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The Best Badminton Sets for Outdoor Play

Family using badminton set in a park

Badminton is a popular indoor or outdoor sport for both competitive and recreational players around the world. Which badminton set is right for the consumer will largely depend on their skill level. No matter whether they’re amateurs or pros, one thing is for sure: the right set should provide hours of fun.

Badminton sets are designed to be portable, easy to set up, and durable enough to be used in both indoor and outdoor settings. What’s included in the sets varies, with some only coming with rackets and shuttlecocks, while others will feature a net and lines for the court as well.

Read on to learn which badminton sets for outdoor play are the most in demand in 2024.

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Global market value of badminton equipment
Best badminton sets for outdoor play

Global market value of badminton equipment

Person lining up shuttlecock on racket to serve outdoors

Badminton has seen a rise in participants In recent years in part due to increased competitions, increased promotion online, and local governments building dedicated indoor spaces for the public. This accessible sport requires very little equipment to play, with players only needing a racket and shuttles as well as access to a net and court to participate.

Young boy lining up shuttlecock with badminton racket on court

As of 2023, the global market value of badminton equipment exceeded USD 3.6 billion. Between 2023 and 2030, that number is projected to rise by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.6%. Badminton is a global sport and can be played by all age groups, which is further aiding market growth.

Best badminton sets for outdoor play

Family using badminton set to play next to camper van

While there are many badminton sets available for consumers to choose from, most are designed to cater to different playing environments and personal preferences. Features such as durability, portability, quality, and ease of assembly are all considerations that consumers will take into account before purchasing the best badminton set for them.

Yellow shuttlecock stuck in an outdoor badminton net

According to Google Ads, “badminton sets” has an average monthly search volume of 40,500, with the most searches, 74,000, occurring in June and July. During the winter months, searches remained on the lower end, between 22,200 and 33,100, but they began to increase again in May.

Google Ads also reveals that the most searched-for type of badminton set is “badminton racket set,” with 1,300 searches on average. This is followed by “badminton set with net” at 1,000 searches, “portable badminton set” with 880 searches, and “garden badminton set” with 590 searches.

Below we dive into the key features of these unique badminton sets for outdoor play.

Badminton sets with net

Sturdy outdoor badminton net with yellow poles and white net

Consumers looking for the complete badminton set package will be want a badminton set with a net. These are the best types of badminton sets for outdoor play as they allow players to compete on a competitive but fun level. The net itself should be made using nylon or polyester to ensure longevity and resilience in different weather conditions.

Many of the latest badminton net sets come with adjustable posts, which is ideal for younger players. Consumers will likely be looking for a net that’s easy to assemble and can be stored away quickly.

Thanks to their versatility, these badminton sets can be used anywhere from beaches and picnic areas to campgrounds, schools, and gardens.

Portable badminton sets

Man and woman using portable badminton set next to river

Portable badminton sets are designed with flexibility in mind and can be set up anywhere and at any time. The key feature of this set is the lightweight badminton net that can easily be collapsed and moved. The frame is often thinner in these types of sets compared to other types of badminton nets, making them easy to set up and put away.

These sets are designed for recreational players and can be used in settings such as parks, on the beach, and during camping trips or picnics. They are also popular during events or gatherings as they provide a fun and accessible activity for all age groups.

Portable badminton sets are great for consumers on the go as they take up minimal space and are easy to pack.The addition of base stabilizers, which are designed to be filled with sand or water, allow for play in windy conditions.

Garden badminton sets

Man and woman playing doubles with garden badminton set

One of the best badminton sets for outdoor play are garden badminton sets. Similar to portable badminton sets, garden varieties are easy to set up and feature thinner poles that can be folded down at a moment’s notice. The big difference is that they also come with boundary lines, demarcating the court and adding a touch of professionalism to the game. Ground stakes are also included to ensure the poles are stuck securely in the ground, while more high-end sets may also come with a measuring stick so that the height of the net is set accurately.

Overall, these sets are a great way to enliven social events or family gatherings


Man squatting to hit a white shuttlecock outdoors

The best badminton set for outdoor play will depend on a number of factors such as skill level, playing conditions, and personal preference. Whereas some sets include a net and markings others may only contain two rackets and shuttlecocks.

With participation in outdoor badminton continue to rise around the globe and across all age levels, it makes sense for sports businesses to hop on this trend. For a huge variety of badminton and sports equipment, visit Alibaba.com.

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