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50+ Best Text Message Templates To Increase Sales in 2023


Most businesses know the power of using text message templates to maximize the effectiveness of their SMS marketing campaigns. Text message templates are ready-to-use with little tweaking and customization. This not only saves time but also helps you send engaging messages without running out of ideas.

But other businesses are missing out, entirely, on the power of SMS marketing because of the misconceptions they hold about this marketing channel.

One of the myths about SMS marketing is that it’s expensive and not worth the investment when, in fact, text messages should be a crucial part of your marketing strategy.

This is because the key to marketing is connecting with your audience, and one of the best ways for you to do that is SMS.

Moreover, text messages have high open and click rates. Recent research found that 90% of people respond to messages within 30 minutes. You’re also more likely to get a response from SMS marketing than cold calling or email marketing.

This is why text messages have gained popularity among businesses, so much so that businesses in the United States send billions of text messages for marketing every year.

graph showing total number of SMS and MMS messages sent in the United States from 2005 to 2020

According to our report, SMS marketing conversion rates in ecommerce recorded a 102% year-over-year increase in 2020.

However, to get the most out of your SMS marketing efforts, you must follow certain best practices.

SMS marketing best practices

Text messages are a way to directly reach your target audience in their private spaces, making it the most intimate form of marketing communication. So, you need to keep your messages brief and to the point.

SMS limits your character count to 160. Therefore, your text messages need to be engaging right from the start.

Here are some tips you must follow to run successful SMS campaigns:

  • Always give your customers an opt-in and opt-out option. Tell them explicitly what they’re signing up for if they decide to receive your text messages and give them the option to unsubscribe if it’s no longer suitable for them.
  • Start your messages with your brand name so your recipients recognize you right away. Research shows that 48% of consumers prefer direct communication from brands via SMS text message.
  • Use both SMS marketing and other marketing channels such as email marketing for maximum impact.
  • Do not jump to promotions right away. Start with a transactional message instead.
  • Besides segmenting customers based on relevance, you can do so based on location. If you’re running a global business, you’ll need to consider the right times for sending your messages.

When it comes to sending text messages, most companies have a hard time determining which ones to send manually and which to automate.

Setting up text message automation helps you send personalized messages to a wide audience faster. You can schedule updates, recover abandoned carts, and send offers to your recipients using automated text messages.

You’d need the right SMS marketing tool to set up your text message automation and SMS campaigns.

Let’s dig deeper to find out what makes text message campaigns different from automation.

SMS automation vs SMS campaigns: What’s the difference?

You can use text message templates to either run targeted marketing campaigns or for SMS automation.

An SMS campaign is simply a marketing campaign where you connect with your audience using text messages. With SMS Campaigns, you manually set a marketing message, choose your target demographic, and send it.

These are usually targeted promotional campaigns with specific goals. To get the most out of such campaigns, you should include your website link to not only drive traffic and sales but also track the performance of your campaign.

Here’s an example of an SMS campaign.

an example of an SMS campaign

On the other hand, SMS automation involves sending automated messages triggered by certain actions. For instance, if a customer makes a purchase, an automated “thank you” message with their order details is sent.

Alternatively, if someone abandons their cart, you may send them an automated message encouraging them to complete their purchase.

an example of an automated message encouraging customer to complete their purchase

You can also personalize your message, based on your recipient’s location or previous purchases. For this, you can select a personalization trigger during automation setup.

With the right tool, all these functions should be easy to set up. Omnisend, for instance, has easy-to-follow steps to get you started.

We’ve put together some of the most impactful text message templates for different goals to help you get started.

Welcome SMS templates

These are the first text messages you send to your customers, to create a great first impression.

Always begin your text messages introducing your brand, and be sure to keep them brief. You can also add an incentive to encourage your recipient to make a purchase, like in the example below.

an example of welcome text message

Here are some text message marketing templates you can use to send welcome messages.

Welcome SMS template 1

Hi (name),

I’m (name) and I’m happy twelcome you to (company). We’re excited to work with you to help you (main benefit).

There’s just one more thing you need to do to get started with us.

(Activation CTA)

Welcome SMS template 2

Hi (name),

Welcome to (company name). I’m so excited to have you on board. I’m here to help you (list benefits in brief).

As a thank you for joining our community, here’s a small gift! Click here to claim it.

