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Top 10 Indoor Herb Garden Kits for 2024

Kitchen indoor herb garden and hydroponic growing system

Consumers are constantly looking for innovative, space-saving gardening solutions that blend sustainability and style to cultivate fresh herbs effortlessly. Fortunately, with the  indoor herb garden kits listed here, no one needs a green thumb to grow their own fresh herbs at home.

Regardless of the available space, these kits allow your customers to grow fruits, veggies, lettuce, and herbs in their kitchens. So read on to discover the 10 best indoor herb kits to sell in 2024.

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Market analysis for indoor herb garden kits
Top 10 indoor herb garden kits for 2024
Embrace green innovation for a sustainable tomorrow

Market analysis for indoor herb garden kits

Global smart indoor garden system market projection and forecast

In 2020, the global market size for intelligent garden indoor systems was valued at US$ 110.79 Million and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.20% to reach US$ 208.06 million from 2021 to 2028.

This projected rise in demand is caused by factors such as:

  • Increased construction projects in developing countries
  • Emerging trends in interior designs and indoor gardening
  • Advancements in green technology and consumers’ awareness of greenhouse effects
  • Rise in disposable income among the middle class.

These factors and data show that stocking herb garden kits suits retailers targeting eco-conscious customers.

Top 10 indoor herb garden kits for 2024

Now, let’s explore the top indoor herb-growing kits that will redefine green living in 2024. According to recent Google Ads data, the search volume for indoor herb garden kits was 9,900 in January 2023, a 7% increase over the past month, suggesting consumer interest in the field.

1. Hydroponic indoor garden growing system

Hydroponic indoor herb garden kit with LED lights

The hydroponic indoor garden growing system has a multi-functional touch panel allowing users to customize their plants’ growth plants. It has a large LED display that shows owners when to add nutrients and water. This makes it simpler to grow an indoor garden, even for beginners.

This herb growing kit has high-performance 38W light beads that mimic sun rays, providing white, red, blue, and far red light for better plant growth. With the perfect lighting conditions, water, and nutrients, its herbs grow 500% faster than traditional soil.

The hydroponic indoor herb garden kit features 12 pods, allowing homeowners to grow multiple plants simultaneously. And with increased spacing between pods, plants gain strength and lushness.

Furthermore, the system’s dual layer prevents leaks and makes cleaning easy. And not to forget its silent water pump for enhanced water circulation. Most customers will likely buy this product as a gift for family and friends who love herbs, vegetables, and fruits. It is also a decorative piece in an office, bedroom, or kitchen.

2. Smart Garden 3 planter

Smart indoor garden herb kit with three pods

If your buyer persona includes individuals living in small apartments or those who don’t use lots of herbs, Smart Garden 3 is the best option for them. Its compact nature makes it ideal for a small kitchen counter.

Since it has only three pods, it is easy to use for inexperienced households. One can grow lettuce, herbs, wild strawberries, and chili peppers in this kitchen herb garden kit to improve their vegetable intake.

Its lamp has an in-built timer and an extension arm to raise as the plants grow. The soil provides ideal plant growth conditions, ensuring automatic optimal watering, oxygen, and PH balance. With every aspect of this system digitized it’s easy to use.

3. Indoor farmhouse herb pots

A woman flavoring Pizza with herb from an indoor farmhouse pod

This simple indoor herb garden kit is a perfect solution for anyone who wants to create an indoor herb garden. One can set these pots on a tray or a plant stand and grow their favorite herbs.

The glossy white finish on the metal pots gives the system a farmhouse touch to any space. Besides kitchen counters, one can also place them by the windowsills or any other spot that accesses sun rays.

Farmhouse herb pots aren’t limited to herbs. One can plant vegetables, succulents, flowers, and other indoor plants. They’re equipped with adequate drainage holes to prevent waterlogging. This gardening system is simple and doesn’t require experience to set up.

4. Stark vertical smart farm

A 5-tiered self-watering stackable planter system

The stackable planter system is a unique vertical garden kit that saves space and allows households to grow multiple plants and herbs. You can stock the package with two sets and five tiers. This gives customers five gardening planters, five movable casters, and five filters to grow plants.

However, some customers with limited space may prefer a single set with five tiers. This system holds over 15 plants at a time, making it ideal for growing spinach, strawberries, lettuce, small herbs, and mustard greens.

The self-watering stackable farm has movable casters, which means one can change its position. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, thus a perfect addition to home décor. Moreover, its materials are easy to install, use, and clean.

