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The Best Beach Frisbees for Hours of Fun

Young woman throwing a light blue frisbee in the air

Since their invention, frisbees have rapidly become a staple in the outdoor gear market segment, used for both competitive purposes and leisurely activities with friends and family. They’re both easy to use and very affordable, making them accessible to a wide range of people all over the world, and there are countless games that can be played using this flying disc that also helps to promote inclusivity.

Keep reading to find out more about what types of beach frisbees are popular in today’s market.

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Global market value of frisbees
Why are frisbees popular?
Is there a big difference between the types of frisbees?
Best types of beach frisbees

Global market value of frisbees

Person wearing orange holding yellow frisbee on beach at sunset

The use of frisbees for both recreational activities and competitive games has increased in recent years as more and more consumers head outdoors in an attempt to live a healthier lifestyle.

Frisbees can offer consumers endless amounts of fun outdoors, and indoors if there is enough space, and the level of physical activity can easily be adjusted depending on the needs of the people playing with the frisbee. Due to their overall inexpensive nature, frisbees are widely accessible around the globe and their demand has steadily been increasing in the past few years.

An example of this growth can be seen with disc golf. In 2022 the global market value of disc golf reached USD 219.44 million and it’s projected that this number will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of at least 15.67% between 2023 and 2028, bringing the total value to approximately USD 525.6 million. This is just one example of a type of frisbee in today’s market that’s growing in popularity.

Why are frisbees popular?

Group of four people throwing a frisbee on the beach

There are a number of reasons why frisbees are so popular among today’s consumers. Frisbees are very accessible and versatile meaning they can be enjoyed by almost everyone with minimal experience necessary and unless they are being used for competitive reasons they don’t require additional equipment. They can also be enjoyed on many different types of terrains.

Frisbees can make spending time outdoors more enjoyable as they create hours of fun and help to promote social interaction between larger groups found at places such as campgrounds or school yards. On a more technical note, frisbees can also help to improve hand eye coordination and throwing techniques in a more casual environment. They are some of the most cost effective and inexpensive pieces of outdoor sporting equipment available.

Is there a big difference between the types of frisbees?

Man in all white jumping through air to catch frisbee

Consumers today have a lot of frisbee options to choose from and not all of them are built with the same characteristics or purposes in mind. The big differences that consumers will come across in terms of the types of frisbees available include the overall design and size, the purpose of the frisbee, the activity that the frisbee is designed for, and finally the flight characteristics which will become more apparent when the frisbee is thrown.

A regular throwing frisbee, for example, won’t have the same characteristics as an ultimate frisbee which is designed specifically for the sport with a flatter profile and pronounced rims for more precision when throwing.

Consumers who just want a frisbee for leisurely throwing around among friends won’t be too concerned with the features of the frisbee as long as it functions how it’s supposed to, but consumers who will be using a frisbee for more competitive sports and activities will certainly look at the features in more detail before making a purchase.

Best types of beach frisbees

Family going to the beach with a beach frisbee

Consumers who spend a lot of time outdoors, whether that be in the backyard playing with their kids, hitting the beach in the summer months, or going on camping trips, will most likely have at least one frisbee stashed away in storage waiting to be used.

A frisbee is one of the most versatile and budget friendly pieces of sports equipment available and over the years, as the game became more popular, different versions were created to better adapt to the throwing and playing styles of consumers.

According to Google Ads, “beach frisbee” has an average monthly search volume of 480. It’s most searched for between June and August when the summer months draw people to the beach for a number of reasons. For the remainder of the year searches are steady with between 390 and 590 searches per month.

When looking more closely at the types of beach frisbees that are the most popular with consumers, “dog frisbee” comes out on top with 9900 searches per month. This is followed by “ultimate frisbee disc” with 2400 searches, “mini frisbee” and “flying rings” with 1900 searches each, and “beach frisbee” with 480 searches. Keep reading to learn more about the key features of each.

Dog frisbee

Boy in water playing with frisbee and Jack Russell

Frisbees are a lot of fun for people to throw around, but don’t forget pets too! Dog frisbees are one of the most purchased types of throwing discs among consumers since dogs love to chase them over a long distance. Dog frisbees are a great alternative to balls and are often easier for dogs to catch and run after.

