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Best Exercise Trampolines for Cardio Workouts

Women in desert setting jumping on black exercise trampolines

As people look for new and fun ways to implement cardio workouts into their routines, exercise trampolines have become a popular choice both for home use and in workout classes. Trampolines provide a unique way to not only work on overall cardio levels but also to improve balance and coordination. 

While exercise trampolines may not be for everyone, they are certainly making big waves in the fitness industry as a fun way to burn calories and relieve stress. Keep reading to learn all about the best exercise trampolines for cardio workouts.

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Overview of the global trampoline market
Best exercise trampolines

Overview of the global trampoline market

Exercise trampoline with person standing in the center of platform

Trampolines now come in all shapes and sizes and are no longer solely for kids to play on. Trampolines have continued to grow in popularity, both with families and with adults who want to use them as a way to maintain their overall health and fitness. 

Exercise trampolines in particular have become highly sought-after among consumers who are looking for a unique way to improve their cardio while at the same time having fun and interacting with other people.

Woman jumping on exercise trampoline in a gym setting

By 2023, the global market value of trampolines reached over US $3.2 billion, and that number is projected to increase to at least US $4.9 billion by 2030, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.2% during that period. The US has a market size of over US $1 billion, while China comes in second at approximately US $650 million as of 2022.

Best exercise trampolines

Woman using exercise trampling for a push-up

The best exercise trampolines for cardio workouts vary depending on the overall fitness goals of the user as well as the space they’ll be used in. While some trampolines are designed for intense cardio workouts in a large fitness class, others are more simple and can be used by a wide range of skill levels for workouts such as cardio, toning, and aerobics that don’t necessarily need to be done in a large group. 

According to Google Ads, “exercise trampoline” has an average monthly search volume of 14,800. Between July and December, during a 6-month period, searches remained steady at 12,100, with the most searches coming in February at 22,200.

By looking at the different types of exercise trampolines available, Google Ads reveals that “rebounder” comes out on top with 110,000 searches, followed by “oval trampoline” with 5,400, “foldable trampoline” with 2,400, and “trampoline with handle” at 1,300. Keep reading to learn about the key features of each of these exercise trampolines.


Woman performing a squat while standing on a rebounder trampoline

The rebounder trampoline is the most common type of exercise trampoline available and is something that a lot of consumers will instantly recognize. Also known as the mini trampoline, rebounder trampolines are incredibly versatile and are an effective cardio workout tool that has a low impact on the body—something many consumers are looking for. The elasticated bouncing platform is secured by springs or cords, and the tightness can often be adjusted to customize a workout.

Rebounder trampolines are very compact, making them ideal for at-home use or for use in fitness classes. Some users may find it difficult to use this type of exercise trampoline as there are no additional supports on it, but for more advanced fitness enthusiasts, this is a great calorie burner.

Google Ads shows that over a 6-month period, between July and December 2023, searches for “rebounder” remained steady at 110,000, with the fewest searches coming in March.

Oval trampoline

Woman jumping on oval trampoline with netting around it

The oval trampoline is a unique alternative to the round or hexagonal trampoline that provides more space for the user to jump on. The narrower design of this trampoline helps to create a variety of bounce patterns, which enhances the cardio workout by providing more ranges of movements. The longer shape of the oval trampoline also enables users to perform backward and forward movements that aren’t possible on a rounded one. 

Advanced users can perform exercises such as jumping jacks, twisting motions, and jogging on the spot on the oval trampoline. This type of trampoline comes in various sizes as well, so it can sometimes be used for more than one person and is often found outdoors. 

Google Ads shows that over a 6-month period, between July and December 2023, searches for “oval trampoline” decreased by 56%, with the most searches coming in June at 12100.

Foldable trampoline

Man jumping on foldable trampoline inside a gym

Foldable trampolines are the perfect option for consumers who have limited space. These trampolines can easily be folded down when not in use and stored away, providing a convenient, compact storage solution that other trampolines don’t offer. It’s important that foldable trampolines are durably made and provide the same amount of tension and ease of use that other mini trampolines offer in order for the user to have an effective cardio workout.

Google Ads shows that over a 6-month period, between July and December 2023, searches for “foldable trampoline” decreased by 17%, with the most searches coming in June at 3,600.

Trampoline with handle

Women in fitness class jumping on trampolines with handles

Not everyone has the skill to securely stand up or jump on a mini trampoline, which is why the trampoline with a handle is such a popular choice among novice users. The handle acts as a stability bar and supports the user during their cardio workout, providing additional safety and lowering the risk of the user falling or injuring themselves. These handles can be adjusted to different heights and should have some type of padding or grip for the hands.

Google Ads shows that over a 6-month period, between July and December 2023, searches for “trampoline with handle” remained steady at 1,300, with the most searches coming in January at 1,600.


The best exercise trampolines for cardio workouts vary depending on the skill level of the individual’s skill level and the type of exercises performed on them. Both round and hexagonal mini trampolines are popular shapes, but the oval-shaped trampoline is becoming popular for outdoor fitness routines as well as workouts with more than one person. 

As trampoline workouts become more popular, the market is expecting further adaptations to emerge with new features that will help to enhance the user’s overall experience. 

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