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How To Select a Sausage Stuffer


From vertical and horizontal designs, horn stuffers, and hydraulic fillers, sausage stuffers (AKA sausage fillers) are becoming increasingly popular among DIY chefs. Stuffing sausages is no longer the messy and tedious chore that it once was, requiring gripping, twisting, and wrapping blends of ground meat and spices on the countertop. With a meat grinder and sausage stuffer, all that needs to be done now is to push a button or turn a handle and watch as it cranks out smooth sausages into casings, without any of the mess – what’s not to love? So, whether you’re a vendor or budding chef, there’s a model perfect for you.

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Why most sellers say sausage stuffers are profitable
How to select profitable sausage stuffers

Why most sellers say sausage stuffers are profitable

A commercial sausage stuffer and maker on white background

The meat market was one of the fastest and highest-growth markets between 2017 to 2022. Hitting a high of US $1.65 billion during the pandemic in 2020, the commercial sausage stuffer market is once again forecast to skyrocket to US $2.17 billion in 2027, with a CAGR of 4%. And no matter whether you’re involved in the household sector or the commercial sector, both look to be equally as profitable. 

There’s no hidden magic behind all this good news; sausage stuffers have simply taken the game of sausage-making to a whole new level: no more dirty filler, no more mess, and to top it all off, anyone can make delicious sausages while saving a lot of money.

How to select profitable sausage stuffers

An industrial sausage grinder and stuffer on white background

Maintenance costs and demands

Sausage stuffers come with lots of moving parts. However, while users need to unassemble, scrub, and rinse some stuffers thoroughly after use, some models are easier to maintain. Ultimately, buyers will want a sausage machine that not only works efficiently but also doesn’t make life one continuous clean-up operation. Therefore, you’ll want to look out for low-maintenance-rated models to add to your store.

Commercial or household

An important question to ask yourself: Am I targeting the commercial market or household users? A commercial sausage stuffer is completely different from a homemade sausage stuffer in that commercial meat stuffers can make more sausages in a relatively short amount of time and, thus, use more power. Commercial sausage makers are also unfit for your regular kitchen, size-wise. On the Alibaba.com sausage machines product listing page, you’ll discover that some are labeled “industrial” while others are tagged “for home use.” You’ll want to choose your machine accordingly.

Market price expectations

We all know that the price of a product partly determines its profitability and traction. Every seller must consider pricing their sausage stuffer at a level that’s affordable to buyers while also leaving room for profit. To help guarantee this, you’ll need to opt for decently priced products, and while you may not be able to compete with ​​the price of a Harbor Freight sausage stuffer, you’re worth to customers will remain obvious, just so long as you sell quality items.

Types and designs of sausage stuffer

Most sausage fillers will be one of three designs. It’s important to stock up on the designs your target buyers are looking to add to their kitchens. 

  • Horn sausage stuffers: These are the OG of sausage stuffers and were built using cast iron (adding to their sturdiness) before the advent of chrome, tin, and stainless sausage stuffers. Operated via a handheld motor, they tend to be smaller in size, weighing a little over five pounds, and were previously considered the best sausage stuffers for the home. 
  • Vertical sausage fillers: More recently, however, homeowners began opting for vertical sausage fillers, which come either as either an automatic sausage filler or an electric sausage machine. These are more expensive, and function as a commercial stuffer and a sausage-making machine for home use. 
  • Horizontal sausage stuffers: Finally, horizontal sausage stuffers are largely used for industrial purposes. They come in two main modes (electric and manual), just like the vertical models, and often have a capacity of over 90lbs.

Sausage stuffer modes of operation

Finally, a sausage or meat stuffer’s ease of use is another important factor to consider. And while it’s a no-brainer that automatic sausage stuffers are easier to operate than their manual counterparts, there’s more to picking a sausage stuffer simply based off its operation and functionality. Some automatic machines come with endless functions or many moving parts, making operation a hassle. The bottom line is, make sure to pick a machine that is easy to operate but covers all the options that you or your customer are likely to require.


Sausage stuffers can make a great addition to both industrial and home kitchens. With reports and forecasts about the sausage stuffer market continuing to show positive trends, it would be wise to tap into this profitable market as a kitchen appliance vendor. Browse thousands of sausage stuffers on Alibaba.com.

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