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Latest Packaging Machinery Trends To Look Out For

Automatic packaging machine working upon a pile of cardboard boxes

The packaging industry keeps growing and it is widely demanded in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, chemical, and many more industries. With the rise of e-commerce products and packaging trends, the one constant that has allowed businesses to efficiently package products and ship them to customers instantly is none other than the machinery that comes with it.

Packaging machinery is an important contributor to the packaging market’s success. So in this blog, let’s go through some of the packaging machinery development trends and see which type of machinery industries are using to keep up with their packaging process.

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Business potential of the packaging machinery market
What are the latest packaging machinery trends?

Business potential of the packaging machinery market

The global packaging machinery market has huge business potential. Having been valued at $43,520 million in 2020, the current consumer and supplier trends have influenced a positive trajectory. Between 2021 and 2030, the packaging machinery market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.7% to reach $69,218 million by the end of the period.

What reasons contribute to this? The major factor is the rise in demand for consumer goods—which encourages industries to utilize more automated packaging machines in order to be more efficient and fulfill orders. The older versions take more time and resources, so modern packaging machines play a huge role to ensure product quality assurance and safety standards are always met throughout the supply chain.

When it comes to the packaging machinery market segments, here are the machines that are widely used by industries:

1. Filling machines
2. Form, fill and seal machines (FFS)
3. Cartoning machines
4. Palletizing machines
5. Labeling machines
6. Wrapping machines
7. Cleaning and sterilizing machines
8. Vacuum packing machines

What are the latest packaging machinery trends?

Let’s go through some of the packaging machinery trends that play a role today and will play a further role in appreciating the market value in the coming years:

Improved automation and smart technology

Automated beer can filling production line

Undoubtedly, one of the major trends to look out for is the packaging machinery industry’s innovative approach to keep enhancing automation in their packaging lines. With issues related to workforces such as retaining top talent and high labor costs, many industries have been inclined to focus on smart manufacturing and look into automated processes. This is possible with the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

There is more demand nowadays to rely on robots to maximize output in less time. Nevertheless, the demand can vary between larger enterprises and smaller businesses. Additionally, there is also demand for collaborative packaging machinery that makes it convenient for human workers to operate within distance and also safe for them.

Despite many claims that robots can take over humans in the future, there is no denying that intelligent and automated packaging machinery can lead to enhanced packaging accuracy and speed. Automation can be one of the major factors that separate high-performing businesses from the rest, as it improves speed and precision. Moreover, it brings consistency to the whole process to manufacture high-quality packaging materials.

The new age of wireless connectivity

Engineer using tablet and operating machinery

When talking about convenience and advanced technologies, packaging machinery with wireless connectivity is another trend to look out for.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has an effect on the packaging process. This is another method of smart manufacturing since in the older days, lagged connections could affect the manufacturer’s packaging process. To ensure stability and uninterrupted workflow in the packaging process, packaging machinery that supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, 5G, and Zigbee helps massively.

The need for advanced cybersecurity

A screen displaying the word security

The next trend is related to cybersecurity. Ransomware attacks on major retail companies such as Cadbury and Target have led to identifying vulnerabilities in the packaging machinery infrastructure. Manufacturers are now keen to improve their industrial packaging machines to combat these cyber-attacks and ensure smooth workflow.

The demand for flexible and sustainable packaging

Rotogravure printing method used in flexible packaging line

Flexible packaging is becoming popular—especially among many food brands and fast-moving consumer goods. It leads to sustainable packaging and is considered economical in packaging manufacturing.

Innovative measures such as making compostable materials like films and pouch closures contribute toward flexible packaging and sustainability. You will find packaging machines that help to form flexible packaging materials that drive more sales for businesses.

With a lot of packaging waste being discovered in oceans and landfills, consumers are being more aware of the environmental consequences these byproducts can bring. As a result, there is more emphasis on manufacturing sustainable and recyclable packaging materials.

Rise in e-commerce

Person holding a credit card and shopping online

Last but not least, the rise in e-commerce has become probably the most important factor that drives all these trends. The number of online sales has increased in the past couple of years—leading to a greater need for maximizing packing space and using more and more packaging materials. To support this, packaging machinery keeps innovating and has become more advanced to cater to the smart and fast processing of packaging supplies.


These current packaging machinery trends have and will affect the habits of packaging machinery manufacturers in the coming years. However, it is not inconceivable to think that there will be future trends in the coming years that can exponentially affect the packaging machinery market growth.

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