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How To Wear a Fedora: 5 Drop-dead Fedoras and Styling Tips


A fedora hat is undoubtedly a benchmark of elegance and style. The name fedora comes from the title character of a play called “Fedora.” In this 1882 play, the main character, Fedora Romanoff, wore a hat similar to the modern-day fedora. 

Over the years, there have been different fedora hats, including classic, safari, diamond crown, straw, and short-brim fedoras. Both men and women have worn these fedora hats and styled them differently.

Read on to learn more about the different drop-dead types of fedora hats available and how to wear and style them appropriately.

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What is a fedora?
5 drop-dead types of fedoras
How to wear a fedora

What is a fedora?

A fedora is a type of hat with a creased crown and a wide brim that curves upwards. It is typically made of cashmere, wool, hemp, waxed or oiled cotton, straw, or beaver felt. The fedora hat has been a timeless fashion accessory since the early 20th century. It complements both womenswear and menswear. 

The fedora has a rich history and has been worn by famous figures such as Humphrey Bogart, Indiana Jones, and Michael Jackson. It is crucial to understand that today, the fedora hat remains a popular fashion accessory worn by both genders in formal and casual events.

5 drop-dead types of fedoras

Classic fedora

A classic fedora is a unisex oval-shaped type of hat. It has a creased lengthwise crown, a wide brim of about 3 inches, and a ribbon band on the crown base. The designer hat is often associated with private detectives and gangsters in films and literature. 

An oval-shaped classic fedora hat

The hat was also popular among jazz musicians, making it a symbol of the beat generation. Today, the classic fedora remains a stylish accessory and comes in different materials such as wool and straw. It can be worn with various outfits and is often paired with trench coats, leather jackets, suits, casual wear, etc. 

Safari fedora

A safari fedora is designed to be more functional and practical in outdoor activities, especially during hot and sunny days. It has a wide brim of about 4 inches. This helps to provide more sun protection for the face and neck. In addition, the brim is slightly downturned at the front and back to protect the eyes from the sun.

An outdoor safari fedora hat

The safari fedora is made of a lightweight and breathable material such as cotton. This material helps to keep the head cool during hot seasons. Another feature is a chin strap to keep the hat from falling during windy conditions. The fedora is now a popular accessory for outdoor people like safari tourists and hikers.

Diamond crown fedora

A diamond crown fedora is a hat that features a diamond-shaped identification at the top of the crown. This design provides a creative and stylish look for the fedora. It is often made from high-quality materials such as wool and fur.

Wool felt diamond crown fedora hat

The fedora also comes in different colors and styles. Some diamond crown fedora hats have additional features, such as feather and ribbon bands around the base of the crown. Overall, it is safe to say that the diamond crown fedora is a stylish and sophisticated hat choice.

Straw fedora

A straw fedora hat is a type of hat that is made from straw material. It is a classic style, typically made from straw, palm leaves, and raffia. 

A classic made straw fedora hat

These hats are often popular for summer or hot weather occasions, such as beach trips and other outdoor activities, as they provide protection from the sun and a sense of style. They feature a wide brim that slopes in the front and back. It also has a creased crown and a ribbon band around the base of the crown.

Short-brim fedora

A short-brim fedora is a type of hat with a brim shorter than the standard brim of a fedora. It has a distinctive shape with a creased crown and a short brim turned up from front to back. It is normally made of wool, straw, or felt.

A distinctively shaped short-brim fedora hat

The short-brim fedora has been a fashion accessory for years and continues to be a stylish choice for both men and women. It can be paired with various outfits, from casual to formal wear.

How to wear a fedora

Choose the right hat size

When it comes to wearing a fedora hat, it is vital to choose the right size. The hat should fit perfectly on the head to ensure comfort. To determine a hat size, the circumference of one’s head should be considered. 

Once worn, the hat should be tilted to ensure it fits well. Therefore, a business should be able to stock fedora hats in different sizes. This helps the consumer to choose a hat that fits depending on their head size.

Consider the season

A fedora hat should be worn depending on the season. Businesses should buy fedora hats that cater to both warm and cold seasons. For example, safari fedora and straw fedora hats should be worn during summer and hot weather conditions. 

These fedora hats protect from the sun hence preventing sunburns. There are also fedora hats that are appropriate for cold seasons. These hats are made from heavy materials such as wool and leather, providing warmth during the cold. 

Select a hat material according to the outfit

Certain factors must be considered when selecting a hat material to match an outfit. They include the color of the outfit, the occasion, and the fashion style. For businesses to make sales, they must buy fedora hats made of different materials as they all serve different purposes for consumers. 

Fedoras made of wool are a great choice for a fall and winter outfit, as they provide warmth and insulation. As for straw fedoras, they are ideal for spring and summer outfits. They are lightweight and breathable, making them comfortable for warm weather. 

Straw fedoras also come in different colors, which pair well with bright-colored outfits. As for felt-made fedoras, they are a good choice for formal occasions. Leather-made fedoras are a great choice for casual outfits, especially rugged fits. 

Play with accessories

Fedoras are stylish accessories that can add sophistication to an outfit. However, they can be styled with other accessories to create a jaw-dropping look. 

Brim ribbons and side feathers are unique ways to make a fashion statement when wearing a fedora. Adding a colorful pin on a fedora is vital to dress it up during a formal occasion. Adding a patterned ribbon to a solid-color fedora is also a perfect accessory. 


Before purchasing a fedora hat, it is crucial to check on things like the size of the hat, consider the season, and choose a hat material according to the outfit and accessories that can be matched with the fedora. 

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