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How To Select the Right Fully Electric Blow Molding Machine for Your Business

An electric blow molding machine and products it can make

Picture blowing air into a balloon. As the air enters it, the balloon fills up and takes shape. This is an excellent depiction of what blow molding entails and how it uses air to blow plastic into preordained shapes. The specific machine used to create these hollow plastic products is called a blow molding machine.

There are two main types of blow molding machines: pneumatic and hydraulic. Hydraulic systems are powered by fluids, which are incompressible, meaning that they can exert a large amount of force but are also less precise than pneumatic systems. Pneumatic systems are powered by air, which is compressible, making them more precise than hydraulic systems but unable to exert as much force.

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Market share
How to select the right fully electric blow molding machine
Factors to consider when selecting a manufacturer
Factors to consider when selecting a machine
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Market share

An electric blow molding machine

Demand for blow molding is mostly driven by the need to create plastic bottles of various shapes and sizes. Having now existed for nearly decades, blow molding manufacturers have developed numerous new designs and technologies to fulfil their clients’ demands. As of 2022, the blow machine market was valued at US $5 billion. With an estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.8%, the market is expected to be worth nearly US $7.3 billion in a decade’s time.

How to select the right fully electric blow molding machine

Electric blow molding machine

There are various factors to consider when purchasing an electric blow molding machine. The significant factors to consider while selecting the manufacturer and type of machine.

Factors to consider when selecting a manufacturer

When in the market for an electric blow molding machine, choosing a suitable manufacturer is an essential part of purchasing the right product for your needs. Below are several factors you’ll need to consider when looking for a manufacturer.

Experience and knowledge

It goes without saying that your chosen manufacturer must have good knowledge of electric blow molding machines, ensuring that they understand the ins and outs of such machines so that they can best make one that suits the client’s needs. And, of course, a key source of knowledge comes from experience, so shop around for manufacturers with proven experience in the field.


When choosing a manufacturer, it is important to check if they can make a machine that suits your needs best, as purchasing a machine that is unable to perform the required functions is at best inconvenient and at worst a waste of time and materials.


Making such large machinery requires numerous qualifications on the part of the manufacturer. Any fault in the machine could lead to significant damage and enormous losses for the maker.

Product demos

Product demos help you to understand individual machines better and makes choosing easier. A good manufacturer will offer clients a demo to see how their machines work and whether they’re compatible with the customer’s needs. A customer can often take a tour of the manufacturer’s factory online or view a demonstration of the product.

Superior quality machines

Naturally, it is important to get a manufacturer who offers superior quality machines. Feedback about specific manufacturers can often be obtained from other clients; if they are happy with the manufacturer, this is likely a good endorsement of their quality or services.

Customer support

Once a machine has been purchased, it is likely that you’ll require ongoing customer support. It is key to find a manufacturer who offers good customer support so that they can help guide you through setting up a machine and help with any issues with the machine that arise in future.

Advanced designs

Manufacturers understand their machines better than the customers, which is why once a manufacturer has understood the client’s needs, the manufacturer can later create advanced and bespoke designs. This may help save a lot of time and money for the client down the road.

Factors to consider when selecting a machine

You may want to consider the following factors before choosing an electric blow molding machine.

What products do you intend to make?

It is necessary to choose a machine that suits your product’s specifications. The shape, size, capacity, and weight, etc., of the products you’re wanting to produce will all affect which machine you should purchase. For example, keep in mind that most machines can produce products with a 5-liter capacity.

Desired production

Another major factor to consider is whether your chosen machine can completely satisfy your desired production. Thus, the machine’s servo valve has to be strong enough to maintain production, with most machines having a production capacity of up to 100kg/h.

Control components and productivity

The blowing machine’s components must be able to improve the quality of production and also be able to handle the desired production.

Features and automation

In the current market, different machines come with different features; some of these machines are more automated, helping you to save time and money.

Electricity consumption

High electricity costs increase the cost of production, and is therefore a concern across all industries. In order to reduce costs, the right machine should be economical in its power consumption without sacrificing safety.

Final thoughts

It is important to have a good knowledge of both the production process and the machinery you require prior to selecting an electric blow molding machine. This, together with help from the manufacturer, will help guide you to selecting the right machine for your needs.  You can browse suitable electric blower machine manufacturers via Alibaba.com.

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