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How To Select the Best Mouse Pads for 2024

A person navigating a mouse on a mouse pad

A mouse pad improves computer interactions, making work smooth and more productive for consumers. No wonder they are in high demand with a huge monthly search record of 673,000 according to Google data. 

Depending on the consumer’s intended use, mouse pads serve numerous functions, but picking the right one is not always an easy feat. This article is here to help businesses invest in the most profitable mouse pads for 2024.

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The market for mouse pads in 2024
Things to look out for when choosing mouse pads in 2024
The bottom line

The market for mouse pads in 2024

Today, computers are the gateway to work productivity and gaming excitement. That’s why it’s no shocker that experts foresee a 4.5% growth in the global mouse pad market, with the Asian Pacific region leading the way as the biggest market player.

Cloth mouse pads emerged as the largest segment, with consumers preferring them over other types. Asia Pacific also stands as the dominant region due to urbanization, industrialization, and the surge of digital innovation boosting its economic growth.

Things to look out for when choosing mouse pads in 2024


The perfect mouse pad size depends on where consumers want it. Generally, the pad must correlate in size to the user’s desktop space. So, businesses must only stock up on smaller mouse pads if their target consumers are pressed for space.

Other than that, multiple size options range from desk-covering extra large pads to sweet spot ones with a great balance that offers enough room for different mouse movements. Here’s a table showing the different mouse pad sizes and their specifications.

Mouse pad sizeDimensions (mm)Dimensions (Inches)Typical use
Small190 x 2207.5 x 8.7Basic computer usage, limited desk space
Medium250 x 2809.8 x 11.0General computer usage, moderate gaming
Large350 x 30013.8 x 11.8Extended gaming, comfortable wrist support
Extra large (XL)400 x 45015.7 x 17.7Competitive gaming, maximum workspace
Extended900 x 40035.4 x 15.7Covering multiple devices and immersive gaming setups


A person gliding a mouse along a mouse pad

Today’s popular gaming titles involve aiming and shooting, making glide one of the most important factors to watch when buying mouse pads. Glide makes a big difference in how the mouse moves.

For instance, if gamers feel like their aim is not quick enough, then they’ll need faster and lower traction mousepads. These variants offer enough glide to keep up with agile opponents that make a lot of sharp movements.

On the other hand, consumers who feel more confident in their target tracking would prefer mouse pads that support consistent instead of sudden movements.

Soft or hard materials

A man navigating a mouse on a soft mouse pad

Mouse pads offer different levels of flexibility as manufacturers can make them from cloth, plastic, rubber, and even glass or metal combinations.  Mouse pads can either cut down unwanted traction or improve it, with softer ones coming with more traction than harder variants.

Cloth mouse pads offer the sweet spot for performance—they balance traction and glide effortlessly. They also provide impressive control, which is almost impossible with hard pads.

Hard mouse pads (made from plastic, rubber, or glass/metal combos) won’t be easy on the user’s wrist. Although they offer much more glide and lower traction, some consumers may hate the audible feedback whenever they lift and put the mouse back on the pad.

So why are hard mouse pads even on the market? Well, they’re the go-to option for gamers who prioritize movement speed over precision and control. Nevertheless, some recent mouse pads balance soft and hard features.

Design and easy-to-clean features

Mouse pads have also received their fair share of RGB influences, as some light up like a billboard at night. However, some manufacturers keep the RGB designs to the edges of their mouse pads—which will appeal to consumers who prefer something subtle.

Unfortunately, not everyone loves RGB lighting on their gadgets, especially those who like understating things. So, many mouse pads come with simple logos or elaborate artwork to water down the bling.

Cleaning ease is also important, as mouse pads need regular cleaning to maintain performance. Interestingly, cloth mouse pads are the hardest to clean since they need running water and a drying process to remove all the grime and dust.

On the other hand, pads with a rubber and plastic surface are effortless to clean! Consumers only need a damp cloth to wipe and clean.

Thin or thick

A thick mouse pad (left) vs. thin mouse pad (right)

Although most mouse pads offer the same thickness, there are still some differences that make considering thick vs. thin pads worth it. For instance, thin mouse pads offer something light and easy to pack away but won’t compensate for grooves, bumps, or dimples on the host surface.

In contrast, thicker mouse pads will help reduce the effects of surface imperfections and help maintain a fairly optimal performance. However, they won’t help overcome deep grooves or bumps. Nevertheless, thick mouse pads will provide enough wrist and accessories support. 

Stitched edging

Stitched edgings are more than just an aesthetic choice. While stitched edges look amazing, they also help mouse pads last longer. How? The stitching prevents edge fraying, helping to keep mouse pads aesthetically pleasing for a long time.

However, the best stitching may still be abrasive and irritate some users’ hands. So, if target consumers fall under this category, opting for non-stitched mouse pads would be a safer bet.

Humidity resistance

A white mouse on a humidity-resistant mouse pad

It may sound strange, but humidity resistance is critical for mouse pad performance. Since gamers spend hours on games, it’s only a matter of time for pads to get sticky. Also, users in a humid location may experience hydroplaning from moisture buildup.

The worst part is these effects can affect skate agility and performance. That’s why businesses must prioritize mouse pads with impressive humidity resistance, preventing their surfaces from trapping heat no matter how sweaty the gaming session gets.

The bottom line

A mouse pad is the perfect computer accessory. It cradles the mouse, protects the desk from friction, and even supports the wrist.

However, businesses must consider several factors like size, glide, and durability before selecting and selling mouse pads. Leverage all the factors discussed in this article to curate the most irresistible offers in 2024.

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