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How To Choose the Right Pedicure Chair in 2024

A woman sitting in a pedicure chair receiving toenail treatment

Crusty nails are never a good look, which is why increasing numbers of consumers are choosing to spend their disposable income on visits to salons for manicures and pedicures. Pedicure chairs specifically receive upwards of 27,000 monthly searches, according to Google Ads data, reflecting their popularity.

But that doesn’t mean any retailer can simply jump onto the bandwagon and hope to make instant profit – they must first understand what features to look for.

In this article, we’ll provide an overview of how to capitalize on the pedicure chair trend in 2024.

Table of Contents
What are pedicure chairs?
How viable is the pedicure chair market in 2024?
An overview of the different types of pedicure chair
4 tips to consider when buying pedicure chairs

What are pedicure chairs?

A row of teal-colored pedicure chairs

Pedicure chairs offer a superior, more comfortable experience during extended pedicure sessions. They are uniquely designed to help podiatrists wash, remove dead skin, and care for their clients’ nails. A standard pedicure chair comprises a cushioned seat, a foot basin, and a footrest. In today’s world, no spa or beauty clinic is complete without one.

How viable is the pedicure chair market in 2024?

A group of women seated in pedicure chairs

Pedicure chairs are a must-have tool in any spa or beauty salon. That’s partly why the pedicure chair market is currently experiencing a huge boom, with prospects of a compound annual growth rate of 2.8% between 2022 and 2027, growing from 2021’s market value of US $2.71 billion to nearly US $3.20 billion by 2027. Forecasts also anticipate North America will lead the charge with the highest market contribution.

An overview of the different types of pedicure chair

Piped pedicure chairs

A row of piped pedicure chairs in a nail salon

Piped pedicure chairs have in-built plumbing that helps supply water to the foot basin. While they may appear to be the most hygienic option for salons, their cleanliness depends on their more complex piping systems being taken good care of by beauticians to stop potential bacteria and fungus spread.

Pipeless pedicure chairs

A set of pipeless pedicure chairs in a spa

It goes without saying then that pipeless pedicure chairs are easier to clean and maintain than piped pedicure chairs. Their removable components are easy and convenient to clean and maintain.

Portable pedicure chairs

A set of white portable pedicure chairs

Portable pedicure chairs are similar to pipeless variants but are foldable and easy to move. They are therefore a convenient solution for professionals offering mobile spa or salon services.

They’re also the perfect option for events like weddings, parties, or corporate gatherings, which may require on-the-go pedicure services.

4 tips to consider when buying pedicure chairs

Don’t forget comfort

Young woman seated comfortably in a pedicure chair

Undergoing a toenail treatment can take a while. Hence, comfortable pedicure chairs are a must. However, choosing the best option will depend on the kind of experience the consumer is looking for.

For instance, some premium pedicure chairs also offer shiatsu massages, including basic vibration or heat. However, even the basic varieties should be plush enough to accommodate all body sizes.

Design plays a big role

Twin set of pedicure chairs with a simple design

A pedicure chair’s design must balance aesthetics and functionality. That’s why pedicure chairs come in many different sizes, colors, and variations, complementing a salon’s aesthetics.

Materials are also important in this regard. The more durable the material, the better suited a pedicure chair will be to weather years of use. As a rule of thumb, opt for variants with reinforced frames, metal construction, and sturdy bases.

Factor in the cost

A row of affordable pedicure chairs

Businesses investing in pedicure chairs must also consider their target consumers’ budgets. Chair type and features will all go toward influencing the price. In general, portable and pipeless pedicure chairs are more budget-friendly than piped variants.

Look out for top features

A pedicure chair with high-end features in a nail salon

Finally, don’t overlook additional features when stocking up on pedicure chairs. If the focus is on comfort and functionality, offer chairs that recline and have footrests, allowing clients to relax during their pedicure treatments.

Want to stock up on something more luxurious? Check out advanced pedicure chairs with built-in massage functions (like rollers and vibration), aromatherapy, and heating capabilities. Other must-have features include adjustable height and movable footrests.

Some pedicure chairs may also come with attached manicure trays or tables to hold tools, polish, and other accessories. These convenient features allow technicians to have everything they need within reach during the pedicure session.


As the ultimate product to help keep clients comfortable while receiving pedicures, pedicure chairs have become an essential tool for every salon.

But before investing, retailers must consider which features and designs are right for their target consumers, whether piped, pipeless, or portable.

If you’re looking for the latest pedicure chair models, look no further than the thousands of options on Alibaba.com.

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