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Gaming Headsets: 7 Awesome Ways to Stock up the Right Ones


Starting a gaming headsets business in 2022 is lucrative considering its huge potential. In 2018, the market value was $1.54 billion, and it’s forecasted to hit $2.54 billion by 2026, showing a CAGR of 6.8 percent from 2018 to 2026.

That said, stocking up the ideal gaming headsets for consumers could be tricky—considering the various brands and their quality claims in the market.

This article will reveal the seven key tips to help businesses make the right buying decision in 2022.

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Seven key factors sellers should consider before buying gaming headsets
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Seven key factors sellers should consider before buying gaming headsets

Lady in pink using gaming headsets while gaming

Ensure the headsets have a solid noise isolation feature

As a seller, it’s crucial to consider noise isolation because a poor one impacts the sound quality negatively. It’s also important to note terms like ANC (Active Noise Canceling) and PNC (Passive Noise Canceling). ANC gaming headsets actively filter background noise to provide a clearer and enhanced audio quality. This gadget is ideal for consumers who want headsets to filter out sounds from lower ranges.

On the other hand, passive noise canceling describes gadgets that use their physical design to block external sound. So, they usually have features like tight fits around the ear cups. This gaming headset is perfect for consumers that prefer isolating higher-pitched sounds.

Check the build quality of the headsets

Most consumers use their gaming headsets for long hours. As a result, the gaming headsets are subjected to wear and tear. So, it’s vital to go for an amazing build quality that translates to comfortable materials and features. 

Are there readily available replacement parts?

Before selecting gaming headsets, confirm that they have replacement parts. That could be another source of income for a seller. Why? The headsets usually undergo wear and tear from long hours of use.

Check the surround sound effect

A surround sound is an additional feature that offers gamers accurate omnidirectional hearing. So, most gamers would rather buy a gaming headset with this feature because of the realistic ambiance. And that translates to increased sales for sellers.

Which is preferable: wireless or wired?

A wired gaming headset features cables that connect to a compatible audio source. USB ports or 3.5mm are common connection options. These gaming headsets don’t need batteries or charging, and they are convenient to use. The wired headset is ideal for consumers who want a more affordable option.

Lemon green wired gaming headset on a cream table

On the other hand, the wireless gaming headset lacks a physical wired connection. So, it maintains a connection via a wireless USB dongle or Bluetooth technology. It’s perfect for consumers that prefer expensive headsets with fewer restrictions, improved cross-platform compatibility, and enhanced battery life.

A black wireless gaming headset on cream table

Both gaming headsets are unique in their way. But, consumers with a tight budget should start with the wired headset. 

Are the headsets aesthetically beautiful?

Blue aesthetically beautiful gaming headsets laid on a table

Even if gaming is an indoor activity, some consumers pay attention to the aesthetics of the headsets—and some not so much. 

Hence, the rule of thumb here is to choose simple designs, outstanding designs, and over-the-top designs to meet the needs of different consumers. Starting with a few simple and decent headset designs is the way to go. 

Do the headsets have a solid microphone?

Smiling lady using gaming headset's microphone to communicate

A solid microphone is one of the remarkable features of a quality gaming headset. So, the microphone should have the following features:

  • Boom microphone that ensures excellent voice quality.
  • Privacy functions like a mute button.
  • Noise cancellation functions for reduced external distractions and enhanced voice clarity.


What’s the difference between gaming headsets and headphones?

The major difference is gaming headsets have an attached microphone, while gaming headphones don’t. So, heavy gamers that run multi-player games online will need gaming headsets because of their microphones.

What are the different gaming headset plugs, and what equipment are they suitable for?

There are three types of gaming headset plugs:

  • 3.5mm jack: It’s the most popular gaming headset plug suitable for PlayStation VR, PS4, PS5, and the Xbox series. The old Xbox One still requires a Microsoft adapter.
  • Universal Serial Bus (USB) 3.0: This plug is compatible with Microsoft laptops, tablets, PS3, PS4, and smartphones
  • 1-in-2: It’s ideal for Microsoft PCs with ports for audio and microphone.

Closing thoughts

The gaming headset market is pretty lucrative, but businesses must always work towards getting the right options for their consumers.

With the huge value of the gaming headset market, it’s evident that sellers can become highly profitable as long as they consider the key factors listed in this article before making a purchase.

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