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Best Tech Gadgets for Campers and Outdoor Enthusiasts

Camping equipment and cameras laid out on a black surface

Embracing the call of the wild while staying connected has never been more feasible, thanks to cutting-edge camping tech gadgets. For businesses catering to outdoor enthusiasts, providing the right gadgets can be a game-changer. Here is everything you need to know about finding the best tech gadgets for campers and outdoor enthusiasts, including some of our favorite gadgets in every category. 

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The market for camping equipment
Things to consider when choosing tech gadgets for camping
Best tech gadgets for camping

The market for camping equipment

The global camping equipment market was valued at USD$ 77.94 billion USD in 2022 and is projected to grow to US$ 133.05 billion by 2030 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.9%. North America accounted for the largest share of the camping equipment market, with the United States being the major market, followed by Canada and Mexico. 

According to the North American Camping Club report, Canada contributed to 64% of camping trips in North America. Due to the fast lifestyles and busy schedules, spending time with families via camping was one of the most favorable options chosen by North Americans. 

According to Google Ads, there are more than 100,000 monthly searches for ‘camping gear’ and more than 74,000 monthly searches for ‘camping equipment,’ with the most searched for camping technology being:

  • Propane stove – 22,000
  • Headlamp – 110,000
  • Camping power bank – more than 10,000 (portable power station for camping more than 4,000)
  • Rechargeable lantern – more than 12,000
  • Camping speakers – more than 1,000
Assorated camping gear on a black surface

Things to consider when choosing tech gadgets for camping

A well-informed selection process is crucial to ensure customer satisfaction and repeat business. Here are the essential factors to consider when offering camping tech gadgets.

Purpose-driven functionality

Your customers have unique needs when venturing into the great outdoors. Carefully assess the purpose and functionality of each product you plan to offer. From navigation aids to portable power solutions, aligning the gadget’s features with your customers’ camping objectives is paramount.

Rugged durability

Outdoor environments can be unforgiving, demanding tech gadgets that withstand the elements. Prioritize devices with rugged designs capable of enduring water, dust, and impact. Products that assure longevity in various conditions will earn customer trust.

Portability and weight

The modern camper values mobility. In your product selection, emphasize lightweight and portable gadgets that seamlessly integrate into their gear. The more compact and travel-friendly the devices are, the more likely they’ll become essential companions.

Sustainable power

Battery life and power sources are pivotal in camping tech gadgets. Opt for devices with extended battery life and consider offering solar-charging options to cater to eco-conscious consumers. Providing sustainable power solutions aligns with both customer expectations and environmental values.

User-centric design

Simplicity reigns supreme outdoors. Select gadgets with intuitive interfaces that won’t hinder users in challenging conditions. Products that are easy to operate enhance customer satisfaction and encourage repeat business.

Environmental stewardship

Camping tech gadgets that resonate with environmental concerns are well-received. Consider sourcing gadgets made from sustainable materials and with minimal energy consumption. Demonstrating a commitment to reducing the ecological footprint can differentiate your offerings.

Budget-friendly options

Variety is essential to cater to a broad customer base. Provide budget-friendly as well as premium options. Striking the right balance between quality, features, and cost ensures your offerings are accessible to different demographics.

Safety assurance

Customer safety is paramount. Prioritize gadgets that adhere to safety standards and offer features that mitigate potential risks. Products with built-in safety mechanisms like overcharge protection or water-resistant designs instill confidence in your customers.

Best tech gadgets for camping

For power

Person holding a black power bank outside

Having devices with long battery life and charging equipment such as battery banks are crucial considerations when venturing into the wilderness, especially for camping overnight. 

In emergency situations, a charged device can be a lifeline. Whether reaching out for help, using GPS navigation to find your way back, or checking weather forecasts, a functioning device can significantly improve a person’s safety and well-being.

Devices like headlamps, lanterns, and even our entertainment devices use batteries or must be charged. A battery bank to charge devices can ensure that camping is a comfortable, fun and memorable experience. 

