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The Best Inflatable Pools to Stock in 2024

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Inflatable pools are a great alternative to permanent pools, bypassing the latter’s time, space, and money constraints that they present but still providing the same heat-beating fun. 

If you’re looking to enter the inflatable pool market in 2024, read on to learn what factors to first consider before stocking up.

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A summary of the inflatable pool market
An overview of the inflatable pool target audience
5 things to look for when stocking up on inflatable pools

A summary of the inflatable pool market

Blue and white rectangular inflatable pool filled with water

The global inflatable pool market size was valued at US $1.1 billion in 2022. By 2023, the market had expanded to US $1.18 billion, and experts predict that at a CAGR of 7.20%, it will be worth US $2.6 billion by 2032.

The market’s expansion is largely being fueled by a growing cohort of homeowners around the world who may not have the money or space to build permanent pools.

Experts predict that the North American market will be home to the largest market share, in part due to the rising popularity of outdoor activities in the region.

An overview of the inflatable pool target audience

Inflatable pools offer a convenient and affordable way to escape the summer heat without the need for a permanent installation. Best yet, inflatable pools are not only suitable for toddlers and young children but cater to all ages and sizes. They come in an endless array of shapes and colors, but the most popular options remain circular and rectangular varieties. 

5 things to look for when stocking up on inflatable pools


Inflatable pools come in five main types, including kiddie pools, family pools, play pools, lounge pools, and spa pools.

Kiddie pools are smaller and super shallow, having a reduced water capacity of around two to five gallons, making them safer for children. They also come in many visually stimulating colors, designs, and shapes.

In contrast, family pools offer larger and deeper designs with higher water capacities (200 to 500 gallons). They also tend to come with reinforced walls to withstand the weight and movement of multiple occupants.

A large blue family pool with a rubber ring float

Play pools are similar to kiddie variants but offer more features and accessories, such as inflatable sides, sprinklers, etc.

When it comes to luxe inflatable pools for adults, lounge pools take the trophy. While they’re usually smaller than play pools, they feature deeper designs that house inflatable seats or loungers – perfect for users who want stress-free sunbathing.

Finally, spa pools provide a spa-like experience with built-in water jet and heating systems. They’re also suitable for hydrotherapy, making them a good choice for people with medical conditions like arthritis.


A blue lounge pool made with PVC material

Inflatable pools are made from a range of materials, determining how heavyweight and sturdy they are, as well as affecting price. Below we’ll take a look at three popular inflatable pool materials and what type of consumer they’re perfect for:

Inflatable pool materialsIdeal consumerDescription
PVC (polyvinyl chloride)Consumers on a budgetPVC is the most common type of inflatable pool material. It’s durable, affordable, and easy to find. Plus, they’re perfect for all-around use.
TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane)Consumers interested in travel and campingTPU is lighter and therefore more portable than PVC. Hence, they’re a good choice for camping and also tend to be easier to set up and deconstruct. 
EPDMConsumers looking for extreme durability and high-qualityEPDM is the most durable inflatable pool material. Pools using EPDM are UV-resistant and less likely to crack than PVC and TPU variants.

Note: Hard plastic is another material used to make inflatable pools, most common in kiddie variants 


Inflatable pools need some setting up before they can be used, with some requiring more effort than others.

Most inflatable pools have a built-in pump and filter to help with inflation. But in cases where they don’t feature in-built pumps, the pool will instead feature compatibility with electric or manual pumps.

Pro tip: Avoid inflatable pools that require manual inflation as they’re significantly more difficult to set up

Additionally, choose inflatable pools that are also easy to deflate and store when not in use. For instance, built-in deflation valves provide the most convenient way for users to let the air out.

It’s worth noting that some inflatable pools that require a pump for setup might not feature this type of valve. Instead, the pump simply reverses and sucks the air out for deflation.

Dimensions and form

Large blue inflatable pool filled with water in a backyard

When it comes to inflatable pools, there is no one-size-fits-all, and there’s a seemingly endless range out there to suit every space.

Generally, there are four standard size variations for inflatable pools, which we outline below: 

Pool typeDimension (feet)Form and capacity
Small10×10-12×20Rectangular or round; holds 2-3 people
Medium13×13-15×25Rectangular or round; holds 4-6 people
Large16×16-2×30Rectangular or round; holds 6-8 people
Extra large21×21-30×40 (and even up to 40×50)Rectangular or round; holds more than 10 people

Accessories and features

A person using a blue skimmer to clean an inflatable pool

On their own, inflatable pools are fantastic for relaxation, but with the right accessories, they can become a whole other world of fun.

One must-have accessory for inflatable pools is a ground cloth or pool liner floor pad—the best way to protect the inflatable pool’s underside.

Here’s another must-have accessory: a filter system. They’re especially important for larger inflatable pools 9 ft wide or more. Businesses can offer a cartridge system with a cloth-like filter or sand variants.

With the sand filter, water goes through a sand-filled chamber that catches all the gunk and debris. After that, the clean water goes right back into the inflatable pool.

Other accessories worth considering include:

  • Pool covers
  • Pool ladder
  • Pool toys
  • Pool chairs and floats
  • Pool lights
  • Pool canopy
  • Pool heater


Inflatable pools are a great way to enrich and enliven the summer months, no matter your age. As we outlined above, they come in a huge range of sizes, shapes, and colors, meaning that businesses are sure to find a perfect type for their target consumers.

If you’re looking to enter the inflatable pool market or are looking for new varieties to spruce up your inventory, look no further than the thousands of pools on Alibaba.com.

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