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Essential Autumn/Winter Catwalk Beauty Trends for 2023/24 

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As consumers become more daring and seek novelty, creativity, and self-expression, the beauty industry is adapting to meet their needs. This progression can also be seen on the runways, with over-the-top hairdos and dramatic aesthetics. This post will examine the key themes, including the color and cosmetic trends dominating the market today.

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Beauty trends straight from the catwalk
Three overarching themes from 23/24 runways
Key focus points

Beauty trends straight from the catwalk

The autumn/winter trends for 2023/24 combine bold statements with subtle, conservative classics. In keeping with previous seasons, this season features minimal beauty accompanied by barely-there makeup looks and finished with glowing touches. Also from the past season is the toned-down look that promotes raw beauty. 

Apart from natural and lazy beauty, artful aesthetics that encourage experimentation and promote the weird side of beauty is also in trend. Also, present this season is a theme of whimsicalness along with sculptural hairdos reflecting fantasy. 

Furthermore, celestial beauty, which leans into the rising interest in digital avatars and space exploration, will grow in popularity. 

This article explores the major beauty themes from the runways this season, including nails, hair, and color trends. It also provides insights into how brands can leverage each trend.

Three overarching themes from 23/24 runways

Major beauty schematics

Toned-down drama 

The industry is shifting away from dramatic aesthetics in favor of subdued emotional and soft gothic aesthetics, as seen on the runways of major fashion labels such as Christian Dior, Fendi, and Roberto Cavalli. As a result, darker smudgeable pigments for the eyes and lips will be popular. For instance, cranberry juice and black lip colors in velvet and matte finishes will be appealing.

Embracing imperfections

Following the trend of the subtle statement, low-maintenance beauty that promotes self-expression and challenges the norm will emerge. Multi-functional products that can be used on any part of the face, such as liners and pencils, will be prioritized by brands. To instill a positive attitude, go for colors that reflect winter hues.

Another trend getting traction on social media is #weirdbeauty, which celebrates the unexpected. This trend rejects normality in exchange for eccentric beauty. Brands can champion this trend by offering products that make shoppers question beauty. It is best to go for sustainable and sensitive skin-friendly solutions.

Otherworldly glow

This look is defined by haphazardly applying sparkles and glitters to the eyes, lips, and cheeks to achieve an ethereal, awe-inspiring glow. The celestial glow trend was spotted on the runways of major fashion houses such as Diesel, Harris Reed, Thom Browne, and Francesa Liberatore.

Brands can action this trend by leaning into shimmery aesthetics with chromatic finishes and hedonistic metallics in their color cosmetics.

Effortless beauty

The lazy beauty is seen on the runways of many fashion labels and is characterized by barely there make-up and tousled hair for an effortless aesthetic. Brands can capitalize on this trend by offering do-it-all haircare and skincare products that save time, money, and natural resources. The emphasis should be on radiant skin with a glowing finish.

Audacious brow

A single style no longer defines brows; colored, embellished, and spiky brows are all prominent on the catwalks this season. To appeal to a wide range of consumers, brands can leverage the brow movement by offering all-in-one brow kits consisting of pens, gels, and pencils in ethereal and natural tones.

Multi-shade lips

Seen on the runways of Vaquera, Gucci, Weinsanto, Kim Shui, and Talia Byre, lips with dual tones have made a major fashion statement this season. They come in exaggerated dark-to-light shades as well as subtle light-to-dark Ombre. 

Brands can get on this trend by experimenting with dual-sided lip pens in complementary hues for a seamless color transition. For example, the candy orange shade at Gucci changed to a brighter red.

Facial-beauty experimentation

The advent of expressive cosmetic applications helps bridge the gap between reality and fantasy. All fashion labels challenge traditional beauty norms through their creative embellishments and color use. 

This trend reflects a desire for unconventional makeup applications, and brands can capitalize on this interest by providing multi-purpose eye and face products.

Smudgy eyes

Keeping with the trend of toned-down aesthetics, this look focuses on smudged-out eyes in dark shades, as seen popularly on TikTok. These gothy looks can easily be created with the help of smudgeable eye pencils.  This trend is famous for using purple-red pigment under the eyes to create an emotional aesthetic.

Glamorous lashes

Bold lash aesthetics have dominated all runways this season, accompanied by spider lashes. This look is complete by adorning the lower lashes with 60s-inspired drawn-on lashes or using small clusters of faux lashes.

To leverage this trend, brands can explore graphic eyeliners that are smudge and water-resistant. As sustainability is a growing concern among many young consumers, exploring alternatives like reusable faux-minx is wise.


Hair sculpting

This season, big fashion houses like Rick Owens and Francesa Liveratore showcased many gravity-defying hair looks. The main takeaway from this trend is the ability to express oneself through hairstyles. 

Brands can capitalize on this trend by providing weatherproof, high-quality hairsprays with a high-sheen finish. This season, styling kits with clip-on hair extensions will also be popular.

Confident braids

Continuing the hair sculptural trends, braids in unique styles were popular this season. Long braids, baby braids, and thick braids on various hair types were seen frequently at Tia Adeola and Simon Rocha.

Brands can look into styling products such as gels, oils, and sprays that aid in creating slick braid styles with no flyaways. Hair tips, pins, and clips allowing perfect plaits are also good accessories.

Side parting

Even though the middle parting is still trendy and alive, the side parting is gaining traction. Side partings have become the new standard, as seen on the runways of Fendi, Altuzarra, MSGM, and Acne Studios.

Brands can cater to this trend by offering high-shine gels, sprays, and oils that help create a sleek hairdo. They can look into styling products like fine tooth combs that help manage flyaways. 

Fine details

Hair accessories such as ribbons and bows are commonly used in hairstyles in Paris and London. This hairstyle both contradicts and complements the toned-down and carefree beauty aesthetics.

To appeal to Gen Z consumers, brands can capitalize on this trend by offering clip-in bows and loose ribbons made from sustainable materials. They can also look into recycled fabrics to create a significant impact.

Hair art

This trend appeals to bold, daring individuals who enjoy experimenting with different aesthetics. Brands can support this trend by providing temporary dyes in spray formats that color the hair without causing damage and is easy to wash out. They should also ensure that these dyes are compatible with all hair types.

Key focus points

There is a noticeable presence of hybrid products this season. Look into multi-use products that offer coverage and skincare benefits.

Explore products reminiscent of retro styles as aesthetics inspired by the 1990s and 1980s gain traction among millennials. Focus on glosses and lip liners in vibrant, pigmented tones.

Encourage experimentation by offering multi-use cosmetics that embrace imperfections and the unpopular side of beauty. Explore products with light coverage while adhering to the principles of sustainability. 

Reject notions of perfectionism in exchange for beauty that champions creative self-expression. Brands should clearly reflect the messaging of their products. 

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