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PI Berlin Releases New Tool To Detect Faults in Inverters


PI Berlin has developed a new tool to detect problems in inverters such as defective printed circuit boards, faulty switching algorithms, and deficiencies in components and sensors.


PI Berlin, a technical adviser for PV projects has developed a root cause analysis (RCA) procedure to detect failures in operational inverters.

The company, now part of the Kiwa Group, said the new tool combines operational data review, field inspections, and on-site measurements with a Python-based tool that merges SCADA data and on-site information.

The new approach is implemented on the ground, where PI Berlin carries out forensic analysis. In addition, PI Berlin technicians interview the operators of PV plants.

“Beyond conventional practices, additional measurements are carried out to examine the operating characteristics of key elements such as capacitors, inductances and printed circuit boards,” a PI Berlin spokesperson told pv magazine. “Particular attention is paid to the evaluation of the actual switching of the IGBTs during operation.”

Researchers analyzed PV plant documentation provided by clients, combining field inspections and SCADA data analysis. They used a Python tool to synthesize field measurements and plot graphs, streamlining the processing of operational data.

Root causes include problems such as defective printed circuit boards and communication failures.

“This procedure is useful for PV plant operators, PV plant owners or EPC companies whose warranty is still active,” the spokesperson said.

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