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3 Electric Lighter Trends To Glean in 2024

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The new motto defining a range of trends is “Go green or go home,” and consumers are increasingly seeking out sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives. One way to appeal to this new demand is by stocking quality electric lighters, which replace those cheap disposable plastic lighters that hardly ever light up when needed.

An electric lighter is a versatile device that substitutes traditional tools such as matches, disposable plastic lighters, or fuel-based lighters. They’re also winning the hearts of many people because they are a quality, environmentally-friendly alternative.

This article will explore three electric lighter trends to glean, as well as offering tips to help businesses choose the best options for electric lighters in 2024.

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Are electric lighters profitable in 2024?
Amazing electric lighter trends to watch in 2024
Factors to consider when choosing electric lighters
Wrapping up

Are electric lighters profitable in 2024?

As of 2021, the electric lighter market was estimated at around USD 615.5 million, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of nearly 3.7% between 2022 and 2030. Experts predict that the market will be valued at approximately USD 856.5 million by 2030.

Behind the growth of this market are three prominent factors:

  • The smoking population has significantly expanded over the years, directly impacting the increasing sales of electric lighters.
  • Globally, social media trends advocate for being environmentally friendly. This encourages people to limit their purchase of single-use plastic lighters that are usually not biodegradable.
  • The aesthetic designs of modern electric lighters have caused a spike in the market’s value.

Amazing electric lighter trends to watch in 2024

Dual arc plasma lighter

hand holding black dual arc plasma electric lighter

Instead of using propane like traditional lighters, dual arc plasma lighters come with a lithium battery. When consumers click the on button, a high-voltage electrical current will pass between two nodes, creating a double arc of highly charged plasma. 

Due to the heated nature of the plasma, the lighter immediately becomes powerful enough to ignite cigarettes, candles, pipes, campfires, and more. These lighters are often waterproof because some manufacturers use a water and impact-resistant zinc alloy design, which houses all lighter electronic components, including the charging connector. 

a silver electric lighter with stylish engravings

To ensure consumers know when they’re charging, some modern designs incorporate small indicator lights that turn on when plugged in and turn off when fully charged.

However, dual-arc plasma lighters are appealing because of their windproof designs. Their flameless design allows the lighter to withstand wind up to 80 mph, making it perfect for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and traveling.

Plasma lighters are quite popular, based on data from Google Ads data. Consumers have searched for them a whopping 14800 times since June 2023, so there’s a sizable population looking for them.

Electric arc lighter

a black electric arc lighter on a white background

The electric arc lighter uses the same principles as a dual arc plasma lighter. They both run on a lithium battery, and they both rely on the production of high-voltage electricity to create heat. Consumers can also recharge them via USB cables.

But unlike the dual arc plasma lighter, the electric arc lighter produces only one electric arc when two closely spaced electrodes are charged. Some modern designs of electric arc lighters usually feature an extended, slim, flexible head, which helps prevent possible burns, as the user’s hands are not close to the fire lit by the lighter.

an electric arc lighter with illuminated power buttons and indicators

Some lighters also have an LED display showing the battery percentage, elevating the user experience. However, electric arc lighters are not waterproof as they are easier to short-circuit when exposed to water, but they’re windproof enough for outdoor activities.

Google Ads data shows that electric arc lighters have been searched 60500 times in October 2023, and they’ve been keeping up this search volume since August 2023.

Flameless lighter

a silver flameless lighter with tiger engravings

Every arc lighter is flameless, but not every flameless lighter is an arc lighter.  While lithium batteries also power flameless lighters, what differentiates them is that they light rolled smoke with a heated coil. 

The battery’s electricity causes the coil inside the lighter to heat up and cause a spark. Hence, they are also called electric coil lighters

They are easy to use, reusable, don’t require any fuel, and are usually USB chargeable. Their coils, however, make them limited as they cannot light anything other than cigarettes and perhaps candles. They are, therefore, not ideal for camping or emergencies.

Flameless lighters may not be as in-demand as their arc-style cousins, but they’re still holding their own and performing well. They managed to rack up 1900 searches in October 2023, according to Google Ads searches. So, even though they might not be stealing the spotlight, these lighters have a dedicated audience.

Factors to consider when choosing electric lighters

Design and size

It is important to carefully choose an electric lighter that fits the purpose you choose it for. For people who are likely to go a long time without remembering to charge them, they may find lighters with LED displays more suitable. 

Small lighters are convenient for outdoor activities and for daily use. They can easily fit into pockets, purses, or wallets, so users don’t need to be worried about losing them. Overall, electric lighters come in various designs and colors that can appeal to a wide target audience.

Safety features

Because electric lighters produce more heat than traditional lighters, they can be potentially dangerous. Lighters made with materials that cannot properly absorb heat may cause scalding to the skin. 

Some manufacturers add instructions on using electric lighters, especially for new users. When engaging in activities with kids, electric lighters with extended but flexible heads are the best option, as they are less likely to burn a child’s finger.


For most electric lighters, a one-hour charge can provide as much as 100 lights or last as long as three days. Electric lighters can get charged about 400-500 times before their battery wears out. This is especially common among dual arc plasmas and electric arc lighters.

Here’s a table showcasing the average lifespan, lights per charge, and duration per charge for each lighter type.

Lighter typeAverage lifespanLights per charge
Dual arc2-5 years60-100
Electric arc1-3 years30-50
Flameless3-5 years50-70

Extra features

Some customers prefer certain additional features when selecting an electric lighter. Such features include an LED flashlight, a battery charging indicator, and other helpful elements that could be useful, especially when the user is outdoors or far away from home.

Wrapping up

Electric lighters are the right step in encouraging sustainability, and they’re gradually dominating many markets worldwide. The versatility of these lighters also guarantees that these devices are well on their way to being in almost every home across the globe.  

Consumers who participate in outdoor activities such as camping or hiking may lean more towards dual arc plasma lighters and electric arc lighters because of their reliability in the wind. Consumers who mainly use lighters to smoke may find the flameless lighter more suitable.

As the market keeps expanding, jump on these top electric lighter trends to increase sales and profits in 2024.

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