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Ones To Watch 2024: Next-Gen Beauty Brands in Spain


Spain’s market is a key player in beauty innovation, hosting a range of breathtaking formulations, inclusive deals, and local supply chains.

The country is home to a vibrant culture with sustainable ethos, and its beauty industry continues to prosper globally. Spain’s Next-Gen beauty brands utilize holistic ritual building, inclusivity, and innovative formulations throughout product ranges to serve a diverse market.

The article explores the Next-Gen beauty brands in Spain that are revolutionizing the beauty industry.

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Spain beauty industry overview
Next-Gen beauty brands in Spain
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Spain beauty industry overview

Spain’s beauty and personal care market is currently valued at US$ 8.88 billion in 2023 and is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 1.89% in the next five years. Continuous innovation, industry growth and resilience have put Spain in the top ten exporters of beauty products.

Local consumers are also instrumental in the industry’s growth, using six to eight beauty products every day.

The market has experienced low demand due to post-pandemic difficulties and rising inflation rates. According to a McKinsey survey, over 40% of Spaniards reported decreased household income, while 84% noted that their shopping habits had changed recently.

The survey found that Gen Z, who care about brand values, “personal treats,” and sustainability, had not changed their shopping habits and remained a key factor in Next-Gen beauty brands’ success.

Sustainability is a key factor in the Spanish beauty industry, with nine out of 10 consumers stating that they were willing to change their shopping behavior to protect the environment. Next-Gen beauty brands promoting sustainability, quality, and value for money will likely dominate the market. 

Next-Gen beauty brands in Spain

Alex Carro

An assortment of Alex Carro products

This brand is made in Barcelona, with its batch line being “Serious skincare with a soul.” It focuses on effective formulations, sustainably sourced and tested by the community.

It was founded by Alex Carro, whose idea was to create natural, productive, and eco-friendly skincare products which she felt were lacking in the Spanish beauty industry.

The products appeal to ReGen consumers by incorporating phytoactive, a merger of natural ingredients with modern science, which boost the formula’s effectiveness.

The Alex Carro brand champions inclusivity through gender-inclusivity and caters to all skin tones and types. The brand is one to watch due to its innovation and the use of specialized feedback after launch. 

Using product trials to back up claims is a new tactic largely unexplored and will make the brand a Spanish household name. Sourcing natural products such as buriti fruit from Peru helps the company’s sustainability focus and reputation, which connects well with Spanish consumers.


Rull 3-in-one hair oil

Rulls is a female-owned vegan haircare brand focusing on effective and straightforward products for people with curly hair. Its company website offers a hair test to allow users to understand the specific curls they need, fulfilling the increased demand for personalized routines and a shift to skinification.

The brand’s first product Styling Curl Gel gives a lasting definition for all types of waves and curls, made with 98.3% natural ingredients.

The brand attains a high score due to the application of sustainable practices through the supply chain system, making it a brand to watch. Further, the brand produces its products locally in Spain and works with select suppliers who share the same dedication to the consumers. 

Rulls has a blog dedicated to discussing sustainability and offering tips to consumers to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle.

gh Gema Herrerias

An assortment of gh gema beauty products

Developed by pharmacist Gema Hererrias, gh aims at treating common skincare problems. The brand focuses on routine-building essentials aiding specific skincare needs.

Its products are classified into four categories: Wash-off formulas that are effective and gentle for all skin types; Intensive formulas with high concentrations of actives to treat any skin problem; a once-a-week formula that enhances daily routine; and complementary formulas for eyes.

The products feature a detailed formulation list, including concentrations of every ingredient to enhance transparency.

gh is one to watch due to its focus on consumers looking for targeted routines, and the company allows customers to request personalized routines from a specialist. Further, gh embodies the “age of expert,” which is a crucial indicator of its success and aims to make professional skincare formulations, advice, and information widely available.

Mariona Vilanova

An assortment of mariona vilanova tools

Founded by Mariona Vilanova, a facialist, the brand aims to create a beautiful formulation using sustainable ingredients. The focus is producing luxurious body care and self-administered facials at home.

The brand appeals to Skintentionals, offering a holistic approach to self-care. Mariona Vilanova products are called “jewels,” each designed with wood, copper, and porcelain for a positive aura that delivers skin-positive benefits through self-message techniques.

The brand also appeals to Preservationists by providing tools such as body glow brushes made of pine wood with 100% vegetable fiber.

Mariona Vilanova is a brand to watch as the brand’s beauty tools are handcrafted using locally available high-quality materials in workshops across Spain. The localized approach is appealing to consumers and a driving factor in brand growth and acceptance. Further, the brand promotes a culture of care, encouraging daily, intentional, and consistent routines designed for bodily awareness and reconnection.

Z. Beauty

A z.beauty products collection

Z. Beauty offers easy-to-use daily essentials such as Swipe Up Brow Pomades and lightly tinted Lip Oils with playful options such as Sparkle Stones and multicolored iLiners. All the products are vegan, cruelty-free, and hypoallergenic.

The brand emphasizes expression, and is considered part of disruptive cosmetics such as Krash. However, the brand differentiates itself by offering creative and multipurpose cosmetics.

It is one to watch due to its versatility with products that allow users to explore different identities through bold, bright make-up that appeals to consumers. Further, its creation for everyone, regardless of race, gender, size, or sexual orientation, has helped increase the accessibility of affordable products.

Final words

Spanish consumers take sustainability seriously, which means brands must invest in eco-friendly and biotech solutions to reduce their carbon footprint.

The country is one of the top 20 wellness markets in the world, and businesses can capitalize on the significant market by providing ritualized beauty routines, self-care-oriented, and natural ingredient beauty products.

The five brands discussed above are the ones to watch due to their commitment to sustainability, local production, personalized routines, holistic approaches, and expert formulations. 

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