice maker

This ice maker can produce up to 132 lbs of ice in 24 hours. It features a premium water filter and creates clear and chewable ice cubes.

It is manufactured with heavy-duty brushed stainless steel. That not only gives it a luxurious appearance but also makes it durable and long-lasting. It comes with a professional electric pump that helps discharge melted ice.

When it comes to cleaning, the ice maker comes with a magical button; press it, and it will automatically clean up all the pipes and trays. Having said that, you will need to clean it yourself as well.

To make it easier for you, VEVOR has created a comprehensive guide on cleaning an ice maker machine.

VEVOR commercial ice maker

2. Bokni commercial ice maker

This is another great option when looking for a commercial ice machine. This Bokni Commercial Ice Maker is simple and fast. This ice maker has a feature that allows you to customize the thickness of the ice cubes as per your preference. For maximum efficiency, it features thickened foam material that effectively prevents cold air leakage.

Bokni commercial ice maker

3. Donper commercial countertop ice maker

If you are looking for a countertop ice maker, check out this Donper Commercial Countertop Ice Cube Maker. It is an automatic ice maker and has an ice storage capacity of 15kg. For optimal results, it features a large cooling panel, which helps speed up its ice-making operations.

Donper commercial countertop ice maker

4. Feiyu commercial ice maker machine

Feiyu commercial ice maker  is highly efficient and can produce up to 180 kg of ice within 24 hours. Manufactured with high-quality 304 stainless steel, it has a dashing appearance and an extended lifespan. It allows you to customize the thickness of the ice cubes according to your needs. Its automated nighttime operation gives you a loaded bucket of ice cubes, which has a whopping storage capacity of 120kg. It is a great option, but it comes with a hefty price tag.

Feiyu commercial ice maker machine

5. Both commercial ice cube maker machine

This Both Commercial Ice Maker can produce up to 40kg of ice cubes within 24 hours, and it has a maximum storage capacity of 20kg. It features a touch screen with an intelligent interface for convenient operation. It is fully automatic and, with one click, begins churning out ice cubes. In case of a fault, it will let you know by setting off the fault alarm. Besides informing you about faults, it also keeps you posted in case of water shortage. 

Both commercial ice cube maker machine

What to look for when choosing a best commercial ice maker

Picking up an ice maker from the tens of options available could be daunting. Many often end up choosing the wrong ice maker that does not suit their needs. To help you ensure that you pick the right ice maker, here are a few factors for you to consider:

1. Type of ice maker

As discussed earlier, there are different types of ice makers, each with a unique set of features and catering to different ice requirements. For instance, if you have ample ventilation, you can pick an air-cooled ice maker; if you do not have much ventilation, a water-cooled ice machine would be perfect for you. But if you are looking for something more versatile, pick one that also dispenses water—chilled.

2. Ice production capacity

Before you buy an ice maker, consider your ice requirements—besides your daily average, you might also want to consider your requirement for peak hours. Double-check that the ice maker that you buy can not only meet your daily ice requirements but also cater to your peak hours’ needs.

3. Ice type and size

Not all ice makers make ice cubes. They make ice in various shapes and sizes. The most popular shapes include flakes, nuggets, crescent, etc., each suiting different needs. Similarly, consider the required thickness of ice pieces and pick an ice machine that allows you to customize ice cube thickness.

4. Available space and location

Consider the place where you would put your ice maker. You do not want to end up buying a countertop ice maker when you have no free counter space for it. Similarly, suppose there is limited ventilation in the desired location of the ice maker. In that case, you do not want to pick an air-cooled model of ice maker.

5. Budget and features

You have to tread a fine line between your budget and features. While you surely do not want to break the bank, you do not want to compromise on features that you will regret later. Also, never compromise on quality; push your budget a little if need be. It will pay off in the long run—with its extended life span and energy efficiency.

Maintaining and caring for your commercial ice maker

For optimal performance and extended lifespan, your commercial ice maker would require some maintenance and care. Here are a few tips for you:

  1. Regular cleaning—Even if your commercial ice maker comes with the option of auto cleaning, you will still need to clean it every six months. Consult that manual that came along with the ice maker. Only use approved and food-grade cleaning solutions. For the exterior, give a good wipe daily, and in case of spills, clean immediately.  
  2. Filter replacement—Do not forget to replace the water filters. Consult the manufacturer’s manual about how often you need to change it. 
  3. Airflow and ventilation—To prevent your ice maker from overheating, there must be ample ventilation and airflow. 
  4. Water supply—Your ice maker cannot make ice without water. So, regularly check the water supply and also the quality of the water.

FAQs about the best commercial ice maker

1. Is a water-cooled or air-cooled ice machine better?

It depends on certain factors. However, air-cooled ice makers are generally popular, cheaper, and more energy efficient. But when dealing with limited ventilation, you should look the other way—get a water-cooled model.

2. Do ice makers use a lot of electricity?

Ice makers consume a considerable amount of electricity, ranging between 300 and 1200. It depends on various factors, and if you get an energy-efficient model from a reputable brand, you can save a lot on energy bills.


There you have it—a complete buying guide to a commercial ice maker.

Remember, there are different types of ice makers, and they make different types of ice. Invest in a reliable ice maker that not only meets your ice needs but is also energy efficient and has a longer lifespan.

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