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Discover the Best Backpacks With Solar Chargers

hydration solar backpack with detachable panel

In this technological age, portable power is a must. Tourists, outdoor adventurers, and even (or especially) laptop worriers need power to charge their phones, laptops, and cameras. And with increasing data showing that many people suffer from low battery anxiety, gadgets like solar charger backpacks might be the way to go.

Such backpacks are equipped with high-quality solar panels, are made from durable materials, and come with ample storage so that the user still has plenty of space to carry the essentials.

Below we’ll take a look at five types of solar backpack to help you take advantage of this growing trend:

1. Hiking backpacks with solar chargers

30L hiking solar backpack with a flexible solar panel

Conquering rugged trails, surrounded by nature’s symphony, can be a breathtaking experience. But you can’t capture such beauty with a dead phone or camera off the grid – that’s where hiking backpacks with solar chargers come in.

Hikers particularly swear by these backpacks for several reasons:

Durable material: These backpacks are often made from tear- and water-resistant polyester or nylon fabric, and feature a double-layer bottom piece to provide extra strength so that more stuff can be carried with comfort. These backpacks also feature heavy-duty metal zippers to ensure durability against daily use.

Compatible charger: Their charging interface can charge any USB-powered 5V input voltage devices, including cellphones, action cameras, GPS devices, laptops, power banks, and iPads. This allows hikers the peace of mind that they can maintain lines of communication with friends and relatives without worrying about their gadgets running out of power.

Large capacity: With a storage capacity ranging from 30L to 45L, hiking backpacks provide ample storage space. Such bags also feature multiple compartments to organize hiking essentials.

Compact and comfortable: These bags usually weigh between 1 to 1.5 pounds, making for easy storage when not in use. Breathable mesh shoulder straps fitted with sponge padding help reduce stress on the shoulders, while chest clips help to distribute these packs’ weight, thus keeping them steady and centered.

2. Urban anti-theft backpacks with solar chargers

anti-theft solar backpack with RFID blocking and lockable strap

Backpacks are often used to carry valuable items, and customers therefore naturally look for items that are fitted with added security measures. Besides providing power for charging electronics, these anti-theft solar backpacks have features to prevent thieves from opening or stealing them.

These are some of the unique features that make them stand out:

Lockable zippers: Many anti-theft backpacks come with lockable zippers and combination locks via a built-in clasp. They may also come with a stainless steel mesh, making it difficult for thieves to slice them open.

RFID: Backpacks with RFID information security pockets help keep the user’s documents out of the reach of pickpocketers.

Waterproofing: Some anti-theft solar packs will also come with extra waterproofing, allowing you to charge your gadget in all types of weather and terrain.

3. Multifunctional backpacks with removable solar panels

Green jungle backpack with removable solar panel

These outdoor solar backpacks are perfect for camping, riding, skiing, hiking, and fishing. With a 6.5 W detachable and flexible solar panel, devices can be left to charge separately while the bag is in use. These solar panels generate up to 5V, enough power to charge cameras, smartphones, iPads, or iPods, etc.

Here are additional reasons why customers love these backpacks:

Versatility: The removable solar panels allow users to detach them when not needed or when the weather conditions are unsuitable for solar charging.

Durability: Detaching solar panels from the bag for storage could protect them from wear and tear during non-solar use. This helps to preserve the lifespan and efficiency of the panels.

Upgradability: Many of these backpacks can be updated with the latest solar technology so that they remain up to date at a minimum cost.

4. Work and student solar backpacks

High-powered school and work solar backpack

Solar backpacks designed for students, workers, and businesspeople who want to carry their laptops, devices, and hard drives are another high-demand category. These student solar backpacks can provide up to 25% charge for cameras and phones, allowing students and workers to work off-grid.

Here are some of their outstanding features:

Unique materials: Some of these bags are made from materials like Shore-Tex (a high-quality fabric from upcycled ocean plastic), making them ideal for environmentally-conscious customers.

Spacious compartments: These bags have different spaces to carry laptops, power banks, tablets, and other work essentials. Smaller pockets, meanwhile, help users organize their things like pens, notebooks, business cards, and other items.

Additional AC charging ports: Some bags may also boast a micro-USB AC outlet charging port, thus allowing users the option for regular grid power and solar charge.

Slim and lightweight designs: Sleek and dialled-back designs help to give a professional appearance. Lightweight options with breathable backing and S-shaped shoulder belts also make them easy to carry for extended periods.

5. Solar hydration backpacks

Hydration solar backpack for hiker and riders

Finally, hikers looking for that added bit of protection in the wild may opt for solar hydration backpacks. These bags offer outdoor enthusiasts a sustainable way to stay hydrated thanks to their ability to be refilled.

In addition, foldable solar panels integrated into their design provides the energy needed to charge devices and power the built-in hydration system.

Here are additional features often found in hydration bakcpacks:

Water filtration systems: These bag allow the user to hydrate on the go via a tube that draws straight from an in-built filtration system, providing users with clean and safe drinking water.

Adjustable straps: The added water weight means that these backpacks are fitted with ergonomically designed and padded straps to enhance comfort during extended wear. They also come with adjustable chest and waist straps that fit different body sizes.

Improve your store profits with solar backpacks

In our modern world of exploration, technology, and outdoor adventure, we have found a powerful friend in solar-powered backpacks. Outdoor enthusiasts and urban dwellers alike are increasingly seeking out such backpacks to stay connected to the world on the go without the worry of running out of power.

As the demand for these bags grows, retailers will want to look into a variety of options so that they can better corner the market. No matter what type you’re looking for, you’re bound to find it among the thousands of options on Alibaba.com.

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