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Men’s Hats: 5 Popular Classic Outdoor Sports Accessories


Outdoor sports can sometimes require a lot of equipment, with clothing and other sports accessories playing a big role in the overall look. When it comes to classic outdoor sports accessories though, not even modern adaptations have been able to grasp the popularity that these pieces have.

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How much are outdoor sports accessories worth?
5 classic men’s hats to watch
What’s next for outdoor sports accessories?

How much are outdoor sports accessories worth?

Sports are played year round across the globe, so it comes as no surprise that the global market value of outdoor sports accessories is high. In 2022, the value is expected to reach USD 67.26 billion and by 2027, that number is expected to increase drastically to just over USD 110 billion. That’s an annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.56% in just 5 years. 

This sharp increase in sales is largely down to consumers finding a new appreciation for the outdoors and wanting to get themselves and their families involved in outdoor sports. The sales of classic outdoor sports accessories, such as men’s hats, are a direct reflection of this as accessories play a large role in the playing of the sport itself. 

Man sitting on rock drinking water wearing a baseball cap

5 classic men’s hats to watch

Not all outdoor hats are built the same, so getting the right one to suit an outdoor activity is important. Today’s sports accessories market is seeing the likes of corduroy, camouflage, and distressed baseball caps all rising in popularity, with golf and running hats not too far behind. 

Corduroy baseball cap

The baseball cap has always been a classic outdoor sports accessory for both men and women, and today there are more varieties in the market than ever before. This simple and effective classic hat is perfect for blocking out the sun and keeping the wearer cool on a hot day, but it can also double for casual wear. Corduroy baseball caps are starting to emerge as a popular alternative to cotton material, as it’s warmer to wear in the cooler times of the year.

The corduroy baseball cap can be worn at any time of the year though, and is more likely to be worn for less strenuous outdoor sports such as long-distance walking, fishing, and sailing. These hats can easily be upgraded with patches or embroidery, and make the perfect outdoor accessory for men.

Men’s dark red corduroy baseball cap on white background

Camouflage baseball cap

One of the most sought-after outdoor sports accessories for men is the camouflage baseball cap. This type of baseball cap is very on-trend and is regularly worn for activities such as hunting, fishing, and camping. The camouflage hat helps the wearer to blend in with their surroundings if they’re in the woods and acts as a means of protection for their head as well. The camouflage baseball cap also gives off military vibes so it’s popular with a wide variety of consumers. It’s one of those classic sports caps that men can’t get enough of.

Man sitting in forest wearing camouflage clothes and cap

Golf hat

The golf hat, with its classic color options, space for a logo, and overall comfortable shape of the cap has been a popular addition to the outdoor sports accessories scene for decades. This variation of a baseball cap is sometimes made of a more breathable and flexible material to allow for ultimate comfort while being worn. The golf hat is the perfect outdoor sports accessory for men playing golf, and other sports too, so that they can protect their eyes from the glare of the sun. 

Many golf hats now feature fast-drying materials and air holes, as well as an adjustable back to provide the wearer with as many helpful features as possible regardless of the weather conditions.  

Man walking on golf course wearing a golf hat

Distressed baseball cap

Not all baseball caps are made to look pristine. The distressed baseball cap may look a little worse for wear, but its worn-out design is what makes it such a hit in the world of classic outdoor sports accessories. The distressed baseball cap falls under the casual dress for sports category and is normally worn in a more relaxed atmosphere where the hat is used not only for sun protection but also to complete a vintage look. These hats often feature logos of sports teams or city names.

Gray distressed hat with New York est. 1625 on front

Running hat

The running hat has a few different features that won’t be found on a regular baseball cap. The back of the running hat is generally made of a mesh material to allow for optimum breathability, and the front of the cap is built to be wider in order to block out elements such as sun, rain, and wind. The shape of the running hat also helps to keep sweat away from the face in a way that other hats don’t. These types of hats are most likely to be worn in the spring and summertime when the weather is warmer. 

Man taking a break from running wearing black running hat

What’s next for outdoor sports accessories?

Classic outdoor sports accessories haven’t changed much over the years, and men’s outdoor sports hats are still very much in high demand with consumers of all ages. Trends in the market have seen corduroy, camouflage, and distressed hats all beginning to rise in popularity. Both golf and running hats are popular pieces of headwear for men who are participating in more rigorous sporting activities.

The future of the classic outdoor sports accessories market looks very bright. With more consumers looking to get outdoors and take part in both recreational and sporting activities, sales are expected to increase as more unique styles of hats hit the shelves and add something a little extra to men’s apparel.

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