They help to promote physical activity in the dog as well as mental stimulation and agility. These frisbees are ideal for beaches that have long stretches of sand so the dog can run freely.

Not all materials are suitable for dog frisbees though. Hard plastic frisbees can often break apart over time and it can cause serious problems if a dog swallows some of the fragments. Consumers will want to make sure that the frisbee is made of a dog-friendly material such as soft plastic or rubber which is both safer and better for their teeth.

According to Google Ads, “dog frisbee” is popular throughout the year, with the most searches coming between May and September at 12100 searches per month. For the remainder of the year searches are steady at 9900 searches monthly.

Ultimate frisbee disc

Man jumping through the air to catch light blue frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is one of the most popular games played with a frisbee, and the ultimate frisbee disc has some important features that set it apart from other styles. Ultimate frisbee discs have a standard weight of 175g and are approximately 27 cm in diameter which ensures a level playing field across competitions.

They’re designed with durability in mind, with a flat disc profile and a more pronounced rim that provides a solid grip for players.

Ultimate frisbee discs have a stable flight pattern which allows players to throw the frisbee more accurately with a higher chance of making perfect catches. This type of frisbee needs to be easily seen by all of the players so consumers will want to purchase brightly colored discs or discs with noticeable patterns on them.

Ultimate frisbee is increasingly being played on beaches as well as playing fields, making it the perfect summertime activity for beachgoers.

According to Google Ads, searches for “ultimate frisbee discs” are the most popular in June and July with 2900 searches. Between August and January searches decreased slightly by 21%.

Mini frisbee

Family playing with red mini frisbee on the beach

Mini frisbees, also known as mini discs, are a great addition to any beach trip, especially if space is limited. Their portability means that they can easily be carried in a backpack or even fit in a jacket pocket, and they are safer for children to play with since they are less likely to cause any harm to them if they are hit.

Mini frisbees can also be used for disc golf practice and to improve hand eye coordination and other skill development since it takes more concentration and timing to catch the frisbee. Due to the smaller size, mini frisbees will throw slightly differently than regular sized frisbees so although they can be a fun alternative they can’t act as an exact replacement.

According to Google Ads, searches for “mini frisbees” are the most popular between June and August with 2900 searches per month. Between August and January searches decreased 49% due to seasonal changes.

Flying rings

Family playing with purple flying ring on sandy beach

One of the most distinctive types of frisbees in today’s market are the flying rings, also known as frisbee rings. They’re made of a lightweight material, usually plastic or foam, and have a large hole in the center of them that makes the frisbee resemble a ring. The shape of the rings make them more aerodynamic than other types of frisbees as they’re able to fly through the air for a longer period of time.

Flying rings are either made of a plastic material that’s lightweight or a soft nylon material that makes them perfect for children or indoor activities. Consumers will often take flying rings to the beach or use them recreationally in games such as disc golf since they are easy to catch with the hole in the center creating a handle-like grip.

According to Google Ads, searches for “flying rings” are the most popular in June with 2900 searches. Searches remain steady for the rest of the year and begin to increase again in June.

Beach frisbee

Young boy running with beach frisbee in hand with dog

Frisbees are regularly used by consumers on the beach as a fun activity to play either on the sand or in the water. The beach specific frisbee is designed to be lightweight and durable so that it can withstand windy weather. Since the frisbee is more likely than not to end up in the water, it’s often made of lightweight plastic, foam, or neoprene so that it’s able to float and resist water damage.

Beach frisbees are designed to be easy to catch and throw, and in some cases they will incorporate textured surfaces into the design that will help to prevent sand from sticking to them without causing a negative effect on the flight pattern. Beach frisbees are also designed for fun experiences and are one of the most common types of frisbees available.

As stated earlier, “beach frisbees” have an average monthly search volume of 480. The most searches come in July and August at 720 searches per month due to an increase in consumers spending time on the beach.


Three people throwing red frisbee around at the beach

The growth in popularity of beach frisbees in recent decades, as well as the invention of new games and sports using frisbees, has created a higher demand in the market for more specialized forms of the flying disc.

Frisbees are an inexpensive and popular outdoor accessory for people of all ages and whether they’re used for competitive sports, throwing around at the beach, or being used to play catch with a beloved pet, the rise in demand for them is certainly set to continue for the foreseeable future.

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