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5 Exciting Smart Home Trends To Watch in 2023


Technology has revolutionized many parts of life, and one area that holds great promise for new developments and changes is the smart home sector.

In 2023 and beyond, this trend is expected to become even more prominent, as advances in technology continue to offer exciting new prospects. Read on for a rundown of five trends to watch in the smart home sector in 2023!

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The current market for smart home appliances
5 smart home trends to watch in 2023
Smart home trends: What does the future hold?

The current market for smart home appliances

A man using a smartphone to control various smart home devices connected via WiFi

The smart home market has grown rapidly over the past few years and is expected to continue its upward trajectory. According to a report by Statista, the total global market for smart home appliances is expected to reach a staggering US$ 222.9 billion by 2027, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.47% from 2022. This growth can be attributed to various factors, including the increasing adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT). Many consumers are increasingly drawn to the convenience of being able to control and monitor their homes with a few simple commands from anywhere. They also seek out devices that provide enhanced security features and better energy efficiency.

5 smart home trends to watch in 2023

A man using his finger to control a smart home application on a touchscreen device

As the smart home market continues to grow, so too do the number of innovative trends. In 2023, these advancements are set to take the industry to new heights, with many exciting developments in store. Here’s a look at five of the most popular smart home trends today.

1. Automated curtain drivers

A person’s hands using a remote to open automated curtains

The development of automatic curtain drivers is one of the most fascinating trends in smart home technology. These devices eliminate the need for manual adjustment of window treatments, making it easier to adjust light levels, regulate the temperature inside, and reduce the need for heating or cooling. They work by attaching a small motor to curtain rods and connecting them to a home’s Wi-Fi network. This allows users to control their curtains remotely via an app, remote control, or voice commands using services like Google Home or Amazon Alexa, and Apple’s Siri.

Additionally, some of these drivers are also equipped with a timing function, making it possible to pre-set the opening and closing of curtains at certain times during the day. They come with an innovative silent system that allows for seamless operation with minimum vibration and noise. In case there is a power outage, users still have the option to pull the curtains manually.

2. Touchless waste bins

A woman’s hand throwing trash into a touchless bin

A smart waste bin is an ideal addition to any kitchen, office, or bathroom. First, it’s more hygienic than traditional bins since it doesn’t require one to touch its lid when they need to put waste in it. All they have to do is get close enough to its sensors and it’ll open up automatically.

Besides this, most smart waste bins have multiple opening methods and can be opened with any touch, eliminating the need to bend down. This convenience is especially helpful for elderly people, who often have difficulty bending down. Moreover, they have a built-in deodorizing compartment that keeps the smell of waste at bay.

3. Smart pots & planters

Smart pots and planters come in many different shapes and sizes, from hydroponic growing planters to desktop garden pots and everything in between. Hydroponic growing planters are ideal for people who want to grow plants inside their homes without soil, needing only water and nutrients. Meanwhile, desktop garden pots are perfect for small green areas in homes or offices.

Most smart pots and planters have sensors that monitor moisture levels, so one doesn’t need to worry about over- or under-watering their plants. They also have specialized lighting systems to ensure plants get the light they need. Some even have fans built-in to create a ventilated environment for plants, which is essential for their growth. With these developments in mind, it’s safe to say that this trend is here for the long haul and will only grow stronger with time.

4. Motorized blinds

A person’s hand controls blinds using a remote

Blinds are a vital part of any interior decorating scheme. They let in the right amount of light and provide privacy when needed. Motorized blinds take this practicality to the next level. Using a remote control, app-based controls, or voice commands via compatible services like Amazon Alexa; users can adjust the angle of their blinds with ease. Motorized blinds come with various features depending on the system installed in them. For instance, many come with timers that allow users to pre-set the opening and closing of their blinds at certain times during the day.

5. Smart pest control

An ultrasonic pest repeller

With the help of modern technology, controlling unwanted pests just got a lot easier! Smart pest control devices use advanced detection technologies to sense when pests are present and trigger a response. Thus, pests can be effectively and efficiently controlled without relying on harmful chemicals or traditional traps.

There are a variety of smart pest control devices available in the market, ranging from motion and sound sensors to reusable traps. Ultrasonic pest repellers are among the most popular devices, as they emit sound waves that are harmless to humans but intolerable to most pests. The frequency can be adjusted to target specific pests, resulting in more efficient pest control.

Smart home trends: What does the future hold?

An illustration of a smartphone displaying a 3D home with various smart home features on the left side of the image

If the recent development in artificial intelligence and machine learning is anything to go by, expect to see an even greater range of innovations in the near future. These advancements are sure to take home automation to the next level and revolutionize the way homes and businesses operate. Some construction firms are also building smart homes from the ground up, which is sure to be a game-changer when it comes to home automation. As technology continues to push boundaries and become more advanced, the future of home automation looks bright indeed.


Efficiency, convenience, control, and security in the home are becoming more and more important, and smart home technologies are playing a big role in achieving this. From the five smart devices discussed above to others like smart furniture, the possibilities for creating a modern, high-tech home are only getting bigger. These trends promise to make life easier and more secure for homeowners, and they can also be the key to boosting businesses in a rapidly changing world.

For businesses looking to capitalize on these trends, staying on top of smart home trends can offer a unique opportunity to stand out from the competition and provide customers with innovative and cutting-edge solutions.

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