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Fantastic Bungee Jumping Equipment to Offer in 2024

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Bungee jumping is a great experience. It offers a unique and powerful mix of thrill, personal challenge, and even a sense of accomplishment. In addition to triggering a massive surge of adrenaline, bungee jumping can help overcome the fear of heights—and that sense of accomplishment makes many people flock to this activity.

But regardless of how fun this experience is, it’s incredibly dangerous! The smallest mistake could cost jumpers their lives. That’s why bungee jumping equipment is incredibly important, and businesses can capitalize on this need by offering amazing gear to reputable operators. This article will dive into five bungee jumping equipment to provide in 2024.

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The growth of the bungee jumping equipment market
4 pieces of equipment for a safe bungee jumping experience
Rounding up

The growth of the bungee jumping equipment market

Experts estimate the bungee jumping equipment will increase at a 10.04% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) due to the presence of many global and regional companies. Predictions also show the market will reach US$ 83.59 million by 2027 at that growth rate. Geographically, experts say North America will contribute 35% of the global market’s growth over the forecast period.

According to the report, the focus is on the US and Canada due to their growing tourism, making these countries the top contributors to North America’s dominance. More importantly, the commercial segment attracted the most sales in the bungee jumping equipment market, with experts predicting it will also register the fastest growth.

4 pieces of equipment for a safe bungee jumping experience

Body harness

Woman jumping while attached to an ankle harness

Bungee jumpers consider body harnesses to be a vital piece of equipment they can’t do without. With the body harness, consumers can easily avoid injuries while bungee jumping. The body harness spreads the bungee cord’s force during jumps, preventing injuries. It has multiple locking mechanisms, making it impossible to detach mid-jump.

It’s worth noting that users usually choose their ideal body harness according to their jumping style. Hence, it’s wise to identify the consumers’ jumping experience, if necessary, to get the exact options they will need. For instance, consumers who desire the classic bungee jumping experience usually prefer ankle harnesses, as they offer one of the best experiences—giving an amazing freefalling and head-first sensation.

Full-body harnesses are selected for more complex jumps that involve flips and twists because they offer more support around the torso and shoulders. The latest harness designs incorporate better moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics, an important update for long jump sessions and warmer climates.

Recent developments include gear loops for harnesses for ‘stunt’ bungee jumping—perfect for quickdraws when jumping near a cliff face. Additionally, manufacturers are introducing camera mounts on body harnesses, aiding users who want to capture jumps from unique angles. Unsurprisingly, this equipment has attracted significant attention, with Google data showing they registered 33,100 searches in March 2024.

Bungee cord

Man taking a plunge with a red bungee cord

Bungee jumping cords are why this extreme sport is still possible today. They act as giant shock absorbers, arresting the fall after the initial jump and preventing the jumper from hitting the ground. Because of this design, jumpers can experience the exhilarating feeling of freefall for a period before the cord kicks in, providing a rush of adrenaline.

Once the cord activates, it stretches and recoils, creating a weightless sensation and a bouncing effect that adds another layer of excitement. Bungee cords used for jumping come from high-strength, UV-resistant materials designed to withstand extreme forces and can last for hundreds of jumps. These cords also undergo regular inspections to ensure their integrity.

Bungee jumping cords have not received many updates, but manufacturers are pushing towards enhanced monitoring and tracking. Small RFID chips or sensors run inside modern bungee cords to track usage cycles and stress levels, providing valuable data for inspection and maintenance. Some cords weave visual wear indicators into outer sheaths to signal when cords are nearing the end of their lifespan.

Bungee cords are also among the top-ranking bungee jumping equipment. They attracted 60,500 searches in March 2024, showing a growing market for individuals seeking extreme experiences.

Bungee connectors (clips)

Bungee connectors attached to a jumper's ankle harness

Bungee cords are great, but consumers need something to connect them to the jumper. That’s where bungee connectors come in. Their designs can handle the high-tension forces exerted by bungee cords during jumps without breaking. These connectors also clip securely to anchor points and harnesses, preventing accidental detachment.

These connectors also feature robust materials like steel or high-grade aluminum to withstand repeated use and exposure to the elements. More importantly, business buyers can stock up to three bungee connector types. Steel Maillon Rapides have incredibly strong screw-lock mechanisms and secure closures, making them popular choices for bungee jump systems.

Heavy-duty carabiners are a great alternative, as they have special designs with high-strength ratings and tight locking mechanisms. Look for carabiners rated for climbing and mountaineering, as they offer the most strength. Lastly, some bungee jump operators may require custom-designed connectors specifically engineered for their unique cord and harness systems.

These connectors don’t have any big changes to their already trusted designs, but there are note-worthy updates. Lighter and stronger alloys are an increasing trend for bungee connectors. Coatings and specialized materials also upgrade resistance against the elements, especially for jumping locations in coastal or humid environments. Bungee clips don’t have as much search interest as the others in this article, but they still attracted 720 searches in March 2024.

Jumping helmet

Woman jumping backward with a blue helmet

Jumping helmets may not be mandatory for all types of bungee jumping, but they remain amazing items for a safer experience. Bungee cords can stretch and recoil without problems—but there’s always a slight risk of the cord or attached hardware making contact with the head. Helmets offer enough protection for such scenarios.

Helmets may come with face shields or visors to protect against windburn, debris, or minor impacts to the face. Beyond that, bungee jumping helmets seamlessly integrate with the harness system, preventing them from shifting or obstructing movement during jumps. They also offer a feeling of security, making them a worthwhile purchase for most bungee jumpers.

Stunt jumps or jumps from certain platforms (like bridges with obstacles below) often mandate helmet use, so business buyers can expect such consumers to rush for these helmets. According to Google data, 823,000 people were searching for helmets in March 2024 alone.

Rounding up

Bungee jumping might seem simple, but a lot goes into ensuring it remains safe. Bungee cords, harnesses, connectors, and helmets undergo strict testing and inspections before entering the market. So, businesses must only partner with certified and reliable manufacturers to purchase high-quality and safe bungee jumping gear. Don’t hesitate to gear up and target fresh consumers in this market for more sales. And remember to subscribe to the Alibaba Sports section to continue getting more valuable information like this.

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