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Lip Color That’s Standing Out in the Beauty Industry


Lipstick has been relevant in society for nearly 5,000 years. What started as an accessory for cultural and ceremonial purposes has become makeup used to express oneself. As mask restrictions come to an end in many parts of the world, lipstick is making a comeback in 2022 and 2023. 

This article details the top seven lip color trends that will dominate today’s lipstick world. Discover the opportunities and products retailers and wholesalers should pay attention to by reading below.

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The market for lip color 
7 lip color trends
Colors that will set you apart

The market for lip color

Lipstick has never been out of time even amidst the recession. It reached a market value of $9.2 billion in 2021 and is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 6.6% from 2022 to 2027. 

With a growing emphasis on self-care, nourishing glosses and balms will be hot in the upcoming years. Some products contain antioxidants and other ingredients that help repair skin cells and protect the lips in cold seasons. 

Self-expression is on the rise too. Lip colors that represent the mood or vibe the user wants to exude play a good role in this regard. Overall, experimentation is a key factor in today’s lipstick market, and a diverse color range is expected to meet what the consumers need.

The present day’s lipstick world places a strong focus on self-expression, from the classic red and brown lip colors to dramatic gothic and vibrant tones. Here are some lipstick trends that are currently on the rise. 

Gothic tones and glossy finishes 

Gothic lipstick on a white table

Gothic style can be described as a grungy, dark, and mysterious way of fashion. It often plays with dark hues, whether in cosmetics, clothing, footwear, and other accessories. 

It’s getting into mainstream fashion nowadays, especially with the runway shows of various designer brands recently. Although the style is more popular among fair-skinned people, modern gothic fashion now applies to everyone. 

Lip liners and glossy lipsticks are key products to pay attention to. Gothic lip colors, regardless of the applicator type, are also worth considering. Metallic finishes are a good way of expressing gothic fashion too. 

Timeless brown tones 

Brown lipsticks on a table

Brown hues are called timeless for a reason. They’re suitable to wear on any occasion and are applicable to anyone. The earth tones also make one’s complexion warm, creating a good color balance and a classic tone.  

The popularity of brown-shade lip colors peaked in the 90s, especially due to the influence of celebrities on television shows. Now that the 90s trend is coming back among millennials and Generation Zers, brown lipsticks are also gaining traction. 

Lipsticks, nude lip glosses, and balms of natural shade infused with lip-hydrating formulas are taking over the market. Shades of brown are attractive whether in glossy or matte finishes. “Natural” and vegan lipsticks are becoming more popular too due to increased awareness of self-care and harmful beauty practices. 

Cool bright tones

Purple lipstick on a white background

Lipsticks with cool and bright undertones are sought-after because of the rise of an “anti-perfectionist” makeup trend in the modern world. Women put more emphasis on creativity and expression than on having a perfect and traditional appearance.

Lip colors that vary in terms of application type and finish are expected to be key products in today’s market. Bold purple lipsticks, metallic colors, and semi-matte lipsticks are worth considering. 

Electric tones and nourishing finishes

Bright lipsticks in a row

Electric colors are tones that appear bright and glowing, with orange as a key color. These hues go hand in hand with warm tones too, creating a great visual balance. Energetic and lively tones are still greatly appreciated among women. 

While the colors are excellent purchase drivers, consumers also pay attention to the nourishing aspect of the lipstick formulation. Particularly, those lipsticks with hydrating ingredients are well-appreciated.

Some products to consider in this regard are bright lipsticks, nourishing liquid lip applicators, and vibrant orange lip colors. Products that bring about a metallic finish are great too.

Frosty tones and textures 

The term “phygital” is an emerging concept in modern fashion, which comes from the words “physical” and “digital.” Metallic lipsticks and cold tones play a key role in achieving such aesthetics. 

Unusual metallics and glittery lip colors would be a great addition to one’s catalog, emphasizing icy tones of blue and lavender. Semi-matte and shiny lip balms, as well as plumping lip gloss, are gaining increased popularity too. 

Vibrant red tones 

Bright red lipstick on a light-blue blanket

In terms of history, the classic red lipstick became famous with the spread of women’s rights movements. While it’s only a single color, its varying shades and finishes make it all the more interesting and attractive. 

Some shades of red, like crimson, fit any wearer, keeping red lip colors relevant and a go-to choice for many. Red semi-matte lipsticks, as well as nourishing products, are great points of investment. Lip balms also play a key role in this trend. 

Powerful pink tones

Pink lipstick next to a small mirror

Pink is another classic color, and notably, the most popular lip color in the United States. Since lips appear naturally pink, many women of all ages like to enhance the color with pink lipsticks. The color is particularly favored among the youngsters of Gen Z. 

Versatility and suitability are key factors of why pink tones are popular among many. As such, hydrating lipsticks in varying shades of pink hues are expected to be hot in the market. Rosy lip glosses, pink lip pencils, and lip balms are making a comeback too. 

Colors that will set you apart

Lipsticks make a statement, and today’s theme focuses on self-expression, uniqueness, and creativity. Consumers appreciate colors that set them apart from the crowd, expand from the traditional, and allow them to experiment.

Stay ahead of the curve by investing in these seven trendy lip colors that drive the mainstream theme in today’s lipstick world. 

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