Auto Batteries

The car battery of the automobile electrical system in the engine compartment

Benchmark: Li-ion Battery Boom Driving Fluorspar Demand

Fluorspar demand from the lithium-ion battery sector is expected to exceed 1.6 million tonnes by 2030, representing a significant portion of the overall market, according to Benchmark’s new Fluorspar Market Outlook. This mineral, primarily composed of calcium fluoride (CaF2), holds potential beyond its traditional uses in refrigerants, steelmaking and aluminum…


Project SiKuBa Developing Safer Plastic Battery Housings

A research consortium including Farasis Energy, Kautex Textron GmbH & Co. KG (supplier of energy storage systems) and the Fraunhofer Institute for High-Speed Dynamics, Ernst-Mach-Institut, EMI is working to make plastic-based battery housings safer by means of virtual design and thus increase the safety of electric vehicles. Farasis, a developer…

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