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Nissan Introduces New Nissan Interstar With Available 100% Electric Powertrain

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In Europe, Nissan introduced the next generation Nissan Interstar large van. The model features not only increased size and versatility, ensuring it can be tailored to be as unique as the customers it serves, but it is also Nissan’s first large van available with a 100% electric powertrain, without a compromise on performance.


Interstar comes with Nissan’s standard warranty of 5 years or 160,000 kilometers, and 8 years or 160,000 kilometers for Interstar-e battery.

The next generation Interstar will come to market with a wide range of factory-built conversions, including Tipper, Dropside and Box Van.

The all-new Interstar-e, Nissan’s first fully electric large van, features an 87kWh battery providing a top range of more than 460 kilometers. Nissan’s DC Charging offers rapid capabilities, recharging up to 252 km in just 30 minutes, and a shorter mission version with a 40kWh battery for approximately 200km. At the same time, its AC Charging capabilities cater for depot charging from 10-100% in less than 4 hours.

The new model will be equipped with class-leading aerodynamics, with a 20% Drag (SCx) Reduction, helping customers save either fuel or electricity and maximize their driving range.

Both the diesel and EV versions of the next generation Interstar are equipped with a max towing capacity of 2500kg, allowing for a greater range of products, goods or equipment that can be towed by the model.

Maneuverability is also greatly improved in this newest model, with an improved turning diameter of -1.5 meters compared to older versions.

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