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2023 Wall Art Trends That Consumers Love


Wall art has been a critical part of interior décor since time immemorial. Its ability to imbue the dullest of rooms with life and personality through jostling color, shapes, and textures makes it infinitely versatile and something that – when done right – can appeal to anyone. Moreover, just like luxury cars, wall art and decorations can be used to make bold statements of class and taste. 

As with most forms of art, wall art evolves with time, and is becoming more popular universally as styles evolve, techniques improve, and prices become more egalitarian. 

New trends emerge each year, and 2023 is no different. Read on to discover the wall art trends that consumers love, so you can upgrade your stock or redecorate accordingly.

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Wall art market outlook in 2023
Top wall art trends in 2023
Future wall art trends

Wall art market outlook in 2023

The wall art market in 2023 is on an upward trajectory that is unlikely to slow down any time soon. In 2021 the global market size stood at around US $20.4 billion and is estimated to hit a whopping US $33.3 billion by 2030, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 5.6%.

Wall art’s growth is thriving due to several market drivers that themselves are also on an upward trend. Increasing urbanization rates, a rebound in the real estate industry, increasing disposable incomes, and growing awareness and aspirations regarding the use of wall art are some of the factors facilitating its expansion. The rising number of homes and offices on the market as well as an increasing reliance on mass-market retailers for interior design pointers are also helping to drive the market.

Top wall art trends in 2023

As time progresses, the wall art market progresses too, with new trends constantly breaking out. Better colors, designs, textures, and an increased appeal are among just a few of the draws to this accessible type of art. In 2023, many new trends have already hit the market, and while there are too many to list here, the following should give you an idea of where trends are heading.

Textured abstract artwork

A colorful textured abstract artwork

Textured abstract artwork is among the most popular wall art trends in 2023, and although it has been around for many years, its popularity continues to grow. Consumers are drawn to textured works as they add depth, dimension, and a tactile element to any space. Moreover, its combination of bold strokes and impasto techniques adds an interesting visual and sensory feature to any room. 

Textured abstract art is versatile and works well in both modern and traditional settings. Consumers love how it can bring a unique and personal touch to any space, providing a fresh and contemporary touch that stays in style.

Minimalist artwork 

Two minimalist artworks on a wall

Minimalist artwork is also emerging as a popular wall art trend in 2023. Its popularity largely comes from its ability to create a feeling of spaciousness and calmness in a room while also providing a blank canvas for other elements, such as furniture and fixtures, to shine. This way, other decorative items take center stage.

Minimalist art is characterized by simplicity and focuses on clean lines, neutral colors, and a pared-down aesthetic. It offers a chance to create a sleek and modern look that can complement any interior style. 

Vibrant color palettes

A vibrant color palette

Unlike minimalist wall art, vibrant color palettes head in the opposite direction, screaming “look at me!” Characterized by bold, saturated colors that grab the viewer’s attention and create a lively atmosphere, vibrant color palettes inject energy and personality into any space.

They’re also a versatile option that can be used in different settings. Thanks to their feeling of playfulness and creativity, they can be ideal for spaces where inspiration and motivation are the focus. In addition, their bright and bold colors can evoke different emotions, such as happiness, excitement, and joy, depending on which colors are used.

Large wall paintings

Art lovers admiring a large wall painting

Large wall paintings have grown in popularity in recent years and the trend shows no sign of stopping in 2023. Characterized by their oversized promotions and dramatic presence, these artworks create a focal point and a sense of grandeur in the space that they occupy. Additionally, they offer a chance to make a bold statement and add a touch of luxury or a talking point to a room.

Large wall paintings can work well in both residential or commercial spaces, creating a sense of drama and impact while setting the tone for an entire room. The downside to this is, the art may not be admired by everyone, and so may have a deleterious effect. However, when done right, they can add depth and dimension to a space that might otherwise feel flat or uninspired.

Biophilic art

A beautiful biophilic artwork on display

Incorporating images of nature to your interior décor can work magic, bringing the outdoors indoors, and biophilic art can be one of the best to pull this off. With organic shapes, colors, and patterns, biophilic art imbues the viewer a sense of connection to nature, eliciting a sense of tranquility and calmness.

However, the popularity of biophilic art extends beyond its simple aesthetics: it can also promote health and wellness. It can reduce stress levels, increase productivity, and enhance creativity while adding visual interest and beauty to a room.

Future wall art trends

The world of wall art is constantly evolving and expanding. Because new trends are emerging every day, it is imperative that you keep up with the styles that consumers love. New 2023 trends reflect a desire in the market for personal expression, creativity, and innovation, all of which will continue into the future. That’s why minimalist art, vibrant color palettes, textured abstract artworks, large wall paintings, and biophilic art continue to prove popular options for consumers.


As consumers continue to appreciate the role of wall art, businesses must remain up to speed with the latest trends. Sellers can discover the latest wall art trends by visiting Alibaba.com, keeping tabs on what to stock up on and making sure they have a bit of something for everyone – no matter their tastes.

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