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7 RVs & Campers Trends You Need To Know


The use of comfortable vehicles for transportation and accommodation has increased together with the number of drivers who make short-distance trips through the countryside.

This attracts several adventure seekers to buy or rent RVs for a weekend or long road trips and holidays. 

This blog will discuss the significance of the RV and campers market and explore 7 trends that wholesalers must know about.

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The RV market: industry overview & statistics
Top 7 RV trends to look out for
Closing note

The RV market: industry overview & statistics

In 2020, the recreational vehicle (RV) market size was valued at USD 56.25 billion. The progression still seems promising as it is projected to reach around USD 76.11 billion by the year 2028, growing at a CAGR of 3.9% during the forecast period from 2021 to 2028.

The major factors contributing to the growth of this market are the growing old and youth population, the expansion of the tourism industry, and likewise, the growing popularity of recreational vehicle camping—which will be discussed in this blog.

Another factor is that most families own pets and love to take them along with them in their trips, and RVs seem like the perfect vehicle to do so. Also, many RV owners also rent out their vehicles to travelers and use them as a side hustle business.

Top 7 RV trends to look out for

Here are the latest RV and camper trends that are rising in popularity with traveling consumers.

Spacious RVs with multi-functional amenities

These RVs are designed to add improved storage and functionality. They are spacious enough to accommodate luxurious sofa sets with other multi-functional furniture. Therefore, they give more flexibility to travelers.

You can find RVs that offer hybrid furniture solutions such as converting a sofa into a dining table.

Campers for minimalist living

Digital nomad using a laptop computer to work inside camper

These are smaller vehicles designed for minimalists who enjoy van life. They are more compact in size but provide extended features such as roof space for RV owners to use. You will find a variety of compact trailers that cater to minimalistic requirements. 

Embracing outdoor living

These types of campers come up with new ways to bring the outside nature experience into a traveler’s camper. They let travelers view their outdoor surroundings from the comfort of their couch inside. There is also better ventilation, which makes them enjoy more of their van life by immersing in nature.

Moreover, there are RVs that can carry tents for travelers that want to go for glamping.

Campers designed with spacious kitchens

For travelers who love to cook, these types of campers bring the feeling of being at home. There are RVs with external kitchens and upscale appliances that give enough space for even two people cooking simultaneously. 

Moreover, you can find RV kitchens that include bar areas and integrate with the living space inside.

Designed for digital nomads

Campers are designed with mobile office and flooring solutions keeping in mind digital nomads who require a workspace to work while traveling. As the work-from-home trend keeps rising, manufacturers are looking to design campers with mobile office solutions for digital nomads.

Extra level of coziness

These campers are designed to accommodate king-sized beds, bunk beds, and shelters for keeping pets. They focus more on comfort thus giving a great experience to travelers who want to use the RV  for going on long expeditions.

Additionally, the exquisite living rooms with entertainment facilities make some RVs an even more appealing choice among RV buyers.

Electrical-powered RVs

The electric chassis technology of these RVs increases driving range while helping travelers to camp off-grid for many days without requiring generators or other electrical connections.

Electrical-powered RVs are different from the other RVs showcased here, but they are definitely slowly increasing in popularity among RV buyers.

Closing note

After learning about the different trends related to the RV experience, it can be difficult to say that the RV trend will fade away.

The RV industry has great business potential because of buyers’ psychological need to travel and the rise of manufacturers in this sector.

As a business, it is crucial to bulk up on different types of RVs to meet the needs of different customers. Source RVs and campers today and meet the needs of your target market.

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