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Haircare: Key Trends and Products for S/S 24


In a world where personal grooming and self-care are not just routines but expressions of individuality, the haircare market is undergoing a remarkable transformation. Today, we stand at the cusp of a new era in haircare, one that transcends the mere act of washing and conditioning. “Dandruff Deterrents: Elevated Basics” explores this dynamic shift, diving into the depths of how contemporary consumers are redefining haircare standards. From the resurgence of interest in combating dandruff with luxurious, scientifically-formulated solutions to the celebration of unique hair textures and colors, the landscape is evolving. This exploration is not just about products; it’s about understanding the cultural shifts driving demand for innovation, inclusivity, and sustainability in haircare. As we delve into these trends, we uncover the essence of modern haircare: a blend of aesthetics, science, and a profound understanding of consumer desires, setting the stage for an insightful journey through the latest in haircare evolution.

Table of Contents
Dandruff deterrents: elevated basics
Chaotic ‘dos: ready to rave
Embrace the pattern: hair-clusive care
Glam greys: championing ageing hair
Lazy hairscaping: low-effort hacks

Dandruff deterrents: elevated basics

The revival of interest in dandruff control signifies a market shift towards sophisticated, health-centric haircare solutions. As global searches for “dandruff” surge by 100% YoY, the demand for premium, effective remedies is unmistakable. The modern consumer seeks beyond traditional treatments, gravitating towards luxury brands like OUAI and Gallinée, which offer skincare-grade solutions packaged in minimalist elegance.

Dandruff deterrents

These brands exemplify a broader trend: the blending of high-end aesthetics with scientifically backed formulations. Retailers should look beyond shampoos to stock specialized combs, scalp scrubs, and serums that elevate the dandruff treatment experience to a luxurious self-care ritual. Additionally, incorporating products that support the scalp’s microbiome, such as probiotic serums and vitamin supplements, can cater to the growing demand for holistic scalp health.

Chaotic ‘dos: ready to rave

S/S 24 embraces the uninhibited spirit of live events and festivals, with youth culture leading the charge towards bold, expressive hairstyles. #RaveHair, boasting 74.9 million views on TikTok, encapsulates this trend’s essence, celebrating vibrant braids, wigs, and temporary colors.

Rave Hairstyles

Retailers should capitalize on this trend by stocking safe, easily removable dyes and accessories that cater to the experimental nature of Gen Z. Products facilitating free-form creativity, such as COSMAX’s PYXOH and Straand’s gem stamp, enable personal expression without the commitment or damage of permanent alterations.

different hairstyles

This trend not only reflects a desire for playful self-expression but also represents a broader shift towards customization and versatility in haircare, encouraging a dynamic, chameleon-like approach to personal style.

Embrace the pattern: hair-clusive care

The textured hair market is evolving, driven by a community that demands solutions tailored to their unique needs. As discussions around type 4 hair surged by 63% YoY, the need for products catering to the full spectrum of curls and coils has never been clearer. Retailers can respond by clearly labeling products for specific curl types, from tight textures to locs, offering clarity and confidence to consumers.

hair-clusive care

Emphasizing brands like Pattern Beauty and OurX, which are backed by experts and cater to hyper-specific needs, can further enrich the product offering. Additionally, providing education through online quizzes and trained staff can help demystify product selection for consumers, ensuring they find products that truly match their hair type and condition. This trend underscores the shift towards inclusivity and personalization in haircare, recognizing the unique beauty and requirements of every curl pattern.

Glam greys: championing ageing hair

The perception of grey hair is being redefined, transitioning from a sign of ageing to a symbol of sophistication and confidence. With one in three women choosing to embrace their natural greys, the demand for products that cater to this demographic is growing. Retailers should consider stocking products that ease the transition to grey hair, such as Go Gray’s dye-removing treatments and Hair Biology’s Silver Shampoo, which enhances the glossiness of grey hair.

Glam greys

Additionally, incorporating vibrant dyes compatible with grey hair offers consumers a playful way to experiment with their look. This trend reflects a broader cultural shift towards age positivity and the celebration of natural beauty, encouraging consumers to embrace their greys with pride and style.

Lazy hairscaping: low-effort hacks

The rising ‘Lazy’ Skinimalist movement is reshaping hair styling into an effortless yet impactful part of daily beauty routines. Multitasking products that promise salon-quality results in minutes are becoming essentials for consumers who value efficiency and simplicity. Retailers should focus on products like Tsubaki’s Premium Hair Mask, which offers immediate results without the wait, and Matomage’s Hair Styling Stick, designed for quick fixes on the go.

Lazy hairscaping

Additionally, technology-driven tools like Remington’s Proluxe You Collection, which uses AI sensors to optimize heat styling, cater to the demand for smart, efficient beauty solutions. This trend towards low-effort, high-impact products reflects a broader shift in consumer preferences towards practicality and convenience in beauty and haircare, aligning with the fast-paced lifestyles of today’s consumers.


The landscape of haircare is undergoing a profound metamorphosis, guided by the diverse needs and aspirations of today’s consumers. As we have navigated through the trends shaping this evolution—from the luxurious approach to dandruff care, the vibrant celebration of self-expression, to the embracing of natural textures and the graceful acceptance of aging hair—it’s clear that the future of haircare is rich with possibility. “Dandruff Deterrents: Elevated Basics” not only highlights the current market dynamics but also signals towards a future where haircare is an extension of personal identity and wellness. In this journey, the role of retailers becomes pivotal, bridging the gap between innovative products and the consumers eager for solutions that resonate with their lifestyles. As we look ahead, the continuous innovation and adaptation of the haircare industry promise to cater to the ever-evolving desires of consumers, marking an exciting era of growth, inclusivity, and transformation.

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