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US Latest Trends of American Football in 2024: A Glimpse into the Future of the Gridiron


Table of Contents
● Introduction
● Market Overview: Focusing on Target Audience
● Innovations in Player Safety and Performance
● Equipment Evolution: The Game-Changers
● Conclusion


As we step into 2024, American football continues to captivate fans with its dynamic evolution. This year, we’re witnessing a remarkable blend of tradition and innovation, reshaping the sport’s landscape. This report intends to enlighten the business professionals and online retailers to catch up the latest trends and make the brightest decisions to purchase the most suitable products.

Market Overview: Focusing on Target Audience

American Football is obviously the most popular sport in the US. As an US online retailer,  please consider selling your products to the Great Lakes region and big cities like New York in the east, since according to Google Trending, the consumers in these regions have higher interest. With a projected CAGR of 3.29% from 2022 to 2031, the market is expected to witness significant expansion. The market is characterized by the presence of major players such as Spalding, Under Armour, Franklin Sports, Wilson, TealCo, Passback Sports, Champion Sports, and Baden Sports.

The American Football market is segmented by type, including Cow Leather, Rubber or Plastic Materials, Composite, among others, and by application, including Profession Player and Amateur Player segments. Among these types, please notice that the Cow Leather and Profession Player segments are especially popular. Moreover, for retailers who have interests in selling products overseas, the East Asian market is also noteworthy. Please pay attention to China, Japan and South Korea.

Innovations in Player Safety and Performance

Advanced Protective Gear

The focus on player safety in American football has driven the development of advanced protective gear, impacting a broad customer base including professional athletes, college, high school programs, and youth leagues. This wide-ranging impact is backed by data highlighting the essential role of such gear in enhancing player safety and performance.

football player’s back

Professional Athletes

For professional athletes in the NFL, the advanced protective gear is a critical component of their playing kit. According to the NFL’s Health and Safety Report, the league has implemented rigorous helmet testing standards, resulting in a dynamic shift towards helmets that perform better in reducing the risk of concussions. The report highlights that over 99% of NFL players opted for helmets that ranked in the top-performing categories of the NFL’s helmet safety rankings in the 2020 season, a stark increase from just 41% in 2017. This shift underscores the professional athletes’ reliance on cutting-edge equipment to enhance safety on the field.

Collegiate and High School Football Programs

Collegiate and high school football programs are key users of advanced protective gear. The NCAA actively promotes safety with advanced helmets and shoulder pads. A 2021 study in the Journal of Athletic Training linked this gear to lower concussion rates and less severe head impacts. Similarly, high school programs, following NFHS guidelines, have increasingly adopted helmets with the latest safety features. NFHS data reveal that over 80% of high school programs upgraded their gear by 2022.

Youth Leagues

Youth leagues form the foundational layer of the downstream customer base for advanced protective gear in American football. With growing concerns over player safety at younger ages, organizations such as Pop Warner Little Scholars and USA Football have implemented strict equipment standards to protect young athletes. A report by USA Football in 2023 highlighted that participation in youth football leagues that adhere to advanced safety protocols and equipment standards has seen a less than 2% incidence rate of concussions, demonstrating the effectiveness of such gear in protecting young players.

Equipment Evolution: The Game-Changers

Next-Gen Footballs

The latest advancements in American footballs involve improved grip, aerodynamics, and the integration of smart sensors for enhanced tracking and analytics. Here’s a summary of the key features and technologies based on the search results:

Improved Grip and Aerodynamics

  • The Nike Vapor Elite Football is designed with all-leather construction and stitched SRS stripes, which enhance grip and aerodynamics.
  • Wilson LABS has developed the Omega football, which features a weight redistribution within the ball to increase the spin rate, resulting in better performance. The ball’s leather has been pre-treated for immediate grip, and the stitching has been optimized for better hand fit and ball security.

Smart Sensors and Tracking

  • Wearable soccer (football) sensors track various metrics such as shots, passes, sprints, and more. These sensors can sync with apps via Bluetooth, allowing players and coaches to monitor and analyze performance over time.
  • Playermaker’s CITYPLAY tracker uses 6-axis smart sensors that sample movement 1000 times per second, providing detailed data on player performance.
  • Next11 offers a live sports tracking system that is affordable and tracks technical, physical, and tactical performance. It is 100% mobile and provides AI-powered insights for in-game decisions. Next11 is also planning to launch tracking of the ball with an embedded chip in the ball
Sensor Icon

Training Equipment

Innovative training aids are indeed revolutionizing practice sessions in American football, with a focus on virtual reality setups and resistance technology that mimics in-game scenarios. Here’s how these technologies are being applied:

Virtual Reality (VR) Training

  • VR training systems in the NFL allow players to hone their skills, enhance decision-making, and improve field vision without the risk of injury.
  • These systems provide players with the ability to read offense and defense schemes better, respond faster, and make more accurate decisions.
  • VR can simulate hundreds of reps and provide real-time feedback on in-game behaviors, which is crucial for training muscle memory and long-term retention.
  • The technology developed by companies like STRIVR and Sports VTS, such as the QBSIM platform, offers immersive experiences that allow quarterbacks to use a real ball and receive tracked feedback to improve performance.
VR training

Resistance Technology

  • Resistance bands are used to build speed, power, and strength on the football field. They allow athletes to perform football-specific movements with added resistance, making them more effective than traditional weight training for certain aspects of the game.
  • The VertiMax training equipment provides resistance technology that helps athletes improve their power off the line, change of direction quickness, and vertical jump performance. It is used by NFL teams and professional football players to enhance on-field performance.
  • Specific resistance band exercises, such as the Resisted Forward and Side Step, Three Point Stance Forward and Back, and the Linebacker Pop, are designed to build power and strength for dominating the line of scrimmage.

Wearable Technology

  • GPS trackers and heart rate monitors are examples of wearable technology that provide real-time performance data. This allows coaches to tailor training programs and optimize player development.
  • Impact sensors are integrated into equipment to prioritize player safety by detecting and managing high-impact collisions. This data can also be used to assess the effectiveness of protective equipment and inform equipment design.
heart rate monitoring

Other Training Equipment

  • Agility ladders, training sleds, and other tools are used to improve footwork, speed, strength, conditioning, and explosiveness. These tools provide targeted training methods to improve specific aspects of a player’s game.


American football in 2024 stands at the intersection of heritage and progress. The industry’s growth, underscored by technological advancements and equipment innovation, is setting the stage for an exhilarating future in the sport. As an online retailer, probably an enthusiast of American football, you are now equipped with loads of knowledge to support and guide your customers. If you want to see more articles on Sports, please remember to hit the “Subscribe” button.

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