There are a few things to consider when it comes to charging for camping trips. Consumers seek battery banks that charge multiple devices and are rugged enough to not break if dropped. A bonus feature for camping is a battery bank that can be recharged with solar energy (some even have a built-in light). Those looking to charge more than just a smartphone and Bluetooth speaker may also consider a charging station.

For entertainment

Bluetooth speaker hanging on a tree

While the primary purpose of camping is often to disconnect, having access to some form of entertainment can enhance relaxation, especially during downtime. This could be reading an eBook, listening to music, or watching a movie on a device. 

Bluetooth speakers are a must for outdoor adventures, but they must be waterproof (or at least water resistant) and rugged enough to be hung on a backpack. 

There’s also some fun combination technology out there, like this water bottle with a built-in speaker, which allows people to have music on their adventures without a speaker taking up additional room in their backpack. 

For cooking

Pot on a portable camp stove beside a water bottle and supplies needed to make oatmeal

Cooking outdoors is essential but no longer requires bulky camping stoves. New camping stoves are much more portable and have additional features like charging for devices like smartphones. 

For light

When you can’t have a campfire, campers will want other light sources around their campsite. Having devices like flashlights and headlamps is vital to getting around the camp easily and safely. 

Additionally, consumers may want to set up their campsite with lanterns or other lights to create a beautiful and relaxing space. Lanterns come in all shapes and sizes and have interesting additional features such as salt water recharging and emergency radio. Some even easily adapt for multi-functional use (such as use as flashlight, lantern, and reading lamp). 

For heat

Close up of a fire in a propane fire pit

When there is a campfire ban, propane fire pits are an excellent alternative to keep the camping vibes. Consumers may also want a gas gauge to ensure they have enough propane to last through their trip. 

Those camping during the winter may also seek wearable tech like heated jackets or rechargeable hand warmers that can allow them to explore in the cold. 

For memories

Action camera looking out over a body of water

Many people like to document their camping experiences through photos and videos. Often, these memories are captured on a smartphone, so it’s worthwhile to consider shockproof and/or weatherproof cases that can withstand everything that camping might throw at it. 

Others may be more interested in more rugged camera equipment to capture better pictures or more action, such as a GoPro or other wearable camera technology

For survival

Survival kit with water filter, knife, compass and flash light on a white background

Of course, when it comes to spending time in the wilderness, survival tech is a necessity, especially for longer trips, backpacking, or trips outside of cell service. 

Here are some survival tech gadgets you should consider carrying:

  1. Personal locator beacons (PLBs) and satellite messengers: These devices use satellite technology to send emergency distress signals with your location information to rescue authorities. PLBs are simple distress signal devices, while satellite messengers often offer two-way communication and GPS tracking features.
  2. Water purification systems: Compact and efficient water purification systems, such as portable water filters, gravity filtration systems or UV water purifiers, allow users to make water from natural sources safe to drink. There are even now self-cleaning water bottles (this one even comes with a digital temperature indicator), water filtration straws, and water bottles with built-in water filtration straws.
  3. Solar-powered chargers: As mentioned, portable solar chargers can charge electronic devices like smartphones and GPS units using solar energy, which is especially useful for extended wilderness trips.
  4. Emergency radios: Hand-crank or solar-powered emergency radios can provide essential weather updates, emergency alerts, and even a source of entertainment.
  5. Fire starters: Advanced fire-starting tools like electronic fire starters can provide a reliable ignition source in wet or challenging conditions.
  6. GPS navigation devices: High-quality GPS devices and compasses specifically designed for outdoor use can aid in navigation, mapping, and location tracking.
  7. Survival watches: Some watches offer features like compasses, altimeters, barometers, and even GPS navigation to aid in wilderness survival.

Remember that the reliability and durability of these gadgets are paramount in survival situations. Additionally, offering educational resources or workshops on effectively using these gadgets can be a valuable addition to your retail strategy.

Person navigating outdoors with a GPS


The fusion of technology and nature has opened up a world of possibilities. The camping tech market caters to the modern wanderer’s needs with a diverse array of gadgets ranging from rugged GPS devices to compact solar chargers. For businesses venturing into this realm, curating a selection of high-quality, durable, and user-friendly camping tech gadgets is critical. 

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