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How To Create Engaging TikTok Content for Your Business

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Social media marketing has become a vital component of a business’s overall marketing strategy. While there are many social media platforms to choose from, TikTok has emerged as a particularly critical platform. 

TikTok stands out because of its vast user base, younger demographic, engaging content format, viral potential, creative freedom, and innovative advertising options, all of which can help businesses stay competitive and connect with their target audience in a unique and compelling way. 

TikTok’s user base has witnessed remarkable growth, with over 1.677 billion users as of August 2023, and 1.1 billion of these users are active monthly users. 

So, let’s dive into how to create engaging TikTok content for your business. 

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7 tips on how to create engaging TikTok content
What types of content to make for TikTok

7 tips on how to create engaging TikTok content

#1 – Know your audience

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Understanding your audience is the foundation of an effective content creation period. When it comes to social media, you will want to think critically about which segments of your audience are on which platforms to target them effectively. 

Dive deep into your target demographic, their interests, and preferences. You can ask yourself what type of content do they engage with most? Knowing this will guide your content strategy and make it more appealing to your ideal viewers. Note as you create more content on TikTok, you can learn more about your particular audience through your TikTok metrics.

While TikTok may have been stereotyped as a social media platform for young users, that is not the entire picture. According to Statista, 24% of TikTok’s global audience is women aged 18 to 24 (male users of this age bracket make up another 18%), and 31% of TikTok’s audience falls into the 25 to 34-year-old age group.

#2 – Plan ahead

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Even though TikTok has a spontaneous, informal feel, that does not mean you don’t need to plan your content. Quality content requires planning. 

Consider using the Hero-Hub-Help framework. Hero content can be big, attention-grabbing moments, Hub content should be recurring and thematic, and Help content addresses common questions or problems your audience might have. And make sure to use a content calendar to ensure the content gets out regularly and on time. 

At the same time, you should also make room in your content schedule to create more reactive posts tied to specific trends or reacting to comments, etc. 

#3 – Know your niche

A niche on TikTok refers to a specific, well-defined area of interest or subject matter that content creators focus on when producing their videos. Knowing your niche helps you define and refine your target audience. When you understand the interests and preferences of your niche, you can create content that directly appeals to them. It also helps you to determine the types of videos to make and it results in higher engagement and more meaningful interactions with potential customers.

Consistency is critical to building a loyal following on TikTok. When you understand your niche, you can consistently produce content that aligns with the interests of your target audience. It helps you establish a recognizable and reliable presence on the platform, as well as build a community of like-minded individuals.

Screenshot from TikTok Creative Center showing how to find what’s trending

Taking advantage of what’s trending on TikTok can make a huge difference in getting views and connecting with your audience; however, it’s critical to be authentic. 

Understanding your niche means you’ll be more aware of the trends specific to that niche, which allows you to participate in relevant challenges and create content that aligns with what’s currently popular and with your business. 

Engaging in trends that are not aligned with your business can come off as inauthentic and overly promotional while also confusing your views on your brand image/message. Additionally, inadequate research or failure to fully understand the trend can result in content that is misinformed, offensive, or simply misses the mark. 

So, find meaningful ways to content with a trend and remember that not all trends will align with your business and its goals/values. 

#5 – Make it fun

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All social media platforms have their own identity, which helps businesses determine the type of content to share. While LinkedIn is a professional network aimed at a B2B audience, TikTok is a more whimsical and fun platform. So, keep this in mind when creating content.

While you may be able to repurpose some content from your blog or other social media platforms for TikTok, definitely keep the whimsical nature of TikTok in mind when doing so. 

#6 – Make it look good

While TikTok is known for its casual and authentic style, good production quality still matters. Pay attention to good lighting, stable camera work, and clear audio. Your video should be visually pleasing, even if it’s a simple, unpolished look. 

Additionally, it’s vital to follow TikTok video specs. 

#7 – Work with influencers

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Influencers can be valuable allies in creating quality content on TikTok, offering businesses an opportunity to reach their target audience more effectively, infuse creativity and authenticity into their content, and leverage the unique skills and perspectives of these social media personalities.

Additionally, influencers are trusted by their followers. When they promote your product or service, it’s often seen as a genuine endorsement, which can be more impactful than traditional advertising.

It’s essential to choose the right influencers carefully. Look for influencers whose values align with your brand and ensure they have an engaged and genuine following. Clear communication and a mutually beneficial partnership are essential for successful collaborations. Here are four tips for choosing the right influencer for your brand

What types of content to make for TikTok

Now that you have the building blocks to make quality content for TikTok, you might be thinking, but what types of videos should I make?

The content of your videos is, of course, going to depend on your niche, your brand identity and values, and your social media marketing goals. Also remember that consistency is important, as is variety.

Here are some content categories to get you started: 

  • Educational content: Share knowledge and expertise related to your industry. Provide tips, how-to guides, and informative content that helps your audience solve problems or learn something new.
  • Behind-the-scenes: Offer a glimpse into your company’s inner workings. Showcase your team, production process, or day-to-day operations to humanize your brand and build transparency.
  • User-generated content (UGC): Encourage customers to create content related to your products or services. 
  • Challenges: Create your own branded challenge or participate in existing ones. Challenges are a great way to engage with TikTok’s active user base and increase your brand’s visibility.
  • Product showcases: Highlight your products or services in a creative and appealing way. 
  • Company updates and announcements: Share important news, product launches, or company milestones to keep your audience informed about your latest developments.
  • Seasonal and holiday content: Create content that aligns with holidays, seasons, or special occasions.

You can also host live Q&A sessions or answer frequently asked questions to demonstrate your expertise, which allows you to engage directly with your audience.

Also, don’t forget to learn from others; check out what your competitors are doing to get content ideas. 

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TikTok is a goldmine for businesses to showcase their products, connect with their audience, and reach new customers. Crafting quality content on this platform requires a mix of creativity, strategic planning, and a deep understanding of your audience. By following these tips and consistently experimenting, you’ll be well on your way to TikTok success for your business. 

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