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How To Write Ad Copy That Sells: A Guide for Dropshippers

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Dropshipping stores are everywhere these days, and while the business model itself is fairly straightforward to set up, driving lots of traffic and conversions is the real challenge. 

If you want to move more products and boost your sales, you need ad copy that sells. The good news is there are some tried-and-true secrets that can be used to craft high-converting ads for dropshipping stores.

This article will reveal eight of the most effective copywriting tricks to get people clicking, engaged, and buying from your store. 

Read on to discover how to write ad copy that will turn casual visitors into loyal customers.

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What is ad copy?
8 secrets of high-converting ad copy for dropshipping

What is ad copy?

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Ad copy refers to the actual text used in advertisements to promote a product or service. For dropshippers, compelling ad copy is essential to attracting customers and driving sales.

What makes good ad copy?

These three key factors make ad copy effective: 

1. Simplicity

A simple, clear message can persuade prospects to become customers. Concentrate on one key message or selling point rather than trying to cram in too many benefits. Since viewers often have short attention spans, a simple, compelling message will resonate with them.

2. Benefits

The copy should highlight the benefits of the product for the customer, not just the features, by explaining how the product can solve a problem or improve their life. The benefits motivate a buyer, while features just describe what the product is or does.

3. Emotional connection

The ad should create an emotional experience for the reader. When drafting the ad, help them visualize how they will feel when using the product. Emotions drive purchasing decisions, so make an emotional connection through emotive language, imagery, and enthusiasm about the product. An ad that makes readers feel something will be much more effective than one that just delivers facts.

8 secrets of high-converting ad copy for dropshipping

1. Know your target audience inside and out

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To write an ad copy that actually sells, understanding your target audience inside out is important. You need to perform extensive research into who your potential customers are. Things to find out about your prospects include:

  •  Age, location, income level
  •  Interests and hobbies
  • Values and priorities
  • Current problems or needs

Once you understand what makes your target audience tick, crafting ad copy that speaks directly to them becomes easy. This will entail using words, phrases and imagery that resonates with them.

For example, when targeting busy parents, emphasizing how the product will save their time or make their lives easier can be effective. When targeting younger audiences, use an upbeat, energetic and inspirational tone.

The more dropshippers can make audiences feel like an ad was created just for them, the more likely they are to stop scrolling and make a purchase. After all, people acquire products from those they know, like and trust.

2. Focus on benefits, not features

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To boost conversions, focus on the benefits to consumers and not just the features of the product. This works because people buy based on emotions and what’s in it for them. They want to know if a product will make their life simpler or better.

While features are secondary, you can still mention them briefly or link to more details but make the benefits the star of the copy.

For instance, when crafting an ad to sell watches, don’t just say a watch is waterproof up to 50 meters. Tell customers they never have to worry about getting caught in the rain or taking their watch to the beach.

Here is a good example of a benefit-focused ad:

Tired of wrestling with tangled cords? The Cordless Wonder frees you from annoying cables, so you can conveniently charge all your devices anywhere in your home. Move freely without limitations and de-stress your life with the Cordless Wonder charging station. The days of tripping over cords and struggling to find outlets are over. Experience the joy of an effortless charge.

3. Use emotional triggers and persuasive language

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Using emotional triggers and persuasive language in your ad copy will compel more people to click and buy. Mention how your product will make them feel, for example, successful, confident, attractive. Help them visualize a better future or lifestyle with your product.

Additionally, spark curiosity by asking rhetorical questions such as “Are you tired of…?” or “What if there was a way to…?” This engages the reader’s imagination and makes them want to find out more.

The use of powerful words and phrases like”amazing,” “incredible,” and “life-changing” is another tip that makes customers want to click on the product. Hyperbolic language, when used judiciously, elicits excitement and enthusiasm.

Also, a good strategy is to share social proof through reviews, testimonials or statistics to build trust, for example “Over 10,000 customers can’t be wrong!” Using social proof indicates that other people have bought and loved your products.

And finally, use a strong call to action by adding a sense of urgency to persuade the reader to buy now, such as “Only 5 left in stock!” or “Available for a limited time only…” People take prompt action as a result of this feeling of urgency or limitation.

4. Craft a clear, concise call to action

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A clear call-to-action (CTA) tells readers exactly what you want them to do next. For an ecommerce ad, that’s usually to click through to your product page or checkout. Make sure that your CTA is concise, compelling and consistent with your overall message.

