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Everything Businesses Must Know About Eyeshadow Palettes in 2024

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Eyeshadow is an intrinsic part of female makeup that gives the desired ravishing touch most ladies yearn for. These products help create the trendy smoky eye look, so it’s no surprise they’re always in demand.

However, eyeshadow palettes are one of the most popular ways consumers get their products in one place. In addition to having multiple shades, these palettes reduce the hassle of shopping for various colors, as they stand as a convenient all-in-one solution.

But like regular eyeshadow, palettes also offer immense variety, making it important to consider various factors before stocking up on them. This article will explore these considerations, unveiling everything retailers should know to stock irresistible eyeshadow palettes in 2024.  

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Eyeshadow palettes: what to know to stock the best offers in 2024
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Eyeshadow palettes: what to know to stock the best offers in 2024


Three makeup palette on powdery surface

This factor is the no.1 thing consumers look for in an eyeshadow palette. Not all palettes have the same pigmentation, but there’s a good explanation. Some palettes have lower pigmentation to create sheen, soft, or silky looks easily.

However, beginners will always go for eyeshadow palettes with the deepest pigmentation. So, how can sellers know if their palettes have enough pigments? It’s easy! A pigmented eyeshadow should feel soft and silky instead of textured or firm.

Order samples first to get a feel of the product’s pigments before purchasing in bulk. Once businesses get the samples, they can rub their fingers softly on the eyeshadow without applying too much pressure—a simple, quick rub. If the colors on their fingers are as intense as the ones on the palette, it has a nice pigment.

Eyeshadow finishes

A makeup palette with different shades

Eyeshadows also come with different finishes that help create different looks. The safest bet here is going for palettes offering multiple finishes as they’re most likely to catch the consumer’s attention—who doesn’t like a convenient way to change looks?

Here are more details on the different eyeshadow finishes available on palettes.

Eyeshadow finishDescription
MatteThis finish may not have any glitter, shine, or sparkle, but it’s one of the most popular. They’re widespread for an amazing pigmented look, perfect for everyday makeup.  

In addition, women can blend them with other finishes, like shimmer or glitter.
SatinThis finish offers something softer and more natural than matte and it’s easier to blend. However, satin looks amazing with matte finishes and can work with any skin type.
ShimmerThis finish appeals to consumers with a thing for subtle glam. It offers a subdued shine and sparkle with sheer coverage.
MetallicConsumers who love the look and shine of real metal prefer this finish. The metallic finish is also perfect for creating night-out makeup.  

In addition, this finish has good pigmentation and offers silver, gold, copper, and other metallic colors.
GlitterThis eyeshadow finish comes in jelly form to hold the glitter particles. While it’s sparkly, the glitter finish is not shinier than metallic.
SheerThis finish is often less pigmented, perfect for creating soft, daily makeup looks. The sheer finish is also compatible with matte or satin and can easily craft a no-makeup makeup look.

Color scheme

A makeup palette on a stylish background

The most attractive part of eyeshadow palettes is their color scheme. However, it’s not only a visual spectacle but an important part of choosing eyeshadow palettes, especially for beginners.

However, the perfect eyeshadow color scheme depends on each individual’s needs or their exact wants. But the main question here is how many colors do target consumers need?

While it depends on their needs, professional makeup artists often recommend palettes with 6 to 12 colors. That way, consumers can mix, blend, and create new shades around their preferred color. However, if women need more colors to experiment with, they’ll opt for giant palettes with much more variety.

As mentioned, choosing palettes with multiple finishes also applies here. Offering palettes with matte and satin finishes will give women more leeway to create casual and night-out looks.

More importantly, the palettes should have different shades in addition to finishes. For instance, matte nude to satin nude and burgundy to dark brown. It’s convenient for consumers to get everything they need on one palette.

Skin tone

Woman holding a blue makeup palette

Color scheme and finishes are only one part of the eyeshadow hue puzzle. What mostly determines the consumer’s preferred color is their skin tone. For instance, an eyeshadow palette with a darker color scheme (like different shades of brown) would look great on light or porcelain-skinned women but could be a total failure for undertoned consumers.

Here are more details on the recommended colors for each skin tone.

Skin toneIdeal eyeshadow palette colors
Pale of light skinThese consumers make a natural pair with earthy shades, copper, bronze, champagne, gold, taupe, and rose gold eyeshadow colors.
Olive skinThis skin tone is more versatile and can experiment with bold/bright or go subtle with neutral shades. Some top picks include golden brown, emerald green, burnt orange, royal blue, and rich plum.
Tan skinIf these consumers want makeup that draws attention in crowds while complementing their tan, they’ll choose colors like sparkles, warm shades, and highly pigmented metallic finishes.
Dark skinShimmery brown, burgundy, lighter shade neutrals, and warm gold are the perfect eyeshadow colors for dark skin. However, they can look great with any color.

Hair color

Woman using testing an eyeshadow shade

What’s the relationship between the hair and eyes? While it seems far-fetched, the consumer’s hair color determines their perfect eyeshadow hue. The right one will easily emphasize their eyes while complementing their hair color.

Here’s the low down on the ideal eyeshadow hues for each hair color.

Hair colorIdeal eyeshadow color
BlondeThese consumers need neutrals, beige, pink, or peach hues to look great—bright blue and shades of brown also work. They can experiment with different finishes, too.
BrunetteWhile neutrals, warm brown, coffee, light tawny, and mocha shades look perfect on brunettes, they can play with most finishes and colors.
DarkThese consumers look amazing with copper, deep brown, bronze, earth tones, and metallic eyeshadow colors. They can also work with jet black, plums, and jewel tones, especially for those with black hair.
GingerGingers also have a lot of color varieties that work! They look great with shimmery mustard, lucky gingers, copper, blue-red, soft chocolate brown, mocha brown, deep plum, and taupe.

Eye color

An eyeshadow palette among other makeup products

One more thing to look at regarding eyeshadow hue: eye color. Consumers may also choose an eyeshadow palette based on the color of their eyes. Here’s a look at the best options for each one:

Eye colorEyeshadow shade
BlueConsumers with blue can create gorgeous looks with gold, pinks, orange, browns, copper, neutrals, and other warm colors.  

These women can also choose satin or shimmer finishes for breathtaking daily makeup looks.
BrownThese consumers feel at home with any shade of brown, gold, shimmery yellows, bronze, neutrals, and rose gold.
GreenAlthough green eyes are rare, such consumers can use palettes with red hues and neutrals, like maroon, rose gold, coral-orange, pinkish-red, etc., to make their eyes shimmer.

Final words

Eyeshadow palettes are impressive! They help consumers get smoky, attractive eye looks without any hassle. In addition to easy styling, they offer enough variety for consumers to try different shades and styles to complement their features.

With 301,000 searches in January 2024, many consumers are searching for the perfect eyeshadow palettes. So, don’t hesitate! Use the tips discussed in this article to stock the most profitable eyeshadow palettes in 2024.

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