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10 Free Ways To Find Hot Products To Sell Online


The internet is filled with thousands of products, which makes it hard for eCommerce businesses and dropshippers to know which ones will catch on. It seems almost impossible to get started without some sort of magic dust that can help uncover trending products. Thankfully, this article will reveal 10 free ways to find hot products without wasting a ton of time and money.

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Online marketplaces
Social media networks
The secret is to combine multiple methods

Online marketplaces

Search suggestion feature

The “Search Suggestion” feature is one of the most underutilized free tools on online marketplaces such as Amazon and AliExpress. It is easy to overlook, but it can be an incredible resource if businesses know how to use it effectively.

The way it works is simple. Once a product name is typed in the search box, a list of suggested related terms will appear. This can provide some ideas about what people are searching for when they come across the product listings, which in turn can help businesses discover new trends and popular products. The more people are searching for a particular term, the more likely it will show up as a suggestion in future searches!

One example of this is with travel pillows. If some dropshippers were selling travel pillows online, using the search suggestion feature would allow them to see what other people are searching for in association with travel pillows. They might notice that some people are starting to show interest in “foldable travel pillows” or “travel pillows with cases”.

The search suggestion feature in AliExpress
The search suggestion feature in AliExpress

eBay Watch Count

eBay is another treasure trove of products that are on their way to becoming viral hits. So it is no surprise that there are plenty of opportunities to find hot products that will sell well. One way to do this is by tracking the eBay “Watch Count”. It is a simple but powerful tool that can help uncover what is selling, and how much interest there is in a specific product or category.

Businesses can use the “Watch Count” tool for two different purposes.

  • Finding trending products:

The first way eCommerce owners can use eBay’s watch count is to find trending products. If a product has a high number of watchers, there is likely demand for it. The more people who are watching an item and bidding on it, the more popular that item is likely to be.

  • Competition analysis:

By looking at the price range and any special offer terms or discounts listed in the product description, eCommerce businesses can decide whether or not it is worth investing in that product before committing too much time or money to it.

Homepage of eBay’s Watch Count tool
Homepage of eBay’s Watch Count tool

Alibaba’s top-ranked products list

Alibaba.com is a popular eCommerce platform where manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers can buy and sell their products. Alibaba.com has a section for trending products based on wholesale buyers’ inquiries.

The list will come in handy for B2B businesses to get a sense of what people are looking for when it comes to bulk purchases. The list is updated daily and is based on wholesale sales volume, product popularity, and costs.

The list can also be useful for retail businesses who want to know what the latest trends are before they stock up on inventory from their suppliers or vendors!

Homepage of Alibaba’s top-ranked products list
Homepage of Alibaba’s top-ranked products list

Amazon’s Movers and Shakers List

Many eCommerce businesses use Amazon’s Movers and Shakers List as a starting point for their product research. The list is updated hourly, showing the top products in any given category that have seen the biggest increase in sales over the previous 24 hours.

Here are some tips for using the Movers and Shakers List:

  • Find hot-selling products on Amazon: if an eCommerce owner finds that there are other items in their niche that have made more sales, then it is time to consider adding them as new listings in the store! This will help boost sales numbers quickly!
  • Use it as inspiration for new product ideas: if there is an item on the list that strikes customers’ fancy, businesses may consider trying to produce or source a similar item, as long as there is not already someone else doing it. They might end up with a hot new product!
  • Spot trending products earlier: eCommerce businesses can use sales rank to see if an item is selling fast. If it is ranked high with few vendors offering it, that might mean the product will soon be trending.

It is important to note that not all items in the Movers and Shakers List will be worth investigating further. Some may be seasonal items or one-off products.

Homepage of Amazon’s Movers & Shakers list
Homepage of Amazon’s Movers & Shakers list

Shopify’s list

Shopify’s Trending Products section is a curated list of products that are seeing high levels of sales and engagement on the Shopify platform. The products on this list are updated regularly to reflect the most relevant trending items.

