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Everything You Need to Play Beach Tennis

Two players high-fiving at beach tennis net

Beach tennis has been growing significantly in popularity in recent years, and it’s unsurprising why: Played at leisure or competitively, the sport transposes traditional tennis to sunny climes, complete with waves crashing in the background.

Given that it is a specialized sport, there are several pieces of equipment that must be acquired for a successful game of beach tennis. Here we’ll look at the best options in order to do so.

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Popularity of beach tennis globally
Essential beach tennis equipment

Popularity of beach tennis globally

Two beach tennis rackets with ball on sand

Beach tennis is quickly becoming a rival to the likes of other beach sports, such as beach volleyball. Although it originated in Italy, which it is still played the most, participation in the sport has exploded in other regions, for example, Brazil where there are now over 1.1 million players. Other parts of Latin America as well as the United States have also seen significant increases in beach tennis participants.

Woman cheering after winning point during beach tennis game

Between 2022 and 2023, the popularity of beach tennis rose by 10%, with online searches reaching over 200k per month. Online platforms such as Instagram and TikTok have helped to create a buzz around this sport as people start to share photos and videos of their experiences from around the world.

Essential beach tennis equipment

Two men playing beach tennis doubles next to sea

Beach tennis is a unique combination of tennis and beach volleyball, so it doesn’t require a lot of equipment to be enjoyed. For those looking to invest more time into the sport, then accessories such as racket bags, sand socks, and sunglasses will come into the equation.

Two beach tennis racket bags and three balls against wall

According to Google Ads, “beach tennis” has an average monthly search volume of 246,000. Of that number, the most searches come in October, with 301,000 searches, while searches remained between 201,000 and 301,000 per month throughout the rest of the year.

As for the beach tennis gear people are searching for the most, Google Ads reveals that “beach tennis racket” comes first with 4,400 searches, followed by “beach tennis ball” with 880 searches, and “beach tennis net” with 390 searches.

Below we’ll take a look at the key features of each.

Beach tennis racket

Woman holding a beach tennis racket waiting to serve

Beach tennis rackets, also known as paddles, are smaller in size than regular tennis rackets and have a teardrop shape. Holes on the surface of the racket are designed to reduce wind resistance and help maintaining the weight distribution of the racket.They also feature a wide sweet spot so players can easily make contact with the ball.

These rackets tend to have a maximum length of 50cm and a width of 26cm. In addition, the shorter length of these rackets allows players to have greater control in the sand, and since they don’t have strings, they are much more durable than their court-based counterparts.

Beach tennis rackets are usually made from lightweight and durable materials such as fiberglass or carbon fiber, and as with tennis rackets, come in various weight options depending on player preference. These generally sit between 300 and 350 grams.

The racket’s handle should have an ergonomic shape to them to prevent slippage and enhance overall control. Grips are made from synthetic materials that help to absorb the impact from the ball.

Finally, as beach tennis is played outdoors it’s important that beach tennis rackets have a UV-resistant coating on them. Specialized graphics also make them stand out, and can appeal to different potential buyers, so variety is essential.

Beach tennis ball

Three beach tennis balls in sand next to black racket

Beach tennis balls, at 6.cm in diameter and weighing between 260 and 280 grams, are larger but lighter than regular level 2 balls often used by novice tennis players and children. Meanwhile, the interior of beach tennis balls is made from rubberized materials that provide an accurate bounce on the sand, while the outside is composed of high-quality felt that suits play on the beach.

This felt is traditionally made of synthetic materials such as nylon so that the balls are better able to withstand the continuous friction caused by direct contact with sand. It’s also better able to resist moisture and exposure to sunlight compared to other materials. This combination of felt exterior, rubberized interior, and depressurized center helps to generate a consistent bounce.

Finally, beach tennis balls are vibrantly colored so that they stand out in a beach setting, with orange being a popular choice.

Beach tennis nets

Beach tennis ball hitting the top of the net

Beach tennis nets consist of a metal frame with a weather-resistant net made of nylon to ensure longevity. Nets are designed to be portable and lightweight, sitting between 3 and 5kg, which allows players to carry them around the beach and set up courts with ease.

The net height for beach tennis should sit at 1.70 meters with a width of 8.5 meters to conform with regular court dimensions. Some nets allow for the height to be adjusted to accommodate players of different skill levels. Beach tennis nets used for recreational purposes come with collapsible frames and a carrying bag.

Beaches can often be a very windy setting which is why stability is key. The use of stabilizing anchors ensures the net doesn’t move during play, and the addition of weights around the poles further helps with overall stability.

Consumers looking to play more competitively will want beach tennis nets that include boundary lines so that a court can be set up more accurately. They will also want a net band across the top of the net so the height can be judged better during gameplay. Beach tennis nets should has a contrasting color to the sand, so bright colors such as blue or red are popular options.


Two men playing beach tennis on a sunny day

Beach tennis is a fun outdoor sport that combines elements of beach volleyball and tennis in a unique way. There’s little required to play beach tennis, with just a racket, balls, and a net needed to ensure a great time had by everyone.

In the coming years, it is expected that all types of beach tennis equipment, including peripheral items such as lightweight clothing and sand socks, will see a boom in the coming years.

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