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Seasonal Gifting Forecast for the 2022 Christmas and Holiday Season


The Christmas season is always a time of happiness and excitement, but 2022 is going to be special. Due to easing restrictions and health concerns, this holiday season will be the first many people spend in person with their loved ones. Shoppers spent over $200 billion during the holiday season of 2021, and since people will be getting together for the first time in a while, this year is expected to be even bigger.

Holiday gifts are going to be incredibly in demand in the next few months, especially in the beauty sector. The global beauty industry is expected to be worth more than $700 billion by 2025. This holiday season, beauty and wellness gifts will be in demand this year as people balance celebrations with a new lasting concern for wellness. Here are the trends in holiday gift-giving you can expect to see during the Christmas season. 

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What are the trends?

What are the trends?

Simplistic products

Simple soap bars wrapped in recyclable packaging sitting on wood table

Simplistic products are any items that focus on bringing affordable benefits to consumers. They are typically smaller products, and they are designed to be used a few times a day for small bursts of ‘wellness’. Since people are staying at home more, the need to separate wellness into a morning or night routine is outdated and unnecessary. Products like solid products bars and sticks offer small, bite-sized self-care sessions whenever the consumer needs them. 

These smaller products are often refillable and reusable, and producers have focused on minimalist packaging by using either recycled packaging or none if possible. The small size of the product also means there will be less packaging overall, so these products are also great choices for consumers worried about waste production. Consumers will likely pick up these holiday gift items to go inside Christmas stockings. 

Connection to nature and ritual

Flowers and candles on tray over bathtub

Christmas is the last major event before the new year, and it usually causes many consumers to pay more attention to the seasonal cycles. Many buyers align their actions and habits with the natural seasons during this time of year, which include using seasonal ingredients in everything from food to wellness products. Consumers are trying to be more healthy, which means taking self-care seriously and returning to nature. This year, manufacturers have combined these two concerns into holiday gift products that have a focus on natural elements. 

The holiday season takes place during the winter solstice, a time marked by community festivals and individual rituals. Wellness holiday gifts will tap into this desire for a ritualistic experience through their ingredients and usage. Items like bathing soaks and liquid skincare will be popular with these consumers. 

The natural influence will also carry over into the manufacturer’s formulation and packaging. Formulas will prioritize seasonal ingredients, like herbs and plant matter. Liquid products will come in glass bottles with droppers to invoke a sense of ritual in the practice. Any extra packaging will likely be recyclable, and consumers who are conscious about reducing their waste will be drawn to these products.

Awestruck design 

Young woman touching futuristic interface projected on wall

Now that many countries are beginning to ease health restrictions, consumers can feel the shift back toward a new normal. This holiday season will be seen as a celebration, more so than holidays in the past. Beauty brands selling holiday gift products will take action on this by appealing to futuristic design in the packaging and product. 

Makeup has always been used as a method of escapism and self-expression. With the rise of digital technologies and spaces, consumers will be more open to approaching beauty in a more imaginative and artistic way. Beauty products will be made with bright colors and innovative finishings like chrome or holographic. 

Holiday beauty products will invite imagination and creativity with their unique finishes. Looks will prioritize high shine and shimmer, with a nod toward the futuristic look of chrome and holographic elements. Products like clear glosses and highlighters will be especially popular with younger consumers who aren’t afraid to really experiment with their cosmetics.


Hand holding a Christmas gift at a holiday party

The Christmas and holiday season are often a time of joy and celebration, and now that pressing health concerns are coming to an end, this Christmas promises to be the most celebratory one yet. People will be spending this holiday season with friends and family for the first time in years, and the gift market is expected to be even more profitable than usual this season. 

Christmas gift-givers will be looking for products that promote a sense of wellness to keep their loved ones healthy and happy for the upcoming year. Beauty products that prioritize self-care, a connection to nature, or a sense of celebration are expected to be very in demand this holiday season. Bringing these kinds of products into your storefront to be purchased as holiday gifts is a sure way to expand your customer base during the Christmas season.

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