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Makeup Mirror Magic: Keeping Up With Makeup Mirror Trends in 2023

Person applying makeup in a round mirror on a stand

Makeup requires attention to detail, and makeup mirrors provide a close-up and well-lit view of the face, allowing individuals to apply makeup with precision, ensuring it looks flawless and evenly blended. 

Early makeup mirrors tended to be simple glass mirrors placed on dressing tables with ornate frames. Over the last decade, makeup mirrors have evolved significantly to become more portable and have additional features like magnification and lights to improve people’s experience with personal grooming and applying makeup. 

In this guide, we will look at the latest makeup mirror trends, including smart mirrors, so you can build an inventory that appeals to all customers. 

Table of Contents
The market for makeup mirrors
Smart makeup mirrors
Lighted makeup mirrors
Magnifying makeup mirrors
Portable and travel-friendly mirrors

The market for makeup mirrors

As we’ve previously stated, makeup mirrors are important for many people in improving their personal care and makeup routine. Makeup mirrors are often featured in TikTok videos of beauty influencers, and those who care about beauty industry trends stay up-to-date on the best makeup mirror technology. 

The #MakeupMirror hashtag on Instagram has over 100,000 posts, and the same hashtag on TikTok features many videos of people showing off their recently purchased or favorite mirror. Some of these videos on TikTok even have over 1 million views. 

But what is the current market size for makeup mirrors? According to Google Ads, there are more than 100,000 monthly searches for makeup mirrors, with people specifically searching for smart mirrors (74,000 monthly searches), mirrors with lights (more than 80,000 monthly searches), and magnifying mirrors (22,000 monthly searches). 

Smart makeup mirrors

Light up makeup mirror sitting on a white dresser beside makeup

Smart mirrors have a digital display behind the mirror glass that can display a wide range of information to the viewer. However, unlike standard mirrors, smart mirrors require a two-way mirror because they need light to pass through from behind to view the display. 

Smart mirrors typically have built-in LED lighting that can be customized to simulate various lighting conditions, such as natural daylight or evening lighting. This feature helps users achieve optimal makeup application. Other features include the ability to play music or other Bluetooth features like making phone calls or accessing the apps on the consumer’s phone. 

Smart mirror technology is improving, which can be used for specific beauty and fitness applications. One incredible feature of smart mirrors is the virtual makeup try-on. With augmented reality technology and built-in cameras, smart mirrors can superimpose makeup products like lipstick, eyeshadow, and blush onto their reflection in real time. This is not only incredible technology for consumers, but beauty brands can take advantage of this technology in physical retail locations to help customers choose the best products. 

How smart mirrors revolutionize the makeup routine

Not only do smart mirrors have features that enhance makeup application for consumers with adjustable lighting and cameras, but they can also provide beauty analysis and assist with choosing products. They may also provide access to the internet and resources such as tutorials and how-to guides. 

Additionally, smart mirrors can have a huge impact when it comes to beauty influencers. These mirrors have the potential to show before and after comparisons and store important data for experimentation with makeup, and they may also be able to connect directly with social media platforms. 

On the most basic end, smart mirrors may have a touch screen and Bluetooth connectivity to play music or allow the user to make a call or may be able to be used as a phone stand and charger. At the same time, others can provide more of an analysis

Lighted makeup mirrors

Close up of person applying makeup in a light up mirror

A makeup mirror with lights can help ensure all stray hairs are expertly plucked, and makeup is applied with precision and blended perfectly. According to Google Ads, makeup mirrors with lighting are among the most commonly searched-for types of makeup mirrors, with more than 100,000 monthly searchers.

Different types of lighting options available

Makeup mirrors offer various lighting options for different makeup needs and preferences. These lighting options are designed to help users achieve precise and flattering makeup application. 

  • Natural daylight simulation: Natural daylight is considered the best lighting for makeup application as it provides the most accurate representation of colors. Makeup mirrors with this option mimic natural sunlight’s brightness and color temperature, ensuring that makeup looks its best in any lighting environment.
  • LED ring lights: LED ring lights are a popular choice in makeup mirrors. They provide even and shadow-free illumination, which is excellent for achieving balanced makeup. The circular arrangement of LEDs surrounds the mirror, reducing shadows and creating a flattering, even glow.
  • Backlit mirrors: Mirrors with built-in backlighting provide a gentle, diffused illumination from behind the mirror’s surface. This type of lighting reduces shadows and can create a flattering halo effect around the user’s face. These tend to be wall-mounted vanity-style mirrors but can be a great addition to a bathroom or dressing area. 

Some other lighting features a makeup mirror may have included the ability to dim the brightness or adjust the color temperature.

What is a Hollywood mirror?

Full length Hollywood mirror leaning up against a white wall

According to Google Ads, Hollywood mirrors nearly reached the same number of monthly searches as ‘makeup mirrors’ on its own. A Hollywood mirror is a makeup mirror with bulbs around the edges. They used to show up in Hollywood theater dressing rooms and can often be found in movies, so they are considered a fun way to introduce glamor into a space. 

Magnifying makeup mirrors

Man looking into a magnifying mirror for grooming

While magnifying makeup mirrors aren’t new, magnification is still a feature many consumers look for to help with makeup application. In 2023, magnifying mirrors were searched for more than 22,000 times every month, with many consumers specifically seeking light-up makeup mirrors with magnification. 

In addition to being precise with grooming and makeup application, magnifying makeup mirrors can be an excellent tool for those with declining eyesight. Those seeking precision application typically look for 2X, 3X or 5X magnification, but those using magnification for eyesight issues may seek magnification of 10X

Magnification mirrors come in many different forms that allow customers to choose for themselves what works best, for example:

Portable and travel-friendly mirrors

Person looking in a portable makeup mirror

When you think of portable makeup mirrors, the first thing you think of might be a small pocket or purse-sized mirror that can be used on the go. However, makeup mirrors have evolved significantly over the last several years, and travel-friendly makeup mirrors are more likely to be used for vacation travel, not everyday carrying. Additionally, just because they are portable doesn’t mean that travel is their exclusive use; many consumers seek mirrors that can be used at home and taken with them when they travel. 

What to consider when choosing a travel-friendly makeup mirror

Of course, size is a significant consideration when choosing a travel-friendly makeup mirror because it needs to be small enough to pack, but there are many other things to consider. Travel mirrors should be sturdy and built to withstand the rigors of travel. Look for mirrors with durable frames and shatter-resistant glass or acrylic surfaces that can handle bumps and jostling. When it comes to durability, you also want to consider protecting the mirror itself from scratches; this means seeking folding mirrors or one that comes with a protective pouch or case for travel

An adjustable stand or handle is another excellent feature to consider with travel-friendly mirrors, as they are often used in a wide variety of locations where a stand can make makeup application easier. 

Some consumers may also want to prioritize lighted or magnifying mirrors for travel, so carrying a variety of options is ideal. Additionally, when considering mirrors that require power, it’s also important to consider the power source. Some mirrors use replaceable batteries, while others are rechargeable via USB. 


The world of makeup mirrors is evolving, and staying up-to-date with these trends can be a game-changer. Offering the latest in makeup mirror technology, design, and functionality can attract customers and enhance their shopping experience. Whether it’s adjustable lighting or virtual try-on capabilities, these trends can set your beauty inventory apart. 

Remember, a well-informed and curated selection of makeup mirrors can be the mirror image of your commitment to providing top-notch beauty solutions. So, keep reflecting the trends, and watch your beauty business shine!

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