For dropshipping stores, an effective CTA often includes:

  • A strong, active verb like ‘Buy Now’, ‘Shop Today’ or ‘Discover’ which prompts the reader to take immediate action.
  • Scarcity or urgency, if applicable, e.g. ‘Only 2 Left in Stock!’ or ‘Sale Ends Tomorrow!’. This can motivate readers to click right away before the opportunity is gone.
  • Consistent styling that matches your brand. Use the same font, color scheme and button style as your site and other ads for brand cohesion.
  • A clear destination like ‘Shop Now at YourStore.com’. Let readers know exactly where the CTA will take them, whether to your homepage, a product page or checkout.
  • Prominent placement at both the top and bottom of your ad. Repeat your CTA in multiple locations so readers see it even if they only skim your content.

An effective, action-oriented CTA is key to high conversion rates for dropshipping stores as it leads readers directly to your products, making the next steps abundantly clear. Remember to keep your CTA short, sweet and impossible to miss because, with the right call-to-action, you’ll turn more readers into eager customers.

5. Test and optimize your ad copy

isometric flat vector concept of ab testing

To maximize the effectiveness of your dropshipping store’s ad copy, ongoing testing and optimization are key. Once you’ve written some initial ad copy, create a split test by running two versions of your ad to see which one performs better.

You can test things like different headlines, images, or calls to action. Compare metrics like click-through rate, conversion rate, and cost per conversion to determine a winner. Then, pause the underperforming ad and optimize the better-performing one.

Continuously test and tweak your ad copy over time based on the results. Even small changes like rewording a headline or strengthening your call-to-action can lead to noticeable improvements.

With regular split testing and optimization, you’ll gain valuable insights into what messaging and creative resonates most with your target customers. Applying what you learn from this to all your advertising eventually boosts the store’s performance and sales across the board.

6. Solve a problem

white missing puzzle piece, problem and solution

Focusing your ad copy on demonstrating how a product solves problems is also a trusted way to ensure conversions. An effective ad copy identifies the frustrations and difficulties customers experience and shows how the product alleviates them.

Make sure that you research the common problems your target audience faces to understand their pain points fully. The ad copy should directly speak to these issues and clearly articulate how the product provides a solution.

This helps to capture their interest and make the product appealing. If selling posture correctors, for example, the ad copy should aim at the back and neck pain that comes from poor posture and how the product helps correct and relieve it. A copy that ignores customer pain points or fails to demonstrate how the product helps solve them will struggle to convert readers.

7. Back up statements with proof

To convince potential customers, backing up any claims about your product with solid proof works well. As a drop-shipper, you should provide concrete evidence and social proof to build trust in your ad copy. Important things to add to the copy are:

Testimonials and reviews

Include excerpts from satisfied customer reviews and testimonials. Mention any notable publications, influencers or celebrities that have endorsed the product. Quotes from industry experts or specialists will also add credibility.

Statistics and studies

Reference any studies, surveys or statistics that support the benefits and effectiveness of the product. For example, ‘A study by the National Sleep Foundation found that weighted blankets, like ours, increase sleep quality by over 60%.’ Cite the source of the study to lend authenticity.

Before and after imagery

example of anti aging before and after imagery

Show dramatic before and after photos or videos of the product in action. Visual proof is highly compelling. For instance, when advertising a weight loss supplement, share pictures of actual customers who have lost a significant amount of weight. But only do so with their permission and consent.

Awards and certifications

Mention any awards, certifications or accolades that have been given to the product or company. For example, ‘Voted America’s #1 Weighted Blanket three years in a row’ or ‘Certified organic ingredients.’ Use logos of the organizations that issued the awards or certifications to strengthen the claims.

8. Avoid clickbait

concept of hand cursor clicking clickbait button

Avoid clickbait titles and headlines that mislead readers or overpromise. While a catchy headline may drive more clicks, readers will feel duped if the content doesn’t deliver what was promised. This damages trust and credibility, causing readers to tune out future messages.

Instead, be transparent and honest. Focus on highlighting the key advantages, solutions or value propositions you’re offering to build a relationship of trust with your audience. 

Helping them understand your product or service can help them to improve their lives or businesses.

Below are some examples of clickbait and honest titles:

Clickbait: ‘This One Simple Trick Will 10X Your Store Sales Overnight!’

Honest: ‘3 Proven Ways to Boost Your Dropshipping Store Sales’

Clickbait: ‘Dropshippers Hate This New Platform! It’s Putting Them All Out of Business!’

Honest: ‘How This Dropshipping Automation Tool Can Save You Time and Money’

Your readers will appreciate your sincerity and be more inclined to do business with someone who respects them. While hype and sensationalism may drive short-term gains, trust and transparency build longevity.


Dropshipping stores live or die based on the effectiveness of their ad copy. By following these eight secrets, you’ll be well on your way to higher conversions and more sales. Remember, copy that inspires, intrigues and builds trust will always beat generic or bland messaging.

With time and practice, writing high-converting ad copy can become second nature. The rewards of more traffic, higher conversions and increased revenue will make the effort worthwhile.  

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