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Must-Know Go Kart Trends for 2023


You may associate go karts with attractions at kids amusement parks, but these open-wheeled cars offer a lot more than just that. Growing interest from go kart enthusiasts, as well as a range of innovations such as solar-powered options, open-air tracks, and extra long tracks for adults, are all driving this exciting niche. 

If your business is considering entering the go kart market, read on to discover the latest trends in track construction and types, seating options, power types, and go kart conversion kits to stay ahead of the competition. 

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An overview of the go kart market
Top go kart trends in 2023
Go kart parts and accessories

An overview of the go kart market

A report from Allied Market Research notes that the go kart industry is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.9% from 2021 to 2030. In 2020, the market was valued at US$ 104.8 million with its value forecasted to rise to US$ 154.3 million by 2030.

Go karting is a leisure activity that’s grouped with other forms of entertainment like mini golf, amusement parks, roller skating, and bowling. This means participation is influenced by consumers’ disposable income, which is estimated to grow as of 2021, according to data from IBIS World. With more attractions and unique experiences, consumers will visit go kart tracks that offer trendy options and more excitement! 

Top go kart trends in 2023

Scooter to go kart conversion kits

One of the most popular go kart trends is modifying electric scooters into go karts for home use. Enthusiasts are repurposing boards – such as Ninebot balance scooters – into agile and compact use for backyard play. While they can be modified for style, it’s important to note that these alterations should maintain safety standards and have a sturdy frame with braking capabilities. 

Some retailers sell go kart scooter conversion kits so that individuals can customize their karts at home. There are also hoverboard attachment kits, which result in the creation of a hoverkart. The standard accessories, including a braking system and steering wheel, are easy to install and provide adjustable heights, so adults and kids can ride them. Other conversion kits are also equipped with Velcro strips for a speedy transformation. 

New track construction

Set of racers starting to pull away in an indoor go kart track

There’s a shift in modern go karting, which focuses on the size and length of tracks. Companies are also building more indoor tracks to support year-round fun. Developers are looking to large industrial spaces that have the capacity to house other leisure activities like arcades, ax throwing, and rock climbing walls. There’s even an indoor go kart track on a Norwegian Cruise Line ship

As big-box stores close, investors are eyeing these spaces to build large tracks that increase a city’s entertainment value and boost revenue. Coupled with bars and restaurants, these buildings provide a much-needed destination for families, couples, and friends to hang out or for planning birthday parties. Another go kart trend we’re seeing is the construction of child and adult tracks. 

Track themes

Single go kart driver passing multicolored tires on a track

Go kart facilities try to stand out by building tracks that incorporate elevations, curves, and a broader width. For competitive and enjoyment reasons, indoor and outdoor tracks challenge each other to offer the maximum number of square feet and space. 

Some locations have multi-level tracks that mirror the thrill of a roller coaster. Modern track themes incorporate racing-style features like LED light panels, flood lights, forested areas, and picturesque scenes. 

Non-gasoline power

Person with a helmet driving a go kart on a track

GlobeNewswire noted that electric go karts are on trend and are expected to have a 6.3% CAGR from 2021 to 2030. A lot of the non-gasoline powered trend is due to advancements in technology, but electric karts boost acceleration and remove toxic fumes associated with the gas-powered models. There’s even talk of solar-powered go karts to reduce emissions and soften the environmental impact. 

Business owners interested in the go kart market should be aware of the continued maintenance of these vehicles. Regular tune ups to the brakes, engine, and axles are necessary to optimize use. 

Seating capacities and limits

Go karts come in single-seater and two-seater models. Each model has a height and weight requirement that’s defined by the track. For example, a go kart for kids may have a limit of 75 pounds and a height of 43 inches (about 3.5 feet), while adults and teens may need to be at least 58 inches (about 4 ’10”) to ride. 

Rental vs. racing

Professional go kart driver in yellow jumpsuit and helmet rounding a track

The rental market dominates the go kart industry and accounts for two-thirds of the global market share, per Digital Journal. Rentals offer less risk to consumers, while high performance racing karts travel faster and require safety gear. 

Racing models, also known as sprint karts, are strictly for competition and are built for speed. These use 2- or 4-cycle engines and can reach up to 150 miles per hour (mph). By comparison, the average rental go kart speed is 9 mph for kids and up to 45 mph for adults.

Go kart parts and accessories

Basic go kart construction consists of a steering wheel, transmission, brakes, engine, bumpers, kill switches, seat, wheels, and a frame (chassis), but vehicle models have changed since the electric go kart was created in 2015. Part replacements can be purchased online through common retailers or specialty supply companies. 

Accessories are common and enhance the basic look of go karts. Some common trends are LED accents, mirrors, and cup holders. However, a simple, brightly colored paint job can give your go kart an upgrade for little cost. 


The popularity of go karts is a global phenomenon among consumers, and certain segments like outdoor racing are dominating the market. Over 50% of riders are aged 22 to 35. Go karts will continue to peak interest with new product developments, track expansions, and electric options becoming available. Additional information on go karts, including listings of quality products and accessories, can be found at Alibaba.com

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