(Access Link)

Welcome SMS template 3

Hi (name),

Welcome to (company name). We’re so glad you’re here.

You’re now a part of a community that (main benefit). We have something for you whether you want to (user interest) or (user interest).

(Join CTA Link)

Welcome SMS template 4

Hello there,

We’re very glad you joined us. As a thank you, here’s a X% discount for your first purchase!

(CTA + website link)

Welcome SMS template 5

Hello (name),

Here’s your welcome gift! Enjoy a X% discount on your first purchase of (product/service).

Don’t miss out! (Link)

Pro tip: Tailor your welcome message to the audience as much as you can, by reminding them what they signed up for.

Thank you SMS templates

Thank you messages allow you to express appreciation to your customers for their recent purchases or interactions with your business. You can also use these as an opportunity to send offers to customers to encourage repeat purchases.

The most impactful thank you messages directly address the recipient by name. Also mention what you’re grateful for, like in the example below.

thank you text message

With that said, here are some text message templates for sending “thank you” messages.

Thank you SMS template 1

Hello (name),

Thank you for choosing (company)! Here’s a X% OFF promo code for your first purchase. Enjoy!

(Opt-out option)

Thank you SMS template  2

Hi (name),

Congratulations on your big purchase!  

Here’s a thank you gift for choosing (company). Click here (link) to redeem your gift.

Thank you SMS template 3

Hi (name),

Loving your experience with (company)? As a gift for being our loyal customer, here’s a gift (link) for you!

Thank you SMS template 4

Thank you for being a valued customer, (name)! As a token of our appreciation, here’s a special offer just for you: [discount or promotion]. Shop now: [link].

Thank you SMS template 5

We’re grateful to you for choosing us, (name)! Your support means the world to us. Enjoy [discount or promotion] on your next purchase with us as a thank you. Use code [code] at checkout: [link].

Pro tip: Be sure to keep your thank you message as personalized as possible for maximum impact. Also, keep your tone friendly all through.

Abandoned cart reminder templates

According to a recent study, the average cart abandonment rate in retail, fashion travel and utilities sectors is 81.08%. This is a high rate of potentially lost sales, and cart abandonment messages can help you recover part of it.

They encourage your customers to go back to your website and complete their purchases. To make it effective include:

  • A friendly reminder
  • Link to their cart
  • Coupon or discount
  • A CTA

Here’s an example:

abandoned cart reminder via Omnisend

Here are some great examples of cart abandonment reminder text message templates to get you started.

Abandoned cart SMS template 1

Hi there! Looks like you forgot something. Your cart is missing you! Use (promo code) to get an X% discount on your order.

(Link to cart)

Abandoned cart SMS template 2

Hello (name). It’s (company).

We’ve noticed you haven’t finished your order. There are just a few steps left! Click here (link) to complete.

Abandoned cart SMS template 3

Hello (name),

We noticed you’ve left a few things unfinished at (brand). Use this promo code for an X% discount on your order!

Click here (link) to continue shopping.

Abandoned cart SMS template 4

Your cart misses you [name]! Finish your purchase and enjoy [discount or promotion] on your order. Shop now: [link].

Abandoned cart SMS template 5

You left some fantastic items behind [name]. Don’t miss out on your favorite [product or service]. Complete your purchase now and get [discount or promotion]. Shop now: [link].

Pro tip: Where possible, create a sense of urgency in your abandonment cart messages. This may seem like a common tip but it’s easy to forget, and it often works. For instance, you can mention that there are a few items left in stock.

Order/shipping confirmation text message templates

Keep your customers informed on their order status using order confirmation and shipping alerts.

Here are some elements you should include in such messages:

  • Order number
  • Tracking link
  • Shipping dates
  • Product name

Here’s an example:

order confirmation text message

Let’s take a look at some useful text message templates for order confirmation and shipping alerts.

Order/shipping confirmation SMS template 1

Hello (name),

Your order (order number) placed on (date) has been confirmed. We’ll pack and dispatch your products soon! You’ll get the shipping details and a tracking link when we dispatch your order.

Order/shipping confirmation SMS template 2

Hi (name),

Thank you for placing an order at (company)! Your (product) will be shipped in X (time) minutes.

Order/shipping confirmation SMS template 3

Hello (name),

Your order has been successfully placed. Your order number is (order number). We’ll update you as soon as we dispatch the items.

