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How Does a CNC Press Brake Machine Work?


Industries around the world have been progressing at an amazing rate thanks to the advancements in technology. A range of machines and tools can now be found that help the industries enormously. The manufacturing industry also has its own range of tools and machines that have helped it progress dramatically.

The CNC press brake machine is one such tool, without which the manufacturing industry and fabricators would not be able to make any progress. Therefore, in this article, we will learn all there is to know about the CNC press brake machine, how it works, and its features. Let us get started!

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What is a CNC press brake machine?
How does a CNC press brake machine work?
Buying guide for CNC press brake machines

What is a CNC press brake machine?

Let us first understand what a CNC press brake machine is before getting into its working mechanisms. A CNC press brake machine is a tool that has an in-built CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) system integration. With the help of the CNC system, the machine is able to efficiently bend and manipulate metal sheets, be it over a few millimeters or a few meters long.

The structure of a CNC press brake machine can be of two types:

  • Type 1 (down forming): It consists of a fixed bed (bottom) that has a v-shaped tool attached to it. A top beam (also v-shaped) is present to receive the force and press the metal against the v-shaped tool.
  • Type 2 (up forming): It has the same parts as type 1 but it differs in that the top portion is fixed whereas the bottom portion is the moving counterpart.

Whatever the type may be, the results will be the same, with no restrictions on the shape and design of the end result. 

How does a CNC press brake machine work? 

A CNC press brake machine is a mechanical tool powered by a hydraulic or electrical system with an integrated AI program for precise and accurate bending of the raw material.

The way it operates is quite simple to understand. Firstly, in a CNC press brake machine, operators need to enter the information of the product that they want to create. This information has to be precise, with the proper angles of the bends, and so on. Once the computer has analyzed and understood the instructions, it will start operating the machine.

The machine works with the help of hydraulic or electric force. Depending on the type of machine (type 1 or type 2), the force will be applied to the respective moving part of the machine. This allows the moving part to press the metal sheet against the fixed part, thus creating the desired bend.

For CNC machines, the machine will move the metal sheet according to the instructions fed in the computer. The result is the desired product with precise and accurate bends.

Operators may change the v-shaped tool, usually called die (attached to the fixed part), and the knife (attached to the moving part), according to the shape they want to create. There are numerous tool sets available in the market for that purpose.

Buying guide for CNC press brake machines

CNC press brake machines are a long-term investment for businesses. Therefore, buyers should ensure that they are investing in the right machine. Here are a few things to keep in mind while looking for the perfect CNC press brake machine:

  • Consider the type and thickness of the materials that operators will be bending with the machine.
  • Consider the complexity of the designs and bends to be made. If the designs are too complicated, companies should consider buying a machine with extra axes so that bends turn out flawless.
  • Consider the quantity of materials to be produced. For mass-production, CNC press brake machines are the ideal choice.
  • Consider the size of the machine as well as the workplace. Taking a big machine without enough space to operate it will send everything to waste.
  • Consider the accuracy needed for the bends. Different machines offer different accuracy. You may also consider purchasing a set of tools to enhance the accuracy and end results.


CNC press brake machines are extremely useful tools in the manufacturing industry. Now that you understand what they are and how they work, the next step is to invest in a machine that will give you the best results.

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