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Formula 1 Weekend’s Electricity Needs at Bahrain International Circuit Powered by Solar Project

  • Bahrain’s F1 weekend will be powered by solar energy after the BIC announced completion of a solar project on site
  • It was set up within 7 months and is equipped with 7,125 solar panels installed on 18,000 sqm area
  • BIC said it will undertake expansion of the project under phases with a view to meeting all annual energy needs of the circuit from renewables

Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) has completed a major solar power project that produces more than required to suffice electricity requirements of its Formula 1 (F1) weekend and plans to further expand solar production at the circuit under phases aiming to meet all annual energy needs from renewables.

While the BIC doesn’t specify the exact capacity of the solar project, in 2021 it had earlier issued a tender for a minimum of 3 MW AC solar power project to power its F1 race weekend.

The solar project was completed within 7 months on site with 7,125 panels installed on a total area of 18,000 sqm. BIC said solar power from the facility is aligned with the commitment to make F1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix green by 2022. It brings ‘significant’ electricity savings for the agency while reducing the site’s carbon footprint, according to the organizers.

The site also hosts what BIC says its 1st electric vehicle (EV) charging stations as part of the project.

“It is great that the energy requirements for the whole race weekend will be covered by solar energy and shows what we can do as a sporting community to make a positive contribution to reduce emission and our carbon footprint,” said F1 President and CEO Stefano Domenicali.

According to the BIC the project supports Bahrain’s net zero ambitions to be realized by 2060, and also F1’s 2030 net carbon neutral target.

Source from Taiyang News

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