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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Tablet PCs in 2024

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In 2024, the tablet PC landscape has undergone a remarkable transformation, becoming an indispensable tool in both personal and professional realms. With the integration of cutting-edge technologies, these devices now offer unprecedented versatility and power, catering to a wide range of needs and preferences. The market brims with options, from high-performance models suited for intensive tasks to compact, user-friendly tablets ideal for everyday use. As the line between laptops and tablets continues to blur, the role of tablet PCs as both a creative and productivity hub is more pronounced than ever. This evolution not only reflects technological advancements but also a shift in consumer expectations, demanding greater flexibility and efficiency from their devices.

Table of Contents
1. Market overview
2. Things to consider when selecting products
3. Best products and their features

1. Market overview

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The tablet PC market in 2024 presents a dynamic and growing landscape, reflecting the continuous evolution of consumer electronics. According to Statista, the global tablet market is expected to generate a revenue of $53.7 billion in 2024. This projection indicates the significant role that tablet PCs play in the tech world, catering to a diverse range of users with varying needs and preferences.

The market is projected to experience an annual growth rate of 2.74% (CAGR) from 2024 to 2028, suggesting a steady increase in the popularity and adoption of tablet devices. This growth is driven by factors such as advancements in technology, the increasing demand for portable computing solutions, and the diversification of tablet functionalities.

In terms of market shares, key regions like the United States lead in revenue generation, with a forecasted revenue of $9.67 billion in 2024. This highlights the significant market presence and consumer demand for tablet PCs in these regions. The per-person revenue in the tablet market is estimated to be $6.94 in 2024, illustrating the widespread adoption and usage of tablets across different demographics.

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Market changes in the tablet PC sector are influenced by various factors, including the introduction of new technologies, changing consumer preferences, and the emergence of new market players. The surge in remote work and online learning has contributed to the increased sales of tablet PCs in key markets like the United States. The market is also characterized by a diverse range of products, from high-end models geared toward professional use to more affordable options designed for casual consumption.

Overall, the tablet PC market in 2024 continues to expand and evolve, offering consumers a wide array of choices to meet their specific needs, whether for work, education, entertainment, or general use.

2. Things to consider when selecting products

When selecting a tablet PC in 2024, there are several critical factors to consider, ensuring that the device aligns with your personal or professional needs.

Operating system compatibility

The choice of the operating system (OS) is pivotal in determining the tablet’s functionality and compatibility with other devices. Android, iOS, and Windows offer distinct ecosystems, each with unique benefits. Android tablets, known for their versatility, provide a wide range of hardware options and customization. iOS, used in Apple’s iPads, offers a seamless integration with other Apple devices, making it a preferred choice for users already invested in the Apple ecosystem. Windows tablets cater to users seeking a PC-like experience with stronger multitasking capabilities and compatibility with Windows software. Each OS has its own set of applications and services, and the choice often depends on the user’s existing digital environment and specific use cases.

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Screen size and resolution

The screen size and resolution of a tablet are crucial factors that impact its usability. Screen sizes typically range from compact 7-inch models to larger 12-inch versions. Smaller tablets are more portable and convenient for reading and casual browsing, while larger screens provide an enhanced experience for tasks like graphic design, video editing, and watching multimedia content. High-resolution displays offer sharper and clearer images, which is essential for creative work and entertainment. According to CBS News, models like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra and the Apple iPad Pro emphasize large, high-resolution screens, catering to users seeking premium visual experiences.

Processor and performance

The processor is the heart of a tablet’s performance. High-performance processors, such as the Apple M2 chip in the iPad Pro and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon in the Galaxy Tab S9 series, are capable of handling intensive tasks, multitasking, and running complex applications smoothly. Users needing tablets for professional work, gaming, or multimedia editing should prioritize devices with powerful processors to ensure seamless operation and responsiveness.

Storage capacity

Storage capacity is another vital aspect, as it determines how much data, applications, and multimedia content can be stored on the device. While some tablets offer expandable storage via microSD cards, others, like Apple’s iPad range, do not, necessitating a careful consideration of internal storage capacity based on the user’s requirements.

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Battery life and portability

Battery life and portability are interrelated factors. Tablets with longer battery life are more suitable for users who need to work or stay entertained on the go, without frequent recharging. Portability is not just about the weight and dimensions of the tablet but also its battery endurance. Engadget suggests considering how the tablet will fit into daily routines or commutes, as well as its battery capacity, to ensure it meets mobility needs.

Connectivity options

Connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular capabilities, are essential for staying connected. Wi-Fi is standard, but cellular connectivity is crucial for users who need internet access on the go. Bluetooth facilitates the connection with peripherals like keyboards and headphones.

Additional features

Finally, additional features like camera quality, stylus compatibility, and accessory support can greatly enhance the tablet’s functionality. High-quality cameras are vital for video conferencing and content creation, while stylus compatibility, as seen in tablets like the Galaxy Tab S9 with its included S Pen, expands the tablet’s use in creative and note-taking applications.

3. Best products and their features

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In 2024, the tablet PC market will be dominated by several standout models, each offering unique features catering to diverse user needs. Among the leading contenders are the Apple iPad Pro, Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, Google Pixel Tablet, and Microsoft Surface Pro 9.

Apple iPad Pro (12.9″ & 11″)

The Apple iPad Pro, available in 12.9″ and 11″ models, is a powerhouse in the tablet market. According to CBS News, the iPad Pro is equipped with the Apple M2 processor, known for its exceptional speed and efficiency. This makes the iPad Pro ideal for demanding applications, from professional graphic design to video editing. The Liquid Retina display, with its high resolution and vibrant color accuracy, provides an immersive viewing experience, making it perfect for creative professionals and multimedia enthusiasts. Additionally, the iPad Pro’s compatibility with the Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard extends its functionality, transforming it into a versatile tool for artists and professionals who require precision and flexibility in their work.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra is another top contender, renowned for its large Dynamic AMOLED display. This display offers vivid colors and deep contrasts, making it excellent for media consumption and creative work. Powered by a Snapdragon processor, the Tab S9 Ultra delivers smooth performance for multitasking and high-end gaming. Another notable feature is the inclusion of the S Pen stylus, as highlighted by CBS News, which enhances the user experience for note-taking, drawing, and navigating the interface. The S Pen’s responsiveness and precision make the Tab S9 Ultra a solid choice for users who value productivity and creativity.

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Google Pixel Tablet

The Google Pixel Tablet stands out with its unique charging speaker dock, providing a seamless integration between charging and multimedia use. This feature, along with its Google Tensor G2 processor, ensures that the tablet is not only a powerful computing device but also a hub for entertainment and smart home control. The integration with Google services, such as Google Assistant and various Google apps, makes the Pixel Tablet a central part of the Google ecosystem, offering a cohesive experience for users who are already invested in Google’s products and services.

Microsoft Surface Pro 9

The Microsoft Surface Pro 9 is celebrated for its versatility as a 2-in-1 device. Running on Windows 11 OS, it blurs the line between tablet and laptop, catering to users who need a portable device that can handle traditional computing tasks. The range of Intel processors available with the Surface Pro 9, as mentioned by CBS News, provides options for different performance levels, from basic tasks to more demanding applications. Its ability to function as both a tablet and a laptop, combined with the support for Microsoft’s ecosystem of software and services, makes the Surface Pro 9 a top choice for business professionals and students.


The tablet PC market in 2024 offers an array of sophisticated options, each tailored to meet specific consumer demands. The key to making the best choice lies in understanding personal or professional requirements and aligning them with the features offered by these leading models. Whether it’s for advanced computing, creative work, entertainment, or everyday use, the tablets of 2024 deliver not just cutting-edge technology but also open up exciting possibilities for users to explore and enjoy. As the tablet market continues to evolve, these devices are set to become even more integral to our digital lives, blending functionality with innovation.

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