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The Complete Buying Guide for New Winter Felt Hats 2023


As the cold season kicks in, headgear becomes among the top apparel acquisitions to keep people warm globally. In 2022, the market size for winter hats reached US $26.6 billion. It is projected to hit US $36.4 billion, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.0% in the 2022–2030 forecast period.

Key reasons for the upward trend in demand for winter hats include the increasing awareness of fashion trends and a change in temperatures. The global population and a surge in consumer disposable income are also influencing the market size.

When looking for winter felt hats for customers, businesses may need help locating the right products. There are several felt hat types as well as suppliers in the industry that make it hard to identify genuine and durable hats. Therefore, this guide helps sellers with tips for selecting felt hats and different types of felt hats to help them make wise decisions.

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4 tips for choosing new winter felt hats
Types of felt hats

4 tips for choosing new winter felt hats

1. Purpose of buying a felt hat

The reason for purchasing a winter felt hat influences the type to buy. Typically, felt hats are made from wool or fur. Sheep’s wool gives the felt hat an expensive feel and can be worn occasionally.  However, fur sourced from rabbits or beavers is long-lasting and reliable for all seasons.

To serve your customers looking for headwear that suits cold winters, stock your inventory with wool felt hats. Wool acts as an insulator while also preventing the head from moisture, thus, keeping the head as warm as possible. Conversely, they can buy fur felt to suit day-to-day use.

2. Color choice

Considering the type of color for felt hats is another crucial tip. Felt hats come in various colors, including black, brown, white, and gray. There are also other colors, such as blue, green, and pink.

Black is the most popular color choice for winter felt hats. The second most common felt hat color after black is brown. Light colors follow after black and brown. Businesses can capitalize on black and brown hats, which sell better than other color shades.

However, less popular colors like pink and purple are appropriate when stocking hats for younger ages.

3. Height and shape

When considering the size and shape of the felt hat, it is essential first to understand some terminologies of this type of hat. They are as follows.

  • Crown — the bulged part that fits the head. The crown size determines which hat one should acquire.
  • Crease — a depression found in the middle of the crown. Some hats can have a crease while others do not.
  • Brim — the part that attaches to and surrounds the crown. It can be flat, round, or a combination of round and flat shapes.
  • Dent — dents initially developed on these hats when wearing or removing them. They are two dips located on the sides of the crown.
  • Roll — Curved shape of the brim. The roll size can either be significant or subtle.
  • Sweatband — inside part of the crown which fits the head. It has a material that absorbs moisture on the head. In kid’s hats, the band is elastic to fit children’s heads perfectly.

Businesses can therefore stock a wide assortment of felt hats with a crease, curved brim, or dents on the crown appropriately. It allows customers to find a design that suits their taste well.

The table below helps one to know different felt hat sizes before buying.

Hat SizeHat SizeHead Size (cm)Head Size (inches)
XXL7 3/463.525
XL7 5/862.224 1/2
XL7 1/260.323 3/4
Large7 3/859.323 3/8
Large7 1/458.422
Medium7 1/857.222 1/2
Medium756.222 1/8
Small6 7/854.921 5/8
Small6 3/454.621 1/5
Kids Large6 5/853.321
Kids Large6 1/252.720 3/4
Kids Large6 3/851.420 1/4
Kids Medium6 1/449.519 1/2
Kids Medium6 1/849.219 3/8

4. The hat fits comfortably

Stocking hats that fit comfortably is important for businesses. Referring to the table above, they can know the hat size for every customer’s head size.

Companies selling felt hats at a physical store can use a tape measure to help their clients find a hat that fits their heads correctly. At the end of the day, customers go home with their new winter felt hats and are satisfied with their purchase.

Types of felt hats


Gray fedora hat with feathers

Fedora hats have brims curved low to the front and a deep crease on its crown. It is also referred to as a gangster due to its affiliation with criminals in the 1930s. Formally, it was a men’s hat, but women can also wear fedoras today.


Berets are felt hats that do not have a brim. Its crown has a wide circular shape that encloses the head. The hat is highly fashionable as one can wear it to the side at a moderate angle.

The hat traces its roots in France. The employed in the 1920s wore berets.

The benefit of a beret is that it is easy to keep in a pocket or handbag. It has also been adopted by most military forces globally as part of their uniform.


It is a felt hat for women that has soft furry material. A cloche covers the head with its brim running over the neck and forehead. Besides the headgear being suitable for cold winter, cloches are stylish hats. Historically, cloches complemented the 1920s flapper look.

Cowboy hat

Cowboy hats are popular felt hats that men and women wear today when working, playing, or during special events. The hats feature a wide brim and high crown with a crease. It is barely impossible to recognize a cowboy hat.

It was invented in western America in the 1860s. Ranchers wore them to protect themselves from extreme heat and other weather conditions.

Derby or Bowler

Black bowler hat on a white background

A derby is a hat for men that characterizes a narrow creased crown and a brim with rolled edge. It may also feature a band at the crown’s base. Most of the time, it is either black or brown.

The derby was invented by William Bowler, who named it after him. It was primarily worn when riding a horse.


This guide discussed the tips for purchasing felt hats. Businesses should follow these guidelines when looking for suitable winter felt hats for their customers.

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