This is a great way for businesses to find out what is hot in their niche, as the list is based on real-time data from actual purchases made by customers. The list provides information about each product, including annual global order growth, market size, and countries of top customers.


Trends are changing at a rapid pace, and that is where “Google Trends” comes in handy. The tool lets eCommerce and online businesses see how quickly a product is gaining popularity over time and how many searches there are for certain keywords or phrases in a given country or region. Moreover, it allows the user to compare multiple search terms.

For example, if an online eCommerce business wants to sell fitness products, they can search “fitness” in Google Trends and see what kinds of trends are emerging with regard to this keyword. They may find that people are searching more often for “yoga” than they used to, and thus yoga mats would be a good product to sell online!

Homepage of Google Trends on a computer
Homepage of Google Trends on a computer

Exploding Topics

Exploding Topics is a cutting-edge tool that helps online businesses find trends before they take off. It uses machine learning technology to analyze billions of online conversations and make sense of them to predict which products are on the cusp of exploding into mainstream popularity.

For example, if a business is selling gym equipment and wants to know what people are talking about when they mention fitness topics in their conversation, then they just need to head over to the tool’s website and select the “Fitness” or “Sports” categories to uncover a gold mine of ideas. It is like having an insider’s view of what people want.

Homepage of Exploring Topics displaying fitness trends
Homepage of Exploring Topics displaying fitness trends

Pinterest Predicts

Pinterest users are passionate about their interests and tend to be more engaged than other social media users. Pinterest Predicts is a free tool that predicts what products will be trending in the next few years. It is a helpful way to find hot products to sell online, especially for businesses who are looking for something that is currently under the radar.

Unlike other tools, Pinterest Predicts allows the users to filter topics not only based on category but also based on audience. For example, an online store that sells women’s shoes can use Pinterest Predicts to see which styles may appeal to Gen X women. Or maybe a business that sells jewelry wants to know which necklaces will sell well amongst millennial women.

Homepage of Pinterest Predicts displaying 2022 trends by the audience
Homepage of Pinterest Predicts displaying 2022 trends by the audience

Social media networks

Facebook Ad Library

The Facebook Ad Library is a powerful tool for eCommerce businesses, allowing them to track and monitor their competitors’ ads. The tool allows users to see what products are selling best for other brands, as well as which ones are performing poorly.

When entering a competitor’s page name into the Facebook Ad Library, businesses will see their active ads and how many people have viewed and interacted with each ad post. Subsequently, businesses can use this information to spot hot-selling products and create new ad campaigns for their own products.

As an alternative, if eCommerce owners notice that there is already a campaign with similar messaging to theirs but theirs has not been as successful, they might want to try modifying it or even disregarding it.

Homepage of Facebook Ad Library
Homepage of Facebook Ad Library

Facebook groups, Reddit, and Quora

It is no secret that social platforms such as Facebook, Reddit, and Quora are some of the top places where people hang out online. They are forums for people to share their thoughts, ask questions, and discuss topics they are interested in.

As a case in point, eCommerce businesses can search for groups on Facebook that are related to their industry or products. Once they are part of the community, they can start browsing through posts and comments for inspiration about products that are likely to take off as hot trends.

Reddit and Quora forums are other great places to find out what people are saying about a specific niche. For instance, if an online retailer is selling beauty products to women over 40, there might be a big discussion on Reddit about how much they hate the smell of baby powders. The online retailer can then capitalize on this insight by creating a product line that offers scented makeup options.

The secret is to combine multiple methods

The most successful eCommerce sellers are those who keep their fingers on the pulse of trends. They know which products are selling well, which ones to avoid, and how to find potential trending products. By combining the aforementioned methods, the chances of spotting the next big trending product will significantly increase. Get started by visiting Alibaba.com’s top-ranked products list and make more informed decisions about what to sell online.

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