Order/shipping confirmation SMS template 4

Hey (name)! We’re excited to inform you that your order has been shipped via (shipping method). It’s estimated to arrive on (estimated arrival date).

Order/shipping confirmation SMS template 5

Hello (name). Your order (order number) is on the way! Check out our website for tracking details.

Delivery notification SMS marketing templates

Delivery notifications inform your customers that their orders have been delivered. This helps them track and collect their packages, if they’re delivered to someone else or left at the door.

Here are some elements that you can include:

  • Order number
  • Delivered to (name)
  • Link for reviews/ratings
  • Delivery location

Listed below are some text message templates you may use for this purpose.

Delivery notification SMS template 1

Hi (name),

Your order (order number) has been delivered! We’d love to get your feedback. Please let us know how we’re doing at (link).

Delivery notification SMS template 2

Hello (name),

We’re happy to update you that your (brand name) order has been delivered! Please let us know if you have any questions.

Delivery notification SMS template 3

Hello (name),

Good news! Your order has been delivered to (location). Let us know if you like your (product name). Rate us here. (link).

Delivery notification SMS template 4

Exciting news (name)! Your order (order number) is ready for pickup at (location). We appreciate your trust in us.

Delivery notification SMS template 5

Get ready to enjoy your new (product) (name). Your order has been delivered. Share your feedback at (link).

Birthday SMS templates

Birthday wishes are a way to appreciate your customers for their loyalty and offer them an incentive to make a purchase. Be sure to include:

  • Customer name
  • A friendly birthday wish
  • A birthday gift or incentive to buy

Here’s an example of a birthday SMS template.

an example of birthday sms

Here are a few examples of text message templates that you can use to send birthday wishes to your customers.

Birthday SMS template 1

Happy birthday (name)!

We at (company) hope you’re having a great day. Don’t forget to come by our store for your special birthday discount – (incentive).

Birthday SMS template 2

Happy birthday from (company name)!

We hope you’re having a fantastic day (name). Come and have (incentive) on us! Just show this message to your server.

Birthday SMS template 3

Hey (Name)!

Happy Birthday! The (company name) team wishes you health, happiness, and prosperity! Here’s a gift (link to offer) for you.

Birthday SMS template 4

Happy birthday (name)! Today we celebrate you with a special (X%) discount on a product of your choice. Pick your perfect gift from our wide range of products here: (link)

Birthday SMS template 5

Happy birthday (name)! To show our appreciation for the joy you bring to us, here’s an exclusive offer, just for you. Check it out here: (link)

Booking confirmation text message templates

These are used in the service industry to confirm appointments. For booking confirmation text messages, you can include details like:

  • The service booked
  • Location
  • Date and time
  • Name of the employee providing the service

Omnisend has a Wix integration that helps synchronize information from your websites such as contacts, orders, bookings, and other data. It can help you send automated messages and alerts for bookings and other triggers.

Here are some templates to get you started.

Booking confirmation SMS template 1

Hi (name),

Thanks for booking (appointment type) with (employee name) on (date and time). Make sure to come in before (time).

Booking confirmation SMS template 2

Confirmation from (company). Thanks for booking an appointment with us! We look forward to seeing you on (date and time).

Booking confirmation SMS template 3

Hi (name). Your appointment at (company) has been booked for (date and time). Please reach us on (contact) if you need to reschedule!

Booking confirmation SMS template 4

Great news! Your booking for (name) at (company) has been confirmed. Your chosen date and time is (date and time). We look forward to seeing you.

Booking confirmation SMS template 5

Confirmation for (customer name). Your appointment with (employee name) is on (date and time). If you wish to reschedule, reach us at (contact).

Promotional text message templates

You can use these text messages to send special offers for events and other promotions like:

  • Unique deals
  • Stock clearance sales
  • Limited stock exclusive offers
  • Holiday or seasonal promotions

Here’s an example of a promotional message.

an example of a promotional message

Check out these SMS marketing templates for promotional messages.

Promotional SMS template 1

Hello (name)!

Good news! Our (products) are back in stock! We won’t be restocking until (month). Make sure to grab your (product) now before they’re sold out. (link).

Promotional SMS template 2

Hi (name),

Get your loved ones an unforgettable gift this holiday season! We’re offering a X% discount on all our (product category) items. Get those best-sellers now before the offer ends on (date)! (link)  

Promotional SMS template 3

Hi (name),

Looking for new outfits this summer? Get a X% discount on our summer collection. Offer valid till (date). (link)

Promotional SMS template 4

Hello (name)! Our Black Friday sales are just around the corner! We’ve prepared the very best deals just for you. Check them out here: (link)

Promotional SMS template 5

You won’t want to miss this massive sale (name). Get your favorite products for an exclusive price between now and (date). Don’t wait too long, stocks are limited! (link)

Pro tip: Always make your promotional text messages actionable by providing a clear call to action. Provide links back to your website or social media pages for them to engage with your brand.

New product or website launch

The high open rate of SMS campaigns makes them ideal for new product launches. Your product launch message will reach more people, making it successful.

Start off your SMS with a captivating opening message.

You can give your SMS subscribers a sneak peek into the new product or website using an image or GIF, as shown in the image below.

product release SMS

It builds excitement for the new launch.

You can also incentivize your SMS subscribers to engage with the new launch by offering a discount.

Here are some text message templates you can use when launching a new website or product.

New website launch Template 1

Hey, [First Name]! We’ve got exciting news — our brand new website is live! Check it out now for exclusive deals on all your favorite [products or services]. Hurry, offers end [Period]: [Link].

New website launch Template 2

We’ve leveled up, [First Name]! It’s now easier than ever to browse and shop all our [products or services]. Plus, get [discount or promotion] on your first purchase. Experience the power of our new website at [Link].

New website launch Template 3

Big news, [First Name]! Our website just got a makeover, and it’s better than ever. Explore a world of possibilities with unbeatable deals on [products or services] you’ll love. Plus, get [discount or promotion] on your first purchase. Shop now: [Link].

New product launch Template 4

Ready for some retail therapy [First Name]? Check out our amazing new arrivals and get [discount or promotion] on your first purchase. Shop now: [Link].

New product launch template 5

Summer’s almost here [First Name]! Get your wardrobe ready with our latest revolutionary collection. Shop now and get [discount or promotion]. Visit us at [Link].

New product launch template 6

Ready to upgrade your [product or service], [First Name]? Get the latest and greatest from [Company Name] and get [discount or promotion]. Shop now: [Link].

Holiday or celebration templates

Drawing interest to holiday campaigns is quicker and more efficient with SMS marketing.

Most holiday or celebration campaigns are time-sensitive, and the instant delivery of messages makes it a perfect channel.

You can include visuals to draw interest to your message. Here’s an example. 

Black Friday special text message

Use these text message templates in your next holiday-themed SMS campaign.

Holiday Template 1

New Year’s Day: Wishing you love and laughter in [Year] [First Name]! Start the year off right with [discount or promotion] on all our [products or services]. Shop now and make this your best year yet: [Link].

Holiday Template 2

Christmas: Merry Christmas, [First Name]! Our holiday sale is in full swing. Get [discount or promotion] on all our [products or services] to celebrate the joy of the season with us. Shop now: [Link].

Holiday Template 3

Valentine’s Day: Love is in the air, [First Name]! Treat your sweetheart (or yourself!) to something special this Valentine’s Day. Get [discount or promotion] on our curated selection of romantic gifts. Shop now: [Link].

Holiday Template 4

Thanksgiving: Happy Thanksgiving, [First Name]! We’re grateful for amazing customers like you. As a thank you, enjoy [discount or promotion] on all our [products or services]. Shop now: [Link].

Holiday Template 5

Halloween: Trick or treat, [First Name]! Get into the spooky spirit with our Halloween collection. Plus, get a frightfully good [discount or promotion] on your first order. Shop now: [Link].

Take your SMS marketing campaigns to the next level

With such engaging text message templates, your SMS marketing campaigns will deliver amazing results. All you have to do is make a few edits and customize these templates for your business.

Having the right SMS marketing tool is the key to making your SMS campaigns and automation successful. With a platform like Omnisend, you can set triggers and have your text messages sent to your subscribers automatically.

You can also easily integrate Omnisend with ecommerce platforms and automatically sync your customer details.

What’s more? With Omnisend’s free plan, you get free SMS credits to send text messages to your customers. Also, the number of text messages increases with each pricing plan. Try it today!

Source from Omnisend

Disclaimer: The information set forth above is provided by Omnisend independently of Alibaba.com. Alibaba.com makes no representation and warranties as to the quality and reliability of the seller and products.

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