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How to Repair and Replace Auto Switches


For most basic automotive maintenance and repair work, it is feasible to do it with a few basic tools and applications. Understanding a car’s electrical system and pinpointing the cause of electrical failure, are the first steps before repairing and replacing any automotive parts. Then the next important question is where to get the good quality parts at affordable prices.

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Understand a electrical systems of a car
Easy repair and replacement everyone can do

Understand a car’s electrical system

Before repairing any automotive switches, understanding the basic auto electrical system is a must. It equipped you with basic knowledge of how the car works and what could go wrong.

What is the engine’s electrical system?

The engine electrical system refers to the starter, ignition, and recharging systems. When the car is switched on, the battery will give current to the starter then power the alternator and charge the battery in return. It is a closed circuit with the battery as an independent power source. 

What is the chassis electrical system?

The chassis electrical system refers to the vehicle frame and everything surrounding the engine. It includes all the electrical components and circuits of the vehicle that are not part of the engine’s electrical systems.

Causes of electrical failure

There is an electrical failure when the car will not start, and interior or dashboard lights are not illuminated properly. If the car is operating but the headlights are not working normally, it is also an electrical failure. All these failures could be because of a dying battery, loose wires, fuse, etc.

Easy repair and replacement everyone can do 

Oil pressure switch

Oil pressure switches usually can last for a very long time, but they could still turn bad if they are under harsh conditions. It could develop external leaks when they fail. When the oil light blinks on and off, it could be one of the signs. To fix it, first, perform a visual check of the oil pressure switch. If there is fresh oil on the switch, it is needed for a replacement that fit the vehicle. Do not forget to get the safety glasses and ratchet ready!

Oil pressure switch for cars

Window lift switch 

A window lift switch, also called power window switch, is one of the rocker switches that people can replace easily. If the switch is not working, it could be because the fuse is blown. 

Window lift switch for Honda Odyssey Elysion

The price of a new window lift switch placement for Honda Odyssey and Elysion can be as low as US$ 10. It may take just an hour to do the replacement work. To replace the switch, open the panel with a screwdriver and remove the old switch from the door panel. Install the new switch into the door panel, then reconnect the switch. Do not forget to test the window switch before installing the door panel back.

Air vent

It can be quite bothering when the air vent is broken in the car, but the good thing is they are quite easy to fix. Get the new placement ready—the air vent for Toyota Camry costs only around US$ 30 on Alibaba.com. Then remove the broken one from the panel, usually, only pilers can pry it out, depends on different make and model, some may have screws to attach though. Install the new vents and route the wiring route back.

Air vent for Toyota Camry

If the vent tabs, also called vent clips, are broken, they are actually very simple to replace. There are many fancy tabs with extra functions and different styles, products such as a diffuser, mobile holder, and custom brand logo can be found online!

Wooden car vent diffuser of a car

Wiper switch

It is time to replace a new wiper switch, when the windshield wipers do not work, do not change the speed and settings accordingly, or if the turn signals do not work. Pull the switch from the electrical connector and check the resistance readings with a multimeter. Clean the resistor and put it back to check if it will work properly again. If not, replace it with the new placement.

Wiper switch for a Volkswagen car

Ignition switch

The starter system of an engine is operated by an ignition switch. Most ignition switches function with turning key or push-button switches. It is time to order a new replacement if the car stalls while driving on the road or the engine does not start at all. 

Ignition switch with keys for a car

To replace the ignition switch, first, disconnect the negative terminal on the battery. Then, remove the trim around the steering wheel and take the steering wheel out. Release the clips on the ignition switch cover, insert the key and turn to the “accessory” position. Press the release pin inside the hole with a screwdriver and slide the switch out. Replace the ignition switch with the new one, and voila! The process should take only 1-1.5 hours.


Last but not least, safety first! It is important to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) when it comes to heavy duty. Apart from the above auto switches that can be easily replaced, there are a lot more parts that can be fixed at a low cost, items such as windshield wipers and headlights

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