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6 Trendy Hair Accessories Any Customer Will Love


Hair accessories can range from low-cost fashion to high-end runway designs. As a result, they have recently gained popularity in both mainstream and luxury markets. With the growing interest in hair accessories, these are the trends businesses should follow to attract more customers across all markets.

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Drivers in the hair accessories market
Top hair accessory trends
Future of the hair accessories industry

Drivers in the hair accessories market

The hair accessories market was valued at USD 18.29 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach a value of USD 46.60 billion by 2029, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.4% between 2022 and 2029.

Consumers are interested in experimenting with different hairstyles and accessories to enhance their appearance. Over the last few years, consumers have been showing a preference for accessories that are easy to use so they can achieve stylish hair looks on their own at home. 

The introduction of new products such as clips, barrettes, ties, and headbands in innovative materials, shapes, and sizes is anticipated to drive the growth of the market in the coming years. Social media influencers, bloggers, and vloggers on the Internet have also played a key role in making hair accessories more popular among consumers. 

Top hair accessory trends

Banana clips

White banana hair clip for ponytail
Pearl open shape gold banana clip

Banana clips are a trendy option for customers with long and wavy or curly hair. A banana clip is a large two-sided clamp that is curved in shape. It is designed to hold every strand of hair in place without the extra bulk of a regular hair scrunchie and gives the illusion of more volume and thicker hair.

Banana hair clips are quick and easy to use for customers who have limited time in the morning. They will often come as a pack of multiple clips in different colors. Banana claw clips may come in large sizes for those with thicker hair and can be crafted with grippy rubberized coating and a spring hinge to help hold hair in place all day.

Pearl headbands and clips

Woman with white pearl headband
Gold barrette clips with pearls

Pearl headbands and clips are a great way for customers to effortlessly embellish their hair. No longer confined to the bridal market, customers are embracing pearl hair accessories for day-to-day wear.

Pearl headbands are suitable for either thin or thick hair and can be used on a variety of hairstyles, including the popular bixie cut. They can also be stacked along the crown of the head for a unique look. 

Pearl clips are another option for adding bling to the hair. Clips that are available in both triangle and rectangle shapes will give customers more flexibility to accessorize their hair based on their look for the day. Pearl hair clips should be designed to hold hair back without any tugging or pulling.

Headbands and scarves

Woman in gold velvet knotted headband
Woman wearing printed silk hair scarf

Customers who struggle with flyaway strands or baby hairs may find headbands and scarves to be a useful hair accessory. Headbands or scarves that are tied around the head are ideal for pulling hair back away from the face.

Headbands are commonly designed in a knotted style for a vintage appearance. They can be made with smooth velvet or satin so they are more comfortable on the head. Silk hair scarves are also frequently used to extend the life of a blowout for another day or two.

A headband or scarf can be produced in many different colors and prints to make it suitable for a particular season or occasion, such as spring, Christmas, or Halloween.

Claw clips

Woman wearing yellow jaw clip
Brown hair styling claw clip

Although claw clips have been trendy for a few years, they continue to be a go-to for those with thick hair. Claw clips are hair accessories with two rows of pronged teeth that clamp into the hair like a claw. Hair claws are commonly available in extra-large sizes to make them an easy and low maintenance accessory for styling hair. 

A claw clip in a square shape offers a modern aesthetic and appears most elegant in frosted finishes with light blue, green, or pearl colors. The open shape claw clip is reminiscent of the 1990s and can hold hair in place without damaging the strands. 

Claw hair clips can also be designed in small sizes, otherwise known as butterfly clips. Butterfly clips are another Y2K trend and are frequently worn around the crown or as an accent on a ponytail. 

Rhinestone accessories

Woman with crystal hair accessory
Wedding hair band with crystals

For special events, rhinestone hair accessories are a hot trend. Rhinestone accessories add eye-catching glamor and elegance to a hairdo. Sparkly beaded accessories can come in press-on or clip-in designs and can be used on hairstyles that are worn either up or down. 

A glittery rhinestone bobby pin with lettering that spells out words or phases is a fun and youthful style for parties, while a rhinestone banana clip is a more sophisticated product for day-to-day or social gatherings. Customers who are interested in making a bold statement during formal events may look for rhinestone headpieces that come with crystal fringes.

Scrunchie hair ties

Pastel colored satin hair scrunchies
Pile of assorted scrunchie hair ties

Scrunchies are a laidback hair accessory for dressing up casual looks. They are a fabric-covered elastic used for fastening medium to long hair types into ponytails and buns. Unlike regular hair ties, scrunchies are designed to protect hair from breakage caused by friction against an elastic band.

The oversized scrunchie is popular for wrapping around the everyday hair bun to give it a major upgrade. Hair scrunchies made from frayed linen material offer a casual appearance that is suitable for daily wear and are designed to prevent breakage of hair, while sheer or silk scrunchie hair ties look more elegant for days when customers wish to dress up. Mini scrunchies are also frequently used for placing along a bubble braid or ponytail to give it visual interest.

Future of the hair accessories industry

Hair is becoming a platform for self-expression, with consumers using it as a playground to try many fun accessories. There are a few trends that are most popular when it comes to hair accessories. Banana clips and claw clips are both in the spotlight as key trends, with headbands, scarves, and scrunchies being alternatives that are as functional as they are decorative. For ultimate style, rhinestones and pearls are embellishments that can be added to any hair clip or band.

Ongoing technological advancements in the production of plastic, cloth, and metal products will give manufacturers the ability to mass produce hair accessories. With the availability of several hair accessory products in the industry, such as ornamental pins, bands, and clips, there are many potential opportunities for growth in the market in the coming years.

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