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5 Unique Felt Hats for Any Wardrobe


As summer turns to fall and eventually winter, the type of hats that consumers are wearing change as well. As winter rolls around, the reintroduction of felt hats as a stylish accessory that also keeps the wearer warm becomes unstoppingly apparent. But, the market is seeing certain styles of felt hats emerging as clear contenders when it comes to the top fashion trends.

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Overall market value of felt hats
Top felt hat trends to watch
What’s next for felt hats?

Overall market value of felt hats

In recent years, there has been a growing demand for luxury hats for women, men, and kids. This rise in demand has generated an increase in the overall global market value of luxury hats, of which a large percentage is covered by felt hats. With consumers having more disposable income, they are now more likely than ever to want to treat themselves and their families to more luxurious goods, and that includes headwear. 

Between 2018 and 2030, the global luxury hats market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.5%. North America is expected to lead the way in sales, which is down to factors such as earnings as well as changes in lifestyle. 

variety of felt cowboy hats hung on a paneled wall

Top felt hat trends to watch

Felt hats are a must-have fashion accessory in the colder months, as they’re not only stylish in the same way that sun hats are, but they also help to keep the wearer warm. The top felt hat trends to watch include cowboy hats, colorful patterns, hats with ribbons, wide brims, and embellished felt hats.

Wide brim felt fedora

When it comes to felt hats, the classic fedora is a timeless accessory that matches almost every outfit choice flawlessly. The fedora can easily be dressed up with a cozy sweater or worn as a statement piece while walking around outside wrapped in a winter coat. And it isn’t just women who can sport this stylish felt hat. Men too are taking full advantage of the felt fedora look with its wide brim that really makes a person stand out from the crowd. As felt is a warmer material than regular cotton that’s often used in the summer for hats, the wide brim felt fedora is also a good transition hat in the fall or spring.

A red felt hat with a leather ribbon around it

Felt hat with a leather ribbon

Although felt hats look stylish without anything extra added to them, the felt hat with a leather ribbon is a big trend for men and women that only looks to be picking up steam. The addition of a leather ribbon gives a more luxurious feel to the hat that isn’t always there. As opposed to a regular ribbon, the leather helps to add a touch of classiness to the hat and makes it more appropriate as a high-end or going-out accessory. The leather ribbon also gives the hat a more structured look, and some styles even come with a removable ribbon as well.

brown felt hat with a white leather ribbon around it

Colorful felt fedora

Traditionally, felt fedoras come in a beige or other neutral tones, which is why they pair perfectly with classy outfits. The colorful felt fedora is starting to make a big impact in the luxury hat market though, as consumers look to add a bolder color to their wardrobe and overall look. This is in line with the increase in color in men’s wardrobes for the winter months too. The market is seeing an increase in sales of single-color fedoras, but multi-colored felt fedoras are also becoming a trendy accessory to have.

As well as colors, fedoras that have a ribbon or other fashionable addition to them are seeing more sales. The wider ribboned hats, for example, can be upgraded by adding a feather to the ribbon or some other type of statement piece that helps to raise the overall look of the hat to a new level. 

green felt hat with a dark green ribbon around it

Cowboy hats

Cowboy hats are a fantastic choice of accessory when it comes to headwear. Western-inspired items have been a big trend for many years, and finally, it’s time for the cowboy hat to cross over into winter wear. The most common color for felt cowboy hats is beige, but taupe colors are also a popular choice among consumers. 

For something a little extra, adding a colorful ribbon around the cowboy hat is a big trend to watch out for. These ribbons can be a solid color but more and more consumers are purchasing hats that have a patterned ribbon on them for activities such as festivals or other outdoor events. 

beige felt cowboy hat with dark leather ribbon

Embellished felt hats

Many types of hat-wearers are looking for bold patterns and colors when it comes to the hat’s design, and that includes winter wear. The embellished felt hat is increasing in popularity as it makes a statement on an otherwise plain-looking hat. The types of embellishments vary, but some of the most popular include rhinestone fedoras as well as more elegant touches such as pearl ribbons. Whatever pattern is preferred by the wearer, it’s clear that this bedazzled type of felt hat is here to stay as newer designs come out to keep up with demands.

blue felt cowboy hat with pearls around the outside

What’s next for felt hats?

Felt hats are a very popular piece of accessory to have in the winter months, as they’re more luxurious than regular winter beanies and help to keep the wearer warm where summer hats can’t. Styles such as the cowboy hat, felt hat with a leather ribbon, embellished felt hats, colorful fedoras, and wide brimmed fedoras are all huge trends to watch in the months leading up to—and during—winter. 

As felt hats pick up in popularity among men, women, and children, the market is expecting a rise in the styles of felt hats available to the consumer. The increase in popularity is expected to continue far beyond the projected period of 2030, as lifestyle changes and increasing disposable incomes mean that buyers are looking to invest in more luxurious pieces of clothing and accessories to add to their wardrobes.

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