5. Sky upside-down planters

Upside down tomato grow bags and container

Sky upside-down planters can be high-quality, breathable bags with farm handles or containers. Some households prefer breathable bags because they’re durable, foldable, prevent plant roots from entanglement, and facilitate drainage for better plant growth.

The four hanging plant bags have hooks to hang on a plant stand and save space. And like the containers with holes, planting bags also have holes to ensure air circulation and discharge of excess water.

On the upside-down planters, one can grow tomatoes, strawberries, onions, carrots, mint, garlic, lilies, vegetables, and potatoes. Lack of space is no excuse for failing to implement indoor gardening.

6. Home mini greenhouse kit

Two unique home mini indoor greenhouse kit

A home mini greenhouse kit is an ideal indoor garden for individuals who want to grow humidity-loving plants in dry areas. This kit has four heavy-duty swivel casters, with 4 wheels for easy movement to a suitable location within the house.

It’s made of metal and premium plastic, making it stable, durable, and rust-resistant. Its outer cover is made from thicker materials than normal PVC and is 100% waterproof to help with heat retention and plant growth. 

Customers often find it easy to assemble and store since no tools are needed. If not in use, one can easily fold and store it in a basement or corner until planting time.

Besides, it’s large and high enough to host several plant pots and LED lights on top of the lid. One can place it on the deck, living room, balcony, or patio. With this gardening kit, your customers can grow plants in any season.

7. Self-watering vertical garden wall planters

stackable self-watering wall planters for herbs and flowers

The gorgeous flowers on self-watering wall planters in supermarkets and restaurants aren’t restricted to outdoor application. One can adorn their kitchen herb gardens and balcony garden with these kits.

They are made from recycled and non-toxic plastic, making them ideal for eco-conscious customers. And since they’re waterproof, they prevent water leaks, hence suitable for indoor use.

As a retailer, you want to stock the stackable design that allows customers to match different planters to create unique designs. With this indoor herb garden kit, one can cover a large wall area and provide their family with salad and vegetables.

8. Vertical aeroponic tower

vertical aeroponic tower indoor garden

The vertical aeroponic tower is a mobile stackable plant-growing kit that saves space and automates producing fresh herbs with minimal effort. It offers several planters where one can grow different agricultural products.

This indoor gardening system is lab-tested for consistently higher yields. With this gardening kit, one can control water supply, humidity, and energy. Users can save as much as 66% of the energy used in regular indoor farming. Saving water and energy is one of the reasons this gardening kit is ideal for your store.

9. Tiered raised bed garden kits

wooden and galvanized 3-tiered raised bed garden kit

The 3-tiered raised bed garden kit is popular in this category. They allow owners to plant flowers, herbs, and vegetables in one space. You can stock the galvanized or wooden raised garden bed for planting shallow-rooted plants.

The oval galvanized garden bed without sharp corners is safer than the wooden ones. Even children can learn gardening and help caring for the plants without caution. One can also decorate these tiered raised gardens with exquisite colors that blend with interior décor. So, besides growing herbs, customers can decorate their homes with this garden kit.

Moreover, one can use the bottomless tiered raised bed garden kit outdoors to allow the plants to absorb nutrients from the soil for average growth.

10. Intelligent planter growing system

The intelligent planter growing system is a soil-less kit with four removable water tanks. Each tank has five planting holes and a transparent window for easy observation.

The kit also has an automatic smart timer that keeps the light on for 16 hours and closes for eight. However, one can also manually set the timer to vary the light depending on the plants’ needs.

This indoor garden kit has three built-in LED light modes—blue, red, and white to facilitate maximum photosynthesis. Additionally, its height is adjustable, making it able to accommodate plants at different growth stages. They can host plants from seeds to full-grown vegetables or herbs.

Since they’re quiet, one can place them in the bedroom, kitchen, or office. Customers also love them because they are soilless, which means they create no mess. Other benefits of this kit include eco-friendliness, automatic watering, being easy to clean, and not having any pests.

Embrace green innovation for a sustainable tomorrow

Rising prices for organic vegetables and herbs and an evolving mindset toward sustainable living are pushing the demand for indoor herb garden kits. Consumers often look for ways to supplement their grocery budget, and indoor gardening satisfies this need.

Investing in these kits resonates with conscious consumers seeking convenience and environmental consciousness. Their appeal extends beyond gardening as stylish décor pieces and practical gifts.

In 2024, these top 10 indoor herb garden kits could suit most consumer needs. So why not check the Alibaba.com showroom and stock your store with highly demanded garden kits for the